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The Day I Found You


When we first met I never thought I would find myself .....
I knew life would find you with everything you dreamed of, you know, all of the things we shared late night fantasies of having together.
I knew your dreams would eventually find their way home to you. Your dreams deserved more than silk pillows and satin sheets.


Enviously wanting to be the closest thing to you, I felt immense competition with even your thoughts. I loved you so much that I secretly wished I were you so we could be together always.

I never knew why the further away from you I drifted, the closer you seemed to come to the dreams we mapped together.


No mistaking that the love making was monumental. Somehow our dreams became sentimental musings after endless sessions of seductively lucid encounters.

I always knew that your dreams were more than deserving of the encores we rehearsed as casually as daily repetitions of worn out freedom song mantras bellowed through the burnt lungs of fiery-spirited rebels.


They were more mind blowing than imaginable. It was never about the sex with you. Your mind was always magnificently beautiful.

I often found myself arriving simply by listening to the melodic rhythm of your voice.

You made me radiate while intently watching me as I effortlessly released celestial illuminated rays of you.


No surprise when eventually our love making became foreplay and your conversation took me on mental highs that I could not live without.

Your conversational climaxes with multiple peaks of bliss held me speechless and engaged for seemingly lifetimes of picturesque plateaus of beautiful together dipped forever's.

Tours through seas of inverted pinnacles of love found me drifting further away from you.

I prayed religiously, always in hopes of decoding strange melodies scaled by the tracks of sporadic deviations of love's precious highs and lows, to bury your heart deeper within my own.

Our focus diverted by translucent aromas of familiar blends of rain and chemistry created in the depths of souls tethered eternally.


Awakening the dream, transforming brainstorming from, "Can we possibly?" to "We should; no, we will." Who knew all of my dreams would come true in your arms while safely wrapped up in your mind.


.....that day I found myself with you



Rachelle (author) from Houston, Texas on September 05, 2013:

Thank you!

Abhinav Agrawal on September 05, 2013:

Exact expression of what I call the blend of all emotions.

Rachelle (author) from Houston, Texas on September 03, 2013:

Thank you so much; I really appreciate that!

Malik S Canty from Brooklyn, NY on September 03, 2013:

I sensed your powerful spirits through your words...Your words spoke volume and stirred my soul about the awesome power of love... I vote you Up and Rising.

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