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The Day My World Changed~Part 3~

It has taken me a few weeks to muster up the strength to write the continuation of, 'The Day My World Changed' parts 1 and 2. As you read this, I'm sure it will become evident to you the strength I needed to do this. From the comments I have received thus far, I see that I have touched many lives in the process. I hope to touch many more. I know even more so now than I did before, that there are those out there who need to hear what I have to say. May this impact you in such a way that it will make a difference in your life. For those of you who may have been abused in one way or another, to know that you are not alone. And for those of you who know of someone who has been abused, to say a prayer for them and reach out and care. And for those of you who haven't been, you are blessed. And for those of you who don't know of anyone who has been, please say a prayer for those who battle this. And for those of you who really don't care, may God help you.

This Is Truly The Day My World Changed

I got into the car,

And closed the door.

A thought came to mind,

"What am I even here for"?

I ran away from home,

To get rid of the strife.

But living like this,

Is no kind of life.

My friend who was driving,

I tried to explain,

And tell them what happened,

But it was to no gain.

All I got was, "Oh well,

You're not there anymore".

There voice was so cold,

And hard to the core.

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Did I just hear right?

Doesn't he even care?

As I looked at him,

All I got was a glare.

I sat there in silence,

Not wanting to speak.

I felt like my whole world,

Was more dismal and bleak.

Is anybody out there?

Does anybody care?

Would anyone want to help me?

Would anyone even dare?

He drove to the downtown,


And paid for a room,

For the night to stay.

I ran to the bathroom,

And got in the shower.

And turned on the water,

And stayed for an hour.

I felt so filthy,

And wanted relief.

From this horrible feeling,

Of sickening grief.

I scrubbed and I scrubbed,

And I scrubbed even more.

I then had to stop,

For my skin was now sore.

I went in the other,

Room and sat down.

My heart was so heavy,

With no smile... just a frown.

The look on my face,

Must have said it all.

He asked if I missed home,

And if I wanted to make a call.

From the way he had acted,

When I first ran away.

I couldn't have contact,

With my family... No way!!

To call my family,

Would be a delight.

Not a lot of love there,

But it's better than all this fright!

My sister answered,

And said, "Where are you?"

She's so glad to hear,

From me out of the blue.

He was right there,

Hearing every word she said.

The way that he looked,