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The City of Metron

The City of Metron.


Fallen Kingdom of Metron

Welcome one and all to The City of Metron. First of all, I would like to say that Metron at one time was a beautiful city, in fact it was the place to be for fun, excitement, and love. A place of sensual desires and a place where all of your dreams came true. It was the perfect city.

Sadly though like every beautiful pearl aged by time the once majestic city turned into ash, corrupted by The Great War. a war that was so terrible that at its end, the war had nearly destroyed its home world of Toarimm. Cast by the shadows of war, hundreds of cities fell to the monstrous demon that devoured everything in its wake. Due to its complete and utter chaos the people of this world became desperate, forced to conserve resources.

So with one final act of salvation the people banded together and developed Metron.

Why Metron you ask?

Well the answer was simple

After the war and all that was lost, Metron was the only city left standing with very little survivors. For those who had remained, they were scattered throughout Toarimm. They knew all was lost and began moving to Metron.

Depending on where you came from, it was still a very dangerous journey as there were barely enough resources to go around. If you made it though it was well worth it. The City began to grow it had flourished into the only country left on Toarimm and the population eventually restored mankind from absolute extinction.

Eventually as Metron grew, small towns began to develop and some of those towns became cities and so on, so forth.

Unfortunately, at the heart of it all, Metron still had battle scars all over . Although it survived it had taken quite a beating. Many of us still have alot of regret for what we had done. We find ourselves wondering if all of this could have been avoided if we would have listened. The people were divided by ignorance.

My point being yes had we listened the great war might have never happened had we just tried, the point of my story is to tell you how hard I fought to protect this world in a time where it shouldn't have needed a savior. Many called me The messiah but, I wasn't . I was just The Scarlet Knight. I wasn't born to protect this, world it just happened and I couldn't have done so without the help of a noble race, This Is my story

This is the story of The Scarlet Knight.

Enter Destan

My name is Destan, I came from the town of Navarro. One of the smallest towns that resided outside the city limits of Metron. At the time, I was but a boy when my dad decided to leave Navarro.

he said:

" There is no future here son, we're moving to Metron."

So yeah, just like that In the late afternoon of that fateful night our bags were packed and left never to return.

As we were leaving the sun had began to set and I found myself mesmerized like never before because, I realized this was the end of our small town, the end of everything. It was like the universe had became a giant book that was closing a chapter of my life away and prepared me for the next chapter welcoming me to next part of my journey.

Now, twenty years later I am now thirty. I have no idea what I am doing and my dad had long since went on a different path in life. He was again married with four kids and seemed pretty happy and me I was still just trying to figure where my life was headed. Never once did I imagine I would be here still single with no real life.

I can't complain too much though I do have my own place and I have a pretty decent job and holding steady.

I guess I just thought by now I would have a house, possibly married with a few kids of my own and possibly being a great entrepreneur of sorts. Unfortunately, fate seems to see things differently than I and so I feel stuck. I am truly afraid of where my future lies but, fortunately for me, I am too proud to give up. Why because, I have a strong feeling that a great change was coming and so I'd rather hold it together and hope that all I have is enough. I am, afterall, just a man with the will to become a greater man. Wherever my future holds I will always do my best.


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