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The Devil All The Time

The Devil all the Time

The Devil all the Time is a 2020 film based on the book of the same title written by Donald Ray Pollock. I have not read it nor seen the movie. This is not a movie review or anything of sorts. It’s just that, I don’t know why but the line “The Devil all the Time” feels so oddly true and real.

I mean, look at the world right now. We have made wrong so normal that right is seen as extreme good acts.

Let me elaborate, I don’t know if you have seen them or not but right now if you go to YouTube or any social media and search for kindness you will find lots of content, stories or videos. All of them are really beautiful and heartwarming but what we all seem to overlook is how simple this act of kindness is. Giving food, water, a letter, a present, a little helping hand, a ride or just someone’s mere presence can go a long way.

It amazes me how little we need to just make someone smile and yet somehow, we made it complicated. Don’ t get me wrong, I really appreciate all these videos and they are so heartwarming but what makes me sad is that these simple little acts are considered uncommon or rare and is needed to be documented and put up on sites terming them “Acts of kindness.”

All I can think is how mentally and emotionally damaged are we to consider lending someone else a helping hand or even water. I don’t know if I could clarify my point or not but if I didn’t then I sincerely apologize for my bad writing.

We are so accustomed to playing the devil all the time that we even manage to paint the Angels red.

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