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What if The Doctor Who Cures Cancer were a movie

William Kelley Eidem, author of  The Doctor Who Cures Cancer

William Kelley Eidem, author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer

A while ago, a lawyer called me because he wanted to option the movie rights to The Doctor Who Cures Cancer.

Then last night it hit me as I was tucking myself into bed. After you go to see a movie, it's fun to talk about it afterwards. But when you read my book, you can't turn to the person next to you to talk about it because they probably haven't read it yet.

What we need is a place where you can talk to other readers! Readers of the world unite! ;-)

Lot's of people write to me to tell me the book is amazing, fantastic, etc. But that's not what this is.

It's a 'cafe.' Let's call it Kelley's Kafe. The cafe gives you a chance to talk to someone who has 'seen the movie.' So where is Kelley's Kafe? It's right here!

The cafe works just like you would talk about a movie just after you've seen it with someone else who has seen it. You'd talk about what you saw and heard. So instead of saying "It's great," you might say, "I really loved the scene where Matt Damon 'blah, blah, blah.' That was so cool!"

You could also chime in to someone else's comment. The bottom line is you can do this however you want to do it.

Since you're talking about a book, you might even quote a phrase, or a sentence, or even a paragraph you loved if you wanted to. You might even say what you liked about it.

Plus, if you do it that way, we'll be able to spot someone who hasn't read The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, who might decide to sneak in here and try to troll. Not that there's anything wrong with that. LOL!

It'll be fun to reminisce.

I'll help start it off - I hope I can say this without sounding like I'm bragging - yes, there are specific parts I really love. It just makes me really happy when I recall it the same way you do (hopefully.)



Kelley Eidem (author) from Panama City, FL on February 02, 2012:

Hi Brenda,

Wow, that was quite a compliment. Thank you.

It's really great to hear it was a real life changing moment, too.

I've turned my candida piece into a Kindle book for $2.99. The title is "Fat." You'll need to use the search terms on Amazon: fat, Eidem.

Fat also has a bonus called "The Essential Keys To Curing Cancer." It might be the best explanation I've ever written on the subject.

If you don't have a Kindle, it's real easy to get a free Kindle app simply by Googling "free Kindle app."

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem

Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

Brenda on February 02, 2012:

Dr. Eidem,

Finding your page on Candida and How to Flatten your Tummy was a life-changing moment for me a few years ago. I see that page has been taken down. Is your info available in any other form/place? I have relatives and friends who are suffering in this way. And though I know your ultimate prescription and could pass it on, your way of explaining the candida problem and why we are powerless is the most compelling I've ever read.

Kelley Eidem (author) from Panama City, FL on September 20, 2011:

Hi Truth,

Thanks for your comments. I haven't seen the Matrix. I've missed a lot of good movies in fact.

Everyone dies sooner or later. Hopefully a movie will be made before that happens to me rather than after.

I wouldn't miss that movie. ;-)

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem

Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

A Little TRUTH on September 20, 2011:

I havn’t read the book, but I know the gist from reading your hub with the recipe, and some pages on Amazon. I was just thinking that if it was a movie, it would have lots more exposure, but you might end up joining the ranks of people like Arron Russo who did a movie that exposed the IRS as nothing but a giant fraud, or George Carlin who exposed much truth in a colorable way, but have lost their lives.

Interesting comments, I see you’ve had an encounter with the “lady in the red dress” going by the name of Mikeydoes.

Some commenters have said they don’t understand Mikey. Just watch the movie ”The Matrix” (again) (the first one) and pay particular attention to the “lady in the red dress”. That is Mikey (although he is a weak one). If you pay close attention, you’ll see that The Matrix is not science fiction, but an alagory of life on earth in the 20th and 21st centuries. It helps us to see what is going on, why, and what to expect.

Kelly, thank you for allowing Mikey’s comments, they have provided excellent education for all, and even some entertainment, but I understand if you’re cutting him off now. I’m going to put in a Funny vote for Mikey, along with the useful and interesting for you.

Especially thank you for your tireless work in getting this info out.

