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"The Dark Bones" by Loreth Anne White

She’s come back to solve the mystery of her father’s death and confront her own dark past.


"The Dark Bones" by Loreth Anne White

A book that draws the main characters into the story from the first pages.

I haven't read detective stories for a thousand years and when I opened this book I realized what I was depriving myself of.

Mysteries of the past, secrets of the present, murder, fire ...

Rebecca Nord has to return to her native land to deal with all this. But above all, with the mysterious murder of her father, it was murder, not suicide as the local police assume.

A detective thriller in which a fascinating line of investigation is intertwined with a romantic line. The romantic component is not very much: no sensual descriptions of touching or kissing; views, memories, attempts to protect.

The detective line actively involves in the investigation with its clear drawing of details. Sequentially, step by step, the picture is revealed. Grasping at the small tail of inconsistencies, a huge tangle of intertwined events gradually unravels.

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The author whipped up everything and whipped up intrigue, throwing in all new details and skillfully manipulating the reader's interest. Too many crimes and mysteries for a small town, in the end so artfully intertwined.

The main characters of the detective "A Dark Lure" here become the heroes of the second plan. As in the first book, the author shows different intra-family relationships. Most often without undertones: good families with warm trusting relationships and abnormal families with a bunch of vices.

Somewhere I missed the feeling of my daughter, who had lost her parent, who raised her himself after the death of her mother.
But the description of the burnt corpse was more than enough for me, I don't know, maybe it is worse with the descriptions, but I seemed to myself felt the stinking smell emanating from the dead body.

And in general, it was very atmospheric. Together with the heroine, I wandered through the ashes, being in the former family nest of the police officer Nord, ran through the withered foliage, trying to hide from the pursuers and trembling with fear, looking for evidence, interrogating suspects. Mentally she reproached herself for her father and lived again in her soul the events of the past, the betrayal of her lover, his mysterious marks from the beatings, and the lacerated wound on her face.

At the very end, there is a real plot twist, full of brutality, which plunges into shock. I expected something to please from the book's ending, but not something like that. It is quite difficult to accept such cruel treatment of the son by the father and complete indifference to what is happening on the part of the mother.

Overall, the book is noteworthy and easy to read. Shocking in some places, surprising in some places. An interesting line of investigation and unraveling itself prompts to read other books by this author.

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