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The Dumbing Down of America

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America was founded on freedom, liberty and self reliance. The concept of democracy and government of the people, by the people implies a certain basic knowledge. That is why we have a public education system. Every citizen needs to have basic skills like knowing how to read and write in English. They need to know civics and the role they play. In order to participate in elections, they must have a general understanding of how things suppose to work. It is not a requirement in most parts of the world. Most governments are run by dictators and kings. The people are expected to just follow orders.

- July 2020


Our system required an informed public, a free press to act as watch dog, and a moral and ethical leadership that is guided by a higher power. In order to maintain that system, we as a society, provides free education to all children up to the age of 18. If you want to undermine our system, the logical place is the education system.

The dumbing down of America begins in the public school system. When the public is not informed, or educated about our system of government, it is easy to manipulate the masses.

A common trait of Democracy is one person one vote. This implies the people voting knows and understand the issues and are able to discern what they wish to happen. However, that is not what happens in practice. Most people are too busy and does not take the time to study the issues or candidates. They rely on other groups, to tell them who or what they should vote for.


The Dumbing Down...

It is said most people cannot pass the basic citizenship test that we give to immigrants who wants to be naturalized to be an American. This simple test includes basic knowledge of our government. If you can't pass this test, how are you able to vote in elections?

It is a myth that the people in power wants to be responsive to the electorate. Just the opposite. They want to be elected, but they think they are smarter than the people that votes. They think they know better and we should allow them to do as they see fit. A clear example of this is the issue of illegal immigration. Every poll shows that the American public wants to solve this on-going problem by a large majority. They elect officials to congress thinking they would fix this law. Yet, election after election, the people who are voted in, does just the opposite. They cater to businesses who wants the steady stream of cheap labor.

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What is Income Inequality?

The dumbing down includes putting blame on business instead of policies. If the elected officials fix our illegal immigration problem, once and for all, the wages of the bottom rung will rise. Income inequality is made worse by a steady stream of low skilled workers who are undocumented.

A higher minimum wage will not solve this imbalance. It will force many businesses into implementing automated systems to replace low skilled repetitive jobs.

Many retail stores are replacing cashiers with automated ordering systems and self scanning kiosks.



The dumbing down of America is not an accident. It is part of the plan. It is supported by the teachers union, the progressive activists, the media and local politicians. Power and greed drives them. The victims are our children. They have been robbed of their heritage. They were never taught the history of our great nation.

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Anya Ali from Rabwah, Pakistan on July 23, 2020:


Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on July 15, 2020:

Interesting. It is my opine that schools are for socialization and very basics. My son actually learns right and wrong and to excel at home.

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