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The Final Girl Theory: A Concept at Best, Not a Story

The Final Girl Theory by A.C. Wise

So recently I decided to dive into a long historical horror novel that is near a thousand pages long. And even though I find the core story line fine so far, it tends to meander and pull the brakes to explore things such as past dinner parties and relationships. And when the story cannot focus, I have trouble focusing on the book. So I’m taking breaks to read a short story every hundred pages or so to read a short story. Today the short story is pulled from the horror themed anthology called The Cutting Room, The story is The Final Girl Theory by A.C. Wise.

So what is it about? It begins by introducing this cult movie, The Kaleidoscope and continues to describe as this beautiful and trippy film. It’s almost like the author is trying to present the reader a trashy version of Susperia. And the fans love it. The fans are obsessed with it and its mysteries. One mystery being all of the actors in the film were never seen again. But then one day our lead character Jackson sees a woman heading home from a store one day and swears its Carrie Linden, the final girl from the horror flick. So he finds out where she lives and decides to meet her.

The good? The story has a unique idea and setup. The details is well done as well.

The bad? This really isn’t a story. It’s not half of a story. It’s barely the beginning of a story. It’s a set up. And once everything is in its place the story just ends. It goes nowhere because this is not a story at all. This is a piece of writing that presents a concept and nothing more.

Overall, this story is not a story. It’s just a concept at best. And because of that, I cannot recommend this to anyone. There’s just nothing to it.

½ smoothie out of four.

Overall Rating: This is a concept at best, not a story.

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