Kelley Eidem (author) from Panama City, FL on August 25, 2011:

Hi Jon,

Thank you! It is amazing how many times Dr. Revici escaped death during his lifetime.

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem

Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

Jon Ring on August 24, 2011:

Your book is amazing, well written with very creative imagery. I could actually see myself standing there in WW2 Lisbon as the ship pulled away, I could feel Revici's disappointment and relief when it became apparent that the ship was torpedoed. I felt the fear of hiding from the Nazis.

Kelley Eidem (author) from Panama City, FL on March 27, 2011:

Hi JayC,

If you'll click on my name, it will take you to my other hub pages including the one on how I cured my Stage 4 cancer. You will find my recipe there.

The hub page has received over 220,00 visits thus far. So it is incorrect on your part to say there is nothing about my free recipe...tens of thousands of visitors have found it before you.

Also, I must say it really is unfair of you to characterize my site here as nothing "except asking me to buy the book." I've spent THOUSANDS OF HOURS answering questions for people. That has been a done - and continues to be done - for free. I've been doing it for free for 3 years come this May 2011, in fact.

On rare occasions, someone will ask me a question that is covered in my book. In those cases, I do refer them to it. I am entitled to do that you know.

Of course I mention that I'm the author. Readers reading any article want to know what background and experience a writer has regarding a topic. Letting them know I'm the author of "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" gives them that detail.

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem

Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

JayC on March 27, 2011:

Hi Kristy,

You wrote:

"But Kelley has given the recipe free of charge."

I've gone through Kelley's site, but there was nothing about the actual info on the treatment, except asking me to buy the book.

Kelley Eidem (author) from Panama City, FL on February 24, 2011:

Hi Mikey,

First, let's get one thing straight: you committed an assault against me by threatening to punch me in the face. It's not funny in the least bit. That's why there are criminal laws against threatening someone. And that is why you were put on notice regarding the police. It's sad that you want to put the blame elsewhere other than on yourself for your own reckless behavior. Until you come to terms with your own behavior there is no point in discussing this further.

Second, refer to my previous paragraph.

I don't have time to answer your many baseless charges. I'm too busy helping folks to be bothered with your dime-a-dozen nonsense.

There are many people like yourself: so cocksure yet so ignorant, blindly following a bankrupt method of medicine. Maybe you can keep each other company.

It's not a choice I would make. Many others feel as I do. It's our choice. And those choices have worked out well for us.

If you want to use chemo, help yourself. There is no shortage of doctors who would give it to you, even if they wouldn't use it on themselves. Yeah, that's right - about 75% of oncologists would not take chemo if they were stricken by cancer.

So that means that much more for you. Join the millions who have been crippled and killed by surgery, chemo and radiation if that is what you decide to do.

So many who die from that garbage are praised for being so brave. "He/She was a real fighter!" They might as well put that quote on their tombstone because 97% of the chemo victims end up with that door prize.

Carolynn on February 23, 2011:

Mikeydoes, You think chemo is a good idea? What about this from a HSI newsletter:

Does chemotherapy cause secondary cancers? Here's the answer, from no less an authority than the chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society: "It is ironic but true that many cancer chemotherapies are known to cause cancers." Ironic? Insanely tragic is more like it! And yet how many oncologists do you suppose ever tell their patients about this one uncomfortable little detail?

Would much prefer to try hot peppers anyday!! Keep up the good work, Kelly!

Kelley Eidem (author) from Panama City, FL on February 22, 2011:

Hi Mikeydoes,

You comments remond me of Rick, who had a 10-inch tumor in his colon when he started on my recipe. He had other tumors as well on his liver if I recall correctly.

I've been told by Seymour Brenner, M.D., FACR, that colon cancer with liver mets is always fatal. Brenner headed the largest radiation oncology clinic in the nation, and had 35 years of experience when I spoke with him. Brenner's two offices handled 1,000 appointments a week.

For several months Rick suffered from pain, daily bleeding and flatulence.

Quite obviously, there was nothing his doctors could offer that would rid him of all his tumors. So Rick started on my recipe. The first day, his pain, bleeding and flatulence stopped.

