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The Hive Writing Platform Vs. The Steem Writing Platform

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Mayorfaruk is one of my fellow Hivians from the Hive writing platform who can be found at

Mayorfaruk is one of my fellow Hivians from the Hive writing platform who can be found at

If you follow me on HubPages or on other vertical network sites of theirs, you may have read my article titled "HubPages Vs. Steemit." Back when I originally published that article so many years ago, I was fairly happy about joining the Steem writing platform. It was something new and different for me.

After two years on the Steem platform, I began to experience technical problems that disallowed me to post regularly on that same platform. I, therefore, published an article titled "Steemit Has Become a Train Wreck" on my HubPages channel, which was later featured on the ToughNickel writing platform. I wanted to warn people to avoid the Steem platform at all costs, because I was having more problems on that platform than I had ever had anywhere on the Internet in my entire life.

In 2020, a new platform named Hive began setting up turnkey accounts for members of the Steem platform like myself so that we could get started on that platform immediately and painlessly. Most of my articles on the Steem platform were duplicated to my Hive account that was made ready for me to claim. I did not claim my Hive account until the summer of 2020.

Nevertheless, most of you are probably wondering what exactly is the Hive writing platform like and what it is all about. You can watch a YouTube video below that gives you the short version of a description of the Hive writing platform.

A Summarized Description Of The Hive Writing Platform

Now that you have gotten the short version of a description of the Hive writing platform, allow for Scott Cunningham to give you the detailed version of a description of this same writing platform. You can watch his video below.

Scott Cunningham Describes The Hive Writing Platform's Features In Great Detail

The Hive writing platform is currently experiencing the usual growing pains that any writing platform does after its rollout. Now allow me to give you a description of my experiences with the Hive writing platform and provide you with a comparison between it and the Steem writing platform.

1. There Are Many Similarities Between The Hive Writing Platform And The Steem Writing Platform

Like the Steem writing platform, the Hive writing platform is a blockchain. In other words, if you publish an article on the Hive writing platform, it is going to appear on other websites that belong to the Hive blockchain. Of course, you will still get credit for it and you will be able to earn compensation for it.

Like the Steem writing platform, the Hive writing platform uses a form of cryptocurrency to compensate its writers, and, yes, I realize that I get uncomfortable at times about dealing with cryptocurrency inasmuch as it involves a risk factor. However, cryptocurrency has become popular in South Africa inasmuch as their monetary currency (the rand) is becoming less and less stable every year because of their turbulent political situation.

Now, I am aware that the United States of America could slip into a similar political predicament as that of South Africa because of the unusual events that have been going on throughout these past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the hostility in our nation's current political environment. I am not going to go into the details of why the political environment in my nation has become hostile, because that is not what this article is about. However, I will say that cryptocurrency may ultimately become a safety cushion against the collapse of the American monetary system. Therefore, I am not going to lose faith completely in the validity and the reliability of cryptocurrency.

Anyhow, when you are a member of the Steem platform, your main channels where you post your articles are going to be Steemit and STEEMPEAK, whereas on the Hive platform, your main channels to post your content will be Hive-Blog and PEAKD. On the Steem platform, the cryptocurrency used to compensate writers is STEEM, Steem Power, and Steem Back Dollars; whereas the Hive platform has cryptocurrency in the form of HIVE, Hive Power, and Hive Dollars.

Like the Steem writing platform, you can earn compensation on articles and comments up to 7 days after you have posted them. The way that you earn compensation is when someone upvotes your articles and your posts.

Now, throughout the so many years that I was a writer on the Steem platform, I never received even one downvote on any of my content. Occasionally, I received criticism from other people on that platform about it. Of course, it is to be expected on any writing platform. On the Hive platform, I have received one downvote since summer of 2020. The person who downvoted one of my articles never really explained why he did so. My article was not offensive in any way. It was not even controversial. I think that he was merely bored and wanted to throw a monkey wrench into someone's pathway to success.

Now, I understand that anyone on the Hive platform or the Steem platform has the right to downvote the content of any other member. However, I feel that before someone can downvote content, there should be a requirement that they have to provide an explanation for doing so. Otherwise, it leaves the door open for anyone to abuse the downvote feature on their account.

On the Steem platform, I have come across others who have complained about someone abusing their downvote feature on the platform. Of course, such nefarious behavior can backfire on someone like that, because then other people they've victimized could retaliate against them by downvoting all of their content.

I personally have never downvoted anyone on either the Steem platform or the Hive platform. I reserve that option for a situation that I may encounter in which someone may be abusing either platform. If you decide to join the Hive platform, my best advice to you in that regard is to do onto others as you would want them to do onto you.

The one characteristic that both the Hive platform and the Steem platform have in common that I value the most is the fact that there is no censorship on either platform. If you wish to publish something on the Hive platform that may push the kind of boundaries that you normally avoid pushing on the HubPages platform, you will have no problem and nobody will penalize you for it. However, if you post or publish something on that writing platform that is highly inappropriate, you will likely get hit by a swarm of downvotes.

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If other people on the Hive writing platform feel that you are encouraging someone to commit a heinous crime through your writings or you go bragging about heinous crimes that you may have committed or wish to commit, others on the platform will probably report you and seek to have your content removed. However, if you complain in one of your articles that Anderson Cooper never combs his hair before he appears on camera, nobody will likely disturb your content. Just don't expect Anderson Cooper to phone you and invite you to any on-camera interviews. Freedom of speech is completely respected on the Hive platform.

