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The Comeback: A Semi Interesting Tale that is Okay at Best

The Comeback by Ellen C Maze

So recently I’ve been working my way through Accent of Horror by Chris Snider. He is an indie author who released this horror anthology. And it’s been pretty meh so far. He has some really great ideas, but they just seemed to have more potential than what he does with them. But now it’s the final story and it’s by a different author surprisingly. Here is my review of The Comeback by Ellen C Maze.

It follows Phil Meddle. A former hot shot actor who has been replaced by Hollywood’s new model, Sterling Hawkins. And it is really getting under his skin. Then one day Hawkins comes to see him. It turns out Hawkins is a sweet charming individual and, as he is friendly toward Phil, Phil gets this idea about how to remove Sterling from the equation all together. He can kill him.

The good? The characters are layered here. They aren’t anything special, but they are layered enough to be engaging. There is some real tension here. And the twist ending is clever.

The bad? Like the other stories in this collection, I really wish there was more detail. I think better detail can improve all f these stories. I also wish it wasn’t so short.

Overall, this is an okay story. But not a must read. It’s just okay at best. If it sounds like your thing, check it out, but I can’t recommend it.

2 ½ smoothies out of Five.

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Overall Rating: A Semi Interesting Tale that is Okay at Best.


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