That's right - the first day.

Within two or three months, the 10-inch tumor and his other tumors were gone.

You say your relatives would have died quicker if they had tried my recipe. It's clear your sincerely believe that. But it wasn't true for Rick.

A woman wrote to me just one time. Her one message was that her stabbing, knife-piercing pain in her breast had gone away and so had her tumor in under two weeks.

The radio talk show host, Don Imus, is using my recipe. If you look at his photos before and after you'll see that he is looking a lot more healthy than he was when he first announced he had prostate cancer with a Gleason 7. (Gleason 7's are usually not successful when treated with FDA-approved methods.)

His lab work improved dramatically in 19 days once he started following my recipe correctly. So it's safe to say that Imus would not have died sooner following my recipe.

Had he gone the surgical/chemo and or radiation route, he would be looking much older now, if he was still able to work and still alive.

Instead of looking 20 years older, which is what cancer treatments do, he looks BETTER than he did two years ago. He looked like death warmed over prior to his getting diagnosed. Now he looks healthy.

You can't show me anyone who has gone though two or three trials of chemo who looks younger than they did when they started. But you can find me loads of people who look like they have aged ten or twenty years.

The reason I'm telling you this is that people often ask for evidence. The evidence is all around us, only we accept the obvious destruction to cancer patients from their treatments as 'normal.'

It isn't normal - if anything, what we have put up with for the last 65 years is a scandal akin to Hitler's ovens, except that the harm was done with good intentions. You are not Hitler, nor are the oncologists or the radiologists. They like you believe in what they are doing. It hasn't changed the outcome.

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem

Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

Charlotte on February 22, 2011:



It is said that there are none so blind,

as those who will not see.

Why do so many reject the Truth,

but lovingly embrace a fantasy?

Why do they assemble for themselves teachers,

who will say what they wish to hear?

But to those who offer true enlightenment,

they turn an unhearing ear.

I suppose that it has ever been thus,

and that it shall continue to be.

For it seems that mankind in general often chooses,

to see only what they wish to see.

CMH circa 1988


Charlotte on February 22, 2011:


Mikey...They all died anyway.......You said it yourself.

Were their doctors "bad"? Or did the simply NOT really know how to cure cancer?


Mikeydoes from Fl,IL,IND on February 22, 2011:

PLEASE there are doctors that are serious about curing cancer. FIND THEM. If you have cancer you need to seek the best possible doctor, not all doctors are suitable.

This guy is claiming to cure cancer. If he was serious about curing cancer he would send to to the best cancer doctors and from there they would do whatever they could. In many cases cancer can will still win.

Cancer struck my friends and family early. When I was young. One kid was around 9 years old.. There was nothing the doctors could do, and in no way would this guy have been able to save him. If he would have consulted this method, Joey would have died even earlier.

My uncle went through Chemo and ended up living longer because of it. Sadly he passed as well. Consulting this method he would have died much quicker.

Today my great Aunt Sharon has cancer. If she did not go through Chemo she would be dead. If she did this method, she would easily have died by now. There is no question about that.

PLEASE DO WHATEVER YOU CAN AND FIND THE BEST DOCTORS FOR YOUR CANCER. If you do not live, at least we can learn something from your cancer. To hopefully save lives in the future.

Kelley Eidem (author) from Panama City, FL on February 22, 2011:

Hi Anthony,

Thank you for the suggestion. The best way for that to happen would be for you to contact him and if he is interested he could check it out. He knows you, not me, so your recommendation would carry more weight.

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem

Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

liltrucker2010 from Fresno Ca. on February 22, 2011:

You know that my buddy who is a Bio-Physicist and is also a Medical Scientist is also written a book of some what is his auto-biography that cover everything that he has done since he was a child all the way up to today. I think if you were to talk to him, he could give you some pointers and directions as who to contact to make this into a movie.


MarkP80 on February 22, 2011:

Mikeydoes, I don't get it. What's wrong with making a buck? Most doctors want to. Kelley worked on his book for two years, part of that time sleeping on a friend's couch, so he could finish the book. His cure for cancer is right there on his Web page for the whole world to have access to. I have never done anything that could help so many people, and if I had, I might have put it into the book so people would have to pay for it. Kelley is giving it away, and his Lower Pain recipe, also.

