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The Best & Worst Game of Thrones Theories


The Fan Favorite Theories

Jon Snow: The embodiment of Ice & Fire:

R+L=J is one of the most talked about fan theories when it comes to Game of Thrones for good reason. We all love the bastard of Winterfell who knows nothing right? There are a lot of odds and ends when it comes to this theory but the main point is that Jon Snow is in fact the actual character behind the title of the book series, A Song of Ice & Fire. He's not only a Stark, (Ice), but also a Targaryen, (Fire). It's been a speculation of fans for a long time that Rhagaer Targaryen was the true father of Jon Snow along with Ned Stark's sister, Lyanna. It's said that he ran off with her and raped her against her will but many others would argue that the two were really in love and Lyanna's dying wish was to hide Jon from King Robert who would certainly have the child killed if he was to know that he had any bit of Targaryen blood in him. This theory has all but been confirmed in the series, showing the crying baby in the Tower of Joy then flashing to Jon Snow. Is he the prince that was promised? A lot of us certainly hope so! He may know nothing now but what will happen when he does?

Jaime will kill Cersei:

Every Game of Throne fanatic wants Cersei to meet her demise...AND SOON! Not only is she one of the biggest threats in the 7 kingdoms but she's already starting to show off some real 'Mad Queen' behavior. She blew up the Sept of Baelor while smiling over a glass of wine! She tormented Sansa for years and is downright despicable. Personally, I hope the honor of removing Cersei from the throne and Westeros goes to Arya Stark, it's a popular fan theory that Jaime will ultimately turn on his own sister and take her life, just as he did the Mad King. There's a hint that this will happen in Season 7, Episode 1. Jaime is standing on a region of the map known as the Fingers and Cersei is standing on 'The neck'. Think about the prophecy the witch told young, (yet still bitchy), Cersei... It does seem to make sense. Although, given Jaime's love for his sister/baby mama, what could drive him to go through with it?

Bran's Three-eyed Raven made the Mad King lose it:

Although a favorite, this one seems pretty obvious now. At the Tower of Joy flashback, young Ned looked back when Bran yelled out for him. Coincidence? Probably not. The extent of Bran's power is unknown but from everything we've seen so far, it's obvious the kid is rocking some serious power. (Poor Hodor). Clearly he can manipulate the past so perhaps the Mad King was hearing Bran say, "Burn them all" and it caused him to lose his mind and become the monster that tore apart the kingdoms. Shit Bran, that's a lot of juice - we hope you don't mess anything else up, like somehow let the White Walkers through the wall...

Tyrion Targaryen:

We hope...We hope...We hope! Come on, who doesn't LOVE Tyrion? He's literally the best. He drinks and he knows things but maybe like Jon Snow - he doesn't know everything. We all know that Tywin despised his young son but maybe there was always more to it than him being a dwarf. The books made a few references to The Mad King being into Joanna Lannister. Maybe he was more than 'into her'. Maybe they got together - be her choice or against her will. We can't imagine Tywin being a great husband so it's not that far fetched. Could Tyrion be 1/3 Dragon Riders? Of course. He let them free and they didn't eat him. I'm certainly on board with this theory and really hope we get to see our favorite little dude soaring through the skies on one of the three dragons.

Winter is here..


A very small man can cast a very large shadow.

— Lord Varys

Iffy Theories

Where is Gendry? :

The last surviving son of King Robert has been rowing around Dragonstone since we last saw him and ended up who knows where. He was a blacksmith in King's Landing at one of the most prestigious shops. Does he know how to forge weapons made with Valyrian steel? Will he team up with Jon Snow and make weapons that will help with the Long Night and the impending threat of the white walkers? I like Gendry's character and not to mention - the Starks and the Baratheon's have always had a strong alliance throughout history...will we see them meet up as fate would have it?

Jon Snow + Sansa = Wedding Bells

This theory is a little iffy to me as it doesn't make much sense towards the story line. I'd like much more to see the wedding of Jon Snow & the Mother of Dragons, but this theory holds a bit of weight all the same. Jon Snow isn't really Ned's son but Sansa's cousin and given the leniency of incest in Westeros it wouldn't be a big deal if these two tied the knot. Together they would definitely be able to have a solid claim on the North.