2. There Are Certain Differences Between The Hive Writing Platform And The Steem Writing Platform

Some of the characteristics that the Hive platform has that are different from those of the Steem platform make the Hive platform a better place to post content than the Steem platform. However, there are a few characteristics that the Steem platform got right that the Hive platform still has room for improvement.

When I am on the Hive platform, I am called a Hivian. However, when I am on the Steem platform, I am called a Steemian. It makes you think of how writers on the HubPages writing platform call themselves Hubbers.

Now, one major characteristic that stands out the most about the Steem platform is that it contains advertisements all over it, whereas the Hive platform has none. Some would argue that the Steem platform is ahead of the game, because advertisements bring in revenue. Others would argue that the Hive platform is better off than Steem in that respect, because no advertisements on the Hive platform equals no danger of censorship.

Any of us who publish on the HubPages platform or on any of their vertical network sites know that advertisers expect a certain code of conduct from the writers whom they compensate for their content. The Steem platform has not yet aggressively censored anyone's content to the best of my knowledge. However, that entire situation could change in a heartbeat.

When I joined the Hive writing platform in the summer of 2020, I did not have to use my cell phone to do so; whereas the Steem writing platform had me go through a whole set of procedures involving the text-messaging feature on my cell phone to get my Steem account up and running. Of course, the Hive platform went above and beyond to make it easy for Steemians to set up an account on their writing platform in that they had everything in place to put us all in business.

Nevertheless, joining the Hive platform from scratch may entail additional procedures to do so. If you are planning on joining the Hive platform and you have never had a Steem account, then I would suggest that you go to the Hive platform and find out what the requirements are to get started as a Hivian.

The Steem writing platform used to have a Steemchat feature. It has been taken down since last year, and I don't know what that platform has done to replace that same feature. What Hivians do whenever we wish to get in touch with one another and discuss matters related to the Hive platform is that we go on Discord and chat with one another.

Now, I am not going to deny that you will encounter a few glitches here and there on the Hive writing platform. I have not experienced nearly as many technical problems on the Hive platform as I have done so on the Steem platform. However, there have been a few mishaps here and there, but not enough of them to convince me that the Hive platform is not worth posting on.

A recent technical problem I came across on the Hive platform was that I discovered that the sentences in some of my articles were dropping prematurely from one line to the next. This mishap has only occurred on my Hive-Blog channel. Thankfully I have not run into this same problem on my PEAKD channel. I have never experienced this same problem on the Steem platform. However, I believe that eventually the Hive platform is going to clear up this problem in the near future.

The biggest complaint that many Hivians had when they were still posting content on the Steem platform, especially ones from the *C.U.N.A. countries, was that there were getting to be fewer and fewer English-speaking writers on that platform. (*Note - C.U.N.A. means Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, and Australia).

I am fluent in the Spanish language, and I can fairly understand French and German in conversation and on paper. However, English is my first language. Therefore, I went ahead and claimed my Hive account, and I began posting content on the Hive platform shortly thereafter.

I have held onto my Steem account, because I do plan on posting content there in Spanish; and there is still a large Spanish-speaking audience there. I've already chatted with other people on both the Hive platform and the Steem platform in Spanish. Many of them are from South America.

Even though my fellow Hivians have told me that they have given up on the Steem platform, I continue to hold onto my Steem account in hopes that perhaps that writing platform will someday make a strong comeback from the slump into which it has fallen. I recently found out that I can actually copy my articles from my Hive account to my Steem account aside from the ones that were automatically copied from my Steem account to my Hive account back when both platforms were still on the same blockchain. However, I probably will not do so, because I did copy a whole host of articles from my Steem account to my Hive account, and it was involving.

The articles that were automatically copied over from my Steem account to my Hive account back in the spring of 2020 also had to be updated on my Hive account from my end. The amount of work I put into it was endless.

"francousqui" is the author of this photograph.

"francousqui" is the author of this photograph.

3. My Conclusion To This Topic

The Steem writing platform was an exciting new adventure for me when I joined it in 2017. However, that writing platform began to go downhill by 2019, and I was experiencing all sorts of technical problems on it by then.

In 2020, after the Hive writing platform had rolled out, I was reluctant at first to claim my Hive account and begin posting content on that platform. However, I learned that many former Steemians had left the Steem platform and had joined the Hive writing platform.

If you have a Steem account and post on the Steem platform, then becoming a Hivian on the Hive platform will be a cinch. Don't expect to get rich overnight after you do so, but still take pride in every piece of content that you post. Every writing platform has its ups and downs. One major reason that I am glad that I decided to claim my Hive account and begin posting on the Hive platform instead of on the Steem platform in a frequent manner was because it was getting difficult to find someone on the Steem platform to help me out any time that I had a technical issue, whereas Hivians were coming at me from all ends to help me out with any technical issue or question I had on the Hive platform after I claimed my Hive account.

You have to be the judge on which writing platforms you feel your literary talents will be most appreciated and where you'll be treated the best as a writer. If you have a love of writing, you'll find a place on the Internet where you'll feel right at home sooner or later.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Jason B Truth


Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on August 22, 2021:

Ladies and gentlemen? The Hive writing platform is an excellent place to speak your mind. Read more about it in my article above. :-)

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