Kristy on February 22, 2011:

Mikeydoes: I really don't understand this kind of attitude. Have you or someone you know followed Kelley's recipe and for whatever reason it was unsuccessful? Or is it just that it's so vastly different from anything you've ever heard from mainstream medicine that you assume it couldn't possibly be true, without ever trying it?

It's unfortunate that many share your mindset, which is partly why the plague of cancer persists. For many it's better to go with what you know, do what you're supposed to, and if conventional treatment fails (as it often does, unsurprisingly since poisoning your body in order to heal it probably isn't the wisest method of treatment), accept that you've done everything you can and only have x amount of time to live.

I see so many Facebook statuses regarding wanting to find a cure for cancer. Every time I see one, I post a link to Kelley's hub. I've never once had a response. Because I think that although they sincerely want a cure for caner found, the unwritten condition is that they want a cure in the form of a drug. Because we know drugs. We're raised with them, and know them to be a magical solution for everything. It's very hard to understand that something as unassuming and easy to access as a spice or other food could possibly beat something as big as cancer.

Admittedly, there are supposed natural cancer treatments out there that are complete scams. Chances are, if someone wants you to spend thousands of dollars on a miracle treatment, it's not entirely above board.

But Kelley has given the recipe free of charge. And he tirelessly reads through the comments and explains further whatever aspect of the recipe that people are unsure about. And he explains exactly how each component works. Although I do highly, highly recommend that you also buy the book, as it explains further the principles of Dr Revici's methods.

Anyway, this was a lot longer than I intended.

BessCGY on February 22, 2011:

I've read the book and have found it incredibly interesting. I'm always open to new ideas so, thank you, Kelley for making it available. As for "Mikeydoes" - everyone is entitled to an opinion, I'm just wondering why you are so angry and threatening violence . . .

Charlotte on February 22, 2011:


Hey Mikeydoes... I have had seven friends and family members die from cancer in the past 8 years.

They all had radiation and chemotherapy. They alll died anyway.

Why don't you go punch their rich doctors in the face for me?


Mikeydoes from Fl,IL,IND on February 21, 2011:

I am completely and utterly disgusted that you would give people false hope for your own profits. Sickening. You are killing people off for your own gain. I would punch you right in the face if I saw you sir.

Kelley Eidem (author) from Panama City, FL on October 04, 2010:

Hi Sabreblade,

You're right.

A bestselling book might sell a 100,000 copies. Meanwhile a top movie might be seen by 100,000,000 people including video rentals.

That would change the public's consciousness and turn real medicine into mainstream medicine.

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem

Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

sabrebIade from Pennsylvania on October 04, 2010:

A movie would be an excellent idea.

I'm all for anything that gets alternate treatments out there and where the people that use them are NOT called idiots.

Kelley Eidem (author) from Panama City, FL on July 13, 2010:

Hi Faye! Hi KoffeeKlatch!

I'm looking forward to your comments. :-)

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem

Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

Susan Hazelton from Sunny Florida on July 13, 2010:

You have peaked my interest in your book. I haven't read it yet but I certainly intend to now.

Faye Constantino from Florida on July 10, 2010:

I haven't read the book yet, but I am planing on ordering it next week. I have been waiting for a time when I had a few dollars I could spare as I have lost people to Cancer, but don't know anyone with it right now. You have created a beautiful Cafe'. I hope you have many visitors. I will be back. :)

Kelley Eidem (author) from Panama City, FL on July 09, 2010:

One of my favorite parts is in Chapter 19 "To Be Or Not To Be."

What I loved about it was the set up and then the final line. I won't type in the final line so as not to give away the punch line.

Even more so was just how primally important the desire we have as humans to have babies. When I remember that story, I'm always just so totally pleased for Judy.

Okay, that's one of mine. What's yours?

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem

Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

PS. I really like the decor in this place, the lighting is perfect. And the service? Superb. ;-)