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The Blind Hand

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The Blind Hand


I was reading an interesting book. I so engrossed in the joy of enjoyment that I had completed unaware of all the surrounding. Suddenly, it happened that l tapped my left hand with my right hand intuitively. I was to go resume my reading when I realized that I had crushed to death a fly during the action. But what if I killed it? After all it was just a petty creature who had been guilty of disturbing a significant creation of the Almighty - a man!

The petty creature....


Practical mind argued

So it was natural on my part to continue my reading. And did the same. But despite my repeated attempts I was not able to concentrate on it as I did previously. More I forced my thoughts away from the small incident, more they were spinning around. I could not stop myself thinking about about the frail creature. Whether it deserved my wasting time on it. After all what was its place in whole creation? If lived or died meant nothing. Its entire existence was meaningless! My practical mind argued and it suggested to end the matter.

The emotional mind counter argued

Alas! Then emotional mind rebelled! What it so simple? Had god created him without a purpose? Was not it like me? Whether we both were not the creations of the Almighty? My emotional self counter argued. I found my heart deafening my mind.I Ifound myself in the same position as Mr. Gardiner was caught in when he had killed his " fellow traveller" during a train journey.

Now I was soaring high on spiritual contemplation. Was not I like the fly in another aspect as well. As the fly had lived its short lift meaninglessly, got crushed suddenly by my blind hand; was not I wasting my previous life ignorantly on dancing and singing? Would not I be crushed similarly by the blind hand of future? The thought provoking lines of Blake's poem - the fly came rushing to me:

And not all we rational animals not like a petty fly? We live our lives in complete ignorance of The creator and His intention behind the creation. We waste our lives in insignificant affairs, eat and drink and at last get crushed by the blind hand of death unknowingly.

For I dance,

And drink, and sing,

Till some blind hand

Shall brush my wing.

- William Blake

Awakening the man inside....


Therefore, a man is no different than the fly unless he realises his purpose of on the earth. Unless he knows the Almighty and his preaching he is not a mas in the true sense. Man has the precious gift of thinking. And until he uses it for knowing God and his intention he is no more than the frail creature destined to get crushed by the blind hand.

Then am I

A happy fly,

If I live,

Or if I die.

The Fly


© 2022 Chandrasekhar Rajendra Raut

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