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The City of Metron

The City of Metron.


Fallen Kingdom of Metron

Welcome one and all to the city of Metron, once a long time ago Metron was a beautiful city, in fact it was the place to be for fun, excitement, and love. A place of sensual desires and a place where all of your dreams came true. It was the perfect city.

Sadly though like every beautiful pearl aged by time, the once majestic city turned into ash, corrupted by the great war. a war that was so terrible that at its end had nearly destroyed its home world of Toarimm.

Cast by the shadows of war, hundreds of cities fell to the monstrous demon that devoured everything in its wake.

The people of this world became desperate, forced to conserve resources and with one final act of salvation the people banded together and developed Metron, New Metron

Why Metron you ask?

Well the answer was simple

After the war and all that was lost, Metron was the only city left standing with very little survivors. For those who had remained, were scattered throughout Toarimm. With everything lost, they began moving to Metron.

Depending on where you came from, it was still a very dangerous journey as there were barely enough resources to go around. If you made it though it was well worth it. The city began to grow, it had flourished into the only country left on Toarimm and the population eventually restored and mankind emerged from near extinction. As the city grew small towns began to develop and through time the towns became new cities.

Unfortunately, at the heart of it all, Metron still had battle scars all over . Although it survived the war it had taken quite a beating. Many of the people still had alot of regret for what they had done and found themselves wondering if all of this could have been avoided had they listened to all the warnings that divided their once powerful world. Had things been different the great war might have never happened. The people had tried to seek peace but, their mistake was seeking war, forcing peace on those who refused to obey. Injustice had reigned throughout Toarimm for centuries and because of the ultimate fall of the governments war was inevitable.

Originally the Great war started because the people wanted to protect the world from themselves. Unfortunately the war grew to a planetary level and evolved into the great war. Over time a powerful warrior arrived, he was the descedent of the first Glamourian Knight and when Toarimm was beyond the power of humanity he was there last hope.

Toarimm shouldn't have needed a savior.

When he arrived though many called him the Messiah but, he knew he wasn't . He was just The Scarlet Knight, he chose protect this world

At the end of the great war, those who remaineds aided him in saving the planet against those who believed in the destruction of Toarimm. This final stand against the arising dark would forever be known as The Battle for Metron. This battle was their day of judgement and it would have failed if the warriors hadn't united for this last desperate act valor.

When the dust finally settled several lives were lost and would be forever remembered as the worse battle to ever exist on Taorimm and although it was a victory it came at a terrible sacrifice.

Once the world was finally safe, The Scarlet Knight just disappeared into the dark of the night, his power was no longer required and for the first time in a very long time, Toarimm could begin to heal. Metron was the key.

Since that fateful night, nearly a hundred years had passed. I know thats not alot of time but, it was inevitable that Metron would heal and it did. Like I said earlier through its healing there were scars that still existed throughout Metron. The funny thing is most of the scars that remained came from the inside. Several of the survivors still remembered the true weight of the war. For those who passed though at the very center of Metron was a memorial that honored the fallen and so with everything lost and never forgotten Metron now stands as the capital of Taorimm and a reminder to all to never wage war again and should Toarimm ever be caught in the hands of a terrible adversary the Scarlet Knight will return.

This is the story of The Scarlet Knight.


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