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The Coronavirus is COVID-19


The Coronavirus is COVID-19.

The Coronavirus is COVID-19.

Who makes it happen?

No one knows who made it happen.

It will all mean we are in this pandemic together.

I thought COVID-19 was short.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is staying on earth as long as this non-fictional pandemic will.

It globally means that it is not safe to walk and roam.

So, we are all quarantined for now until further notice.

Washing your hands was the first step recommended by health organizations.

If you cannot wash your mouth, then put your face mask on.

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Limit the crowd when events happen.

Finally, wherever you go, social distance should be at least 6 feet.

These requested health procedures from health organizations did not help.

No one anywhere has been taking action.

How will it end?

So, if you're considering several options, please do so.

Solutions and taking action will make this pandemic end immediately.

Any infectious disease expert anywhere cannot tell anyone how it will end.

You have to act to stop this non-fictional pandemic right now.

Investigations in this non-fictional pandemic are good, but they may not make it end by themselves.

If you are an activist, please act and share how the non-fictional pandemic will end.

I'll come to my own conclusion as to why COVID-19 has always been present. It is that we were not obeying before and during the time COVID-19 was on earth. So, please make changes to make this environment better everywhere on earth.

The Coronavirus is COVID-19

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