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The Drawing of Three: A Walk On The Wild Side

The Drawing of Three by Stephen King

I have a shortage of material to read from at the moment. Instead of discovering some new adventures, I decided to go to my own personal library to read something I have read a long while ago and enjoyed. And since I recently read The Little Sisters of Eluria and The Gunslinger, it only seemed fitting to go back and re read The Drawing of Three, which is the second book in The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King.

So what is it about? It’s about the gunslinger Roland who is trekking across his dying world. He has lost his horse. Monsters attack him nightly and he has blood poisoning. Then the mysterious man in black reaches out to him in his dreams and gives him a method to get to the dark tower that he desires to reach. There will be three doors that leads to comrades he can pull in from other worlds. These doors magically stand in thin air leading to inside of a head of an individual in different eras in New York City. These people he is lead to are odd bunch, including sociopath, junkie and woman with a split personalities. Least to say the weirdness does not end there and Roland’s quest becomes even stranger.

The good? This book is darn odd and imaginative. There really isn’t anything else like it. Also the new characters are intriguing as hell. The reader would assume Roland would overshadow other characters. But the new comers are so strong here. In fact I began to care about Eddie Dean more than I did Roland because he was a great character. The world is still wonderful and the action scenes in this book are phenomenal.

The bad? I know Roland is a man of many mysteries, but I was saddened nothing new was revealed about him in this book. Also his reasoning to get to the dark tower is still unclear and it’s hard to see others accept the quest to the dark tower without him explaining why the quest must be done. And I have one last gripe. These people pulled from New York have the heart of a gunslinger. I get that. Roland needs more help. But I’m little lost as to how paraplegic woman can be a chosen one. She would have to crawl up on an enemy. And has to be carried from place to place as they travel. Unless she gets some legs in the next book, I’m not sure how she could be a help.

Overall, this book is great. Even if you don’t like the Dark Tower series, I recommend reading it because it is so weird and there is no other book like it. That’s how I read it the first time. A friend told me about the weird as hell synopsis so I had to check it out, and I enjoyed it thoroughly with no prior knowledge of the Dark Tower series as well. I recommended this to everyone.

4 smoothies out of four

Overall Rating: A Walk on the Weird Side.

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