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The Foolery of Global Warming: A Satirical Prose in Rhymes

Val is a self-made out-of-box thinker and individualist de-hypnotized from social brainwashing advances.


Science, however, is never conducted as a popularity contest, but instead through testable, reproducible, and falsifiable theories.

-- Michio Kaku

There are scientists of equal credential

on both sides of this scary, cataclysmic tale

one, that's counting on fear that's so existential

and other who won't even taste that alarmist cocktail.

It's familiar story of those experts who don't agree

so you are left with your favorite choice to pick

both arguments impressive to crazy degree

making average dude confused and sick.

Throughout recorded history climate was known to change

some even say we have equal chance to enter an ice age

so there is nothing really out there to be seen as strange

while Sun and our planet are going through their stage.

Proponents of global warming collect some juicy grants

so it's in their best interests to keep scaring the folks

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assisted, of course, by frequently burning plants

but then, how do we know it's not just a hoax.

Remember, we've been lied to -- time and again

in political matters, and in medical just as well

since it seems so easy to fool human brain

you just can't trust what "they" may tell.

If they can keep quiet about people landing from space

while even using technology from their fallen ships

they can easily tell any lie with a straight face

saving some big secrets behind stiff lips.

Now it's "La Nina", or is it "El Nino", or what else

well, to me it's just a part of grand manipulation

covert global bosses and their hypnotic spells

preventing awakening in every global nation.

Of course, "conspiracy theory" is its name

like so many other calls for an open mind

but suppression of truth is always same

meant to keep us scared and so blind.

© 2022 Val Karas

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