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The Dog and The Creator

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The animal stood before the Lord quivering in fear.
Then God looked down upon it, and softly whispered, "Please come here".
With trembling legs, he obeyed the Lord, and fell down at God’s feet.
The dog hung its head in shame, and said to him“ Lord please forgive me”

The Lord smiled and softly stroked his head “There’s nothing to forgive.
Do you not think that I would know how long that you would live?
I know the count of each birds feather, the hairs on each creatures head
I know when just one of my creations fall, and the paths that each has led.

Then God looked at him and said, “let me explain about the human heart.
The humans need companionship, , and they need me from the start.
But, they cannot touch me when they wish, and that my friend’s your part
Your there to comfort them and to be there to warm their hearts”

“But Lord,” the dog looked up at him, “I failed and now my masters all alone”
“The world below is harsh”, said God, “and now I’ve called you home”
“You did what I asked of you to do, and served with love and care”
“You were there when they were lonely and I gave you love to share”

“I know there will be pain, from when you left them and came home”
I know there will be tears,” he said, “because they'll feel they’re all alone
God said as he looked down upon the dog, I’ll be there to see them through”
Besides," God smiled and patted the dogs head "Who's in charge here me or you?

“I give them ones like you," said God, "so life’s bidding they can bear.
And when they need to touch and love I'll put others like you there.
I love each and every one of them, even those who know not yet I care
And it’s in these times of need, they'll turn to me and know that I’m still there.”

SA Lawrence

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