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The Diary of Lilly Klein

Diary of young girl in hard times with her family during WWII


September 29, 1940

Dear Diary today is my thirteenth birthday and I got you mother threw me a lovely party

and all my siblings were proud. Father got me you, my perfect diary and I plan to share

everything with you. Hello my name is Lilly Klein and am thirteen years old. I was born

in Mateszalka,Hungary and i still live here. I live with my mother Sara and my father

Sandor also i have six siblings. My two best friends are Agnes and Ebi and we do everything.

Goodbye for now,

Lilly Klein


April 13, 1942

Dear Dairy,

I finally have sometime to write about. I am now 15 and i live in

Debrecen,Hungary with my mother and now seven siblings. This is my war

journal my country is an ally with Nazi Germany. Ever since that happen

we have been slowly separated from the others. The Jews of the

community are being discriminated against and I keep hearing rumors

about concentration camps. I'm scared the Hungarian government doesn't

like my people ghettos are being made in neighboring countries and the

treatment is awful. Yesterday, my friends house was burned to the ground

her mom and herself are living with us for the time being. Mother says its

the right thing to do in a time like this and we need to help. Tomorrow I start

a new school the school ia an all Jewish highschool were I can finish my

studies. My three sisters and I all are going to attend as well as my two

older brothers. My younger brother is still trying to walk and talk, he is muchto young for school

until next time

Lilly Klein

May 1 1942

Dear Diary,

I believe it is getting warm enough that we can go outside for lessons. I love the

chirping birds and soft grass of nature. However the war is still very much alive I

recently found out that my dear Hungary was allied with many countries. Germany,Italy, Japan, Finland, Albania, Bulgaray, Romania, Thailand, Croatia and Slovakia.

There has also been many people getting work notice. Today my oldest brother Kristof,

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was sent off from his notice this morning. Mother ask the officer where he was going,

but he just grunted and turned away. I have noticed many boys from my lessons

disappearing from their work notice. My older sister Mary think i am much to curious. I

bet that she think that she's better than me because she's a year older. HaHa, nope!!!

The best younger sister ever,

Lilly Klein

JANUARY 1 1943

Dear Diary, Happy New Year!!!! I am sorry that I lost you for so many months. It has

been awful lately. My other brother Aron has also gotten a work notice in last

December. The house is so different with four girls and one boy. Anyway the

discrimination laws are getting worse and worse. I don't feel safe at all the yellow star

of David that i am forced to wear makes me feel labeled and separated. Tensions are

getting more frightening and diary i can't stand it Every night in the dark I hear a

scream or a weep of sadness or despair. I don't really know what the future is for me

and my family. I'm only sixteen and I can't do it all myself.

Scared for her life,

Lilly Klein

FEBRUARY 15 1943

Dear Diary,

More and more green police are coming into the country. Jewish people are

disappearing regularly and no one knows where they are going. Our neighbors had to

leave and they came by our house and gave ua all their valuables. Mother said we

must hide them for our dear neighbors but why? Why do we need to keep seeing

people leave? What's wrong with everything? My youngest brother, Pete is two years

old today. Everyone is celebrating that he is really starting to ask questions and say

sentences. I wish Aron and Kristof were here. Mary was trying to cheer me up as well

as my younger twin sisters. Alexandra and Anna are the best, but can get a little

annoying. Why can't the war end already come home dear brothers and father.

Peace soon,


Lilly Klein

MARCH 3 1943

Dear Diary,

I regret to inform you, but we are going to have to part for a little while. Mary is moving

into a room with me and I don't want her to find you I don't want anyone to find you. I

am hiding you next to the roses under the dirt in the garden.

Write soon,

Lilly Klein

© 2015 Keuka Fields


Keuka Fields (author) from Syracuse, New York on April 18, 2015:

thank you im working on pt II as we speak

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on April 18, 2015:

interesting, intriguing hub my friend up and shared

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