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The Day I Pulled A Fire Alarm

I was in the second and third grade when I attended West Pelzer Elementary School although then it was called West Pelzer Primary.

I once pulled the fire alarm at this school. It happened during recess when I was entertaining myself by running out to the playground and then back through the door and down the hall and back to the playground.

I was an energetic child who enjoyed walking and running a lot during recess.

One day, while running from playground to hallway where the fire alarm was I stopped and noticed it. I remember one word on it "PULL". I didn't know what would happen but I was a child always known to follow direction and it was directing me to pull so I pulled the fire alarm and boy was it the biggest mistake ever made as a child.

The noise was way to loud and it really scared me that I ran back down the hall and out the door and around the school and hid in a brush until my teacher came and found me and took me to the playground where the whole school had lined up by homeroom class.

© 2022 Kristina Pitts

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