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The Business

The Business

The Business

There was a young boy named Lewis. Lewis had no family or friends, he had nowhere to go. He barely remembers his Pa. Lewis did know his Ma, he loved her with all his heart but she grew ill, he remembered them both not having a home living in an alleyway, with a dirty mattress almost brown, growing mold. He tried his best to care for his Ma, he would search for food for her and find whatever he could to keep them both warm.

One day he went searching for food for his Ma. “Ma”, Lewis said. “ I found a sandwich for ya!” as he came walking towards her. There was no reply. Lewis thought she was asleep at first, he shook her arm a little trying to wake her up. Still no response. “Ma”, he said, shaking her a little harder. Lewis started to grow scared. He started to feel lightheaded, not able to breath, feeling cold and hot at the same time. He felt as if he was going to cry, he tried to stay strong. He couldn’t, no matter how hard he tried. She was all he had. Then, he bursted in tears. Several thought were going through his head.

I should have been there. I could have done something. I could have gotten help. I should have found more things to keep her warm. I could have tried to find money to buy soup. Soup was better than anything I found in the trash or floor. What if it was the food I had given her.

All those thoughts were streaming through his head like a strong current stream, rushing through his head. He cried and cried. He spent several days in the same valley his mother passed in. Then, he realized he had to find somewhere to go, he couldn't just stay in the same valley, he thought. He couldn’t stand seeing his mother there. He stayed one more night, to think things through. He thought of nothing. He felt hopeless, he began to cry again.

An old man was walking past the valley. The old man heard the cries of a young child. The old man froze to listen again making sure he didn't mishear anything. He heard the cries of a young child once again. The old man stared at the alley way, scared what he might find. He walked toward the alley cautiously, and slowly. The old man saw the young boy crying, then looked over at the mother. The old man squatted down to the young boy's level.

“Hello, are you okay young man.” The old man said softly.

“Not really,” said the young boy.

“Well young man, what is your name?” The old man asked.

“Lewis,” said the young boy.

“Well, my name is Franklin. How about we go find somewhere warm to talk, and get you something to eat or drink, if you'd like.” said the old man.

Lewis slowly looked up. He did want something to eat. Maybe the man, Franklin, could help me out, Lewis thought.

“Okay” Lewis said shyly, slowly getting up.

They both walked together in silence. They both didn't know what to say. Lewis was thinking about something to break the silence, but also hoping Franklin would be first to do so. Franklin walked up to a diner, Lewis followed Franklin inside. They both sat down at a booth. Franklin passed Lewis a menu.

“Pick whatever you'd like” said Franklin

“Really?” asked Lewis.

“Sure,'' Franklin said.

“Well, can I maybe have a chocolate pancake?” Lewis asked

“Yeah, you can” Franklin said

Franklin smiled politely, he looked over at the waitress. Lewis looked at the waitress as well.

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“What would you two like? '' said the waitress as she pulled out her notepad that she took people's orders in.

“One Chocolate Pancake, and two hot cocos please” said Franklin.

“If it's okay to ask, was that you mother over there, was that why you were crying” Franklin asked.

“It's okay to ask, but yes that was my Ma, and yes,that's why I was crying.” Lewis said, looking at his lap.

“Do you have anywhere to go” Franklin asked.

“No” Lewis said quietly.

“Well, Lewis, how about you stay with me for a while? I own a lovely hotel. I'll let you have a room and maybe you could make a little money and if it's okay with you, I could take care of you.’ Franklin said.

Immediately Lewis thought it was a miracle, it was exactly what he was looking for, he needed money, somewhere to stay, but why did Franklin care so much, it shouldn't be this easy, Lewis thought.

“Why are you helping my though, most people wouldn't do all this for a stranger, I think.” said Lewis

“Well, Lewis, I’m getting old, I’m lonely, and I'll soon be too old to run my hotel, so what do you say.”Franklin said

Lewis thought about it. Maybe he is trying to help me, Lewis thought.

“Okay well, it doesn't seem so bad,” Lewis told Franklin.

They both left the diner, Lewis enjoyed his dinner. Lewis and Franklin walked together, Franklin led the way to the hotel he owned. Walking toward the hotel, Lewis was amazed, he loved the way it was built. Lewis has never seen any hotel like this before, but of course he had never been in one. They walked inside. The inside was wonderful, Lewis thought.

“Let me show you your room.” Franklin said. They took the elevator up to the top floor, the room was wonderful. Lewis thanked him multiple times, Lewis had taken a warm bath, it was his first one, and Lewis thought it was amazing.

Franklin continued to take care of Lewis. They became very close. To Lewis, Franklin was a father figure for him. As Lewis grew older, Franklin grew older as well. Franklin soon became ill, Lewis took as much care of him as he could. He took him to doctor appointments every week, Franklin continued to become further ill. Soon Franklin passed away, and Lewis became very sad. Lewis closed the hotel for a week and gave the employees the week off as well. Lewis knew he tried as much as he could. Franklin's death reminded him of his mothers death. The people he loved the most were gone, and was once again lonely. He felt alone, sad, and had no one to talk to. He lost his father, his best friend.

A couple years later, Lewis still did not feel the same as he did before his father passed. Business became slow, the hotel was older from the newer hotels. Lewis thought, how can I make money to keep Franklin's hotel in shape and pay all the bills for it.

Lewis had a friend he met in high school, his friend realized that he was struggling with keeping up with the hotel and knew Lewis was trying hard. Lewis received a message from his friend.

Hey Lewis, my boss is willing to let you be a part of a special business, you will not be able to tell anyone about it though. You could make up to $1,000 per sale. I cannot tell you what we are selling unless you accept the job. Would you like to be a part of this business?

Lewis thought about it, he thought it seemed suspicious. He considered the fact that he had no money to keep Franklin’s hotel running. He also considered he didn't know what he was selling, he did not want any problems with police nor the government, but he didn't want to let Franklin down.

Lewis typed, “I'll do it” then sent it.

He got his first job minutes after he sent the message. They sold rare birds that did not seem so bad, Lewis thought.

Several years later, he sold many rare birds and made millions of dollars. He was able to keep the hotel running, and make multiple renovations. He had thought about stopping because he already had gotten the money he needed to keep the hotel running for several more years. He decided to continue, in case anything happened. It had turned out to be illegal to sell these birds. He had gotten several years in jail, and ended up losing the hotel.

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