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The Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit Helps Kids Smile


Making Dental Care Fun

Dentists are scary — that’s what too many of us learned as children. Sure our parents told us about the tooth fairy and gave us some cash when a tooth came out, but too often this was preceded and followed by unhappy thoughts that stayed with us through the years. So the sensible and reasonable idea would be to treat children as children — which is to say find ways to ease them into the world of dental care. That takes fortitude and patience and an ongoing attention to making sure every aspect of dental care is approached in a pleasant way. Being creative is a good idea, but not every parent has the time or concepts as to how to do this. So that’s where the Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit comes into play — and all you have to do is purchase the package and follow what it comes with and what needs to be done with to help inspire new habits and create a tradition dealing with dental care as it impacts a child.


Here Comes Sir Brushalot

Picture books have always attracted and held children’s attention, and especially when read to by a parent it helps to reinforce values about dental care. To help a child better understand what this whole “tooth” business is about, and what dental care is all about and finding ways to make it attractive and “happy” requires taking down the information to a level that the child can understand and relate to. So the children’s book that comes with the kit goes into answering the questions children have about the “Tooth Fairy”. Besides reading to the child and showing the pictures that are included, there are fun activity pages to engage the child. And to help the parent whose memory is only just as good as it is, there’s also coming with the book a keepsake journal for keeping track of the child’s dental care (visits to the dentist, etc.). And while this storybook may not equate with a Peter Rabbit or Winnie the Pooh, through the use of reading to the child, a process to removing the fear and uncertainties towards teeth and dental care can begin.


And His Sidekick Incisor The Horse

So a storybook can be interactive, in that the parent and child can bond together through the content and through talking and looking at each other, so there’s nothing quite as helpful as making “teeth” more fun and palatable to the child. So a stuffed toy is part of the kit to make this happen. The plush toy is called “incisor” and is a horse sidekick to Sir Brushalot and is a good cuddle. Plus it has a compartment for holding onto the tooth that has left the child’s mouth and is now in queuing for the Tooth Fairy.

The final element for softening the world of dental care comes from the included nightlight. Of course it’s shaped like a tooth, though in a softer and more cuddly curved look. This is designed to be relaxing to the eye and, for the child, create a safe environment for going to sleep. And rather than just having a single dim light, the nightlight can be set in one of two ways: a soft white light or a soft blue light — both conducive to allaying a child’s fears of the imagined monsters and boogies that lurk in the night.

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Parent and Child Interacts

Because nothing is as important as making a child aware and understanding of just how important The Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit is no substitution for the parent interacting with the child, but it will provide ways and means for the parent to work at getting the child to become more excited and attentive towards teeth and dental care as well. The addition of the nightlight and plush toy, combined with the storybook, will go a long way towards creating a positive and pleasant attitude towards dental care for a child. For sure the parent must take the reins (not that of Incisor) and work at guiding the child in the correct manner, but through the kit the parent will have a working plan and physical aids towards making it happen. For more details go to

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