The Dragonhorn:

If you've read the books, you know Euron Greyjoy discovered what's called a Dragonhorn while roaming around the world. It's said to have the power to control dragons. This is an awful thought but he did promise Cersei a gift to 'win her heart'. Will the gift be the horn? (That hasn't yet been tested in the books). Or, could he use the horn to claim the head of a dragon and place it at Cersei's feet? (Shutter..) I think we are going to see that Euron Greyjoy is a bigger threat than anyone anticipated, including his own niece and nephew. After Epsiode 2 of this season...I think he's going to become a major player in the game.

The Faceless Men...And Women:

We've seen what these people can do - damn near whatever they want. They can move through the world wearing whatever face suits them and have mad assassin skills. Remember Syrio, the dancing master from season 1? We never actually saw him die? Maybe he's been around the whole time - maybe as Jaquen? Or he might just show up again to help out his old pal Arya. And then there's Missandei. She speaks a ton of languages and is BFF's with the Mother of Dragons. Hmm.. could she be a faceless man? And since they can look however they want - who else could be a faceless man?

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Jaime & Cersei Targaryen:

A lot of people don't want this to be true but you have to admit...there are some similarities between the Targaryens and the twins. Incest. Mad Queen behavior. Lust for power. Sound familiar? There has also been a lot of speculation that Jaime may be the third dragon rider or even the prince that was promised. In the beginning, Jaime wasn't all that likable but after his time with our favorite badass Brienne of Tarth, the dude kind of grew on fans. It would be a Martin-like twist if Jaime ended up on the back of one of the dragons.

Ice & Fire


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A Few of my Own Theories + My Friends

My friends and I can't get together without talking about Game of Thrones, it's impossible. We all have our favorite theories and some of our own. I've read all the books 3+ times and binged watched episodes over and over again. I just can't get enough of it. Here are some theories I have and some my friends have come up with. Please share some of your own thoughts!

  • Melisande, AKA The Red Woman, is more involved in the game than anyone thinks. Remember the witch that told Cersei of her fate? Could that have been our possibly immortal Red Woman? I think it could be, for a couple of reasons. She doesn't age so she could've been wondering Westeros for YEARS, possibly inserting herself into positions where she could have one-on-ones with people in power, (or people who would eventually be in power). Sure, she got the Stannis this wrong but maybe there's more to her than just visions in flames. I think she might have been around for a long time, like Varys and Littlefinger, playing a game all her own.
  • Bran is the Night King . Yeah, sounds crazy right? I know but stay with me on this one. We know he can travel to different times and insert himself, (somehow), in those times. The White Walkers have a pretty boss-level army. Looks hard to beat...unless Bran goes back in time and becomes the Night King so he can kill himself and save Westeros. (I know it sounds nuts but it is GOT so anything is possible). I think Bran will put the task of defeating the Walk Walkers all on himself and in true Stark fashion, he might put himself in the mix, in the past to save the present. I'm hoping not, but it's a theory.
  • Jon Snow + Daenerys = Badass Kid Dragon Rider: We know that witch cursed Dany so she's not able to have kids but what if she can, only if it's with a person who shares the same blood as her? Everyone is always debating that the prince who was promised is either Jon Snow, Jaime or Ser Davos (Don't really get that one but whatever). But maybe Jon and Dany get together while fighting all the wars to come and meanwhile have a child that becomes the Prince who was promised. I mean she's a queen - he's a king, together they could have a prince. Milisandre has already shown up for the mother of Dragons and maybe if they have a child the red woman could speed up the kids aging or something and boom = the third dragon rider and the song of Ice & Fire. Either way, I'm really hoping for a Jon Daenerys hook-up at the very least which, after last episode is coming as fast as winter..
  • Varys is a Highborn. Why was he chosen by the sorcerer to have his parts thrown into flames? We saw that Gendry was almost barbecued by the Red woman because he had 'King's Blood'. So it's not that far fetched to think that Varys is somehow a highborn. Of where or what, I have no clue? Just a theory that might hold some weight later on. Also, he does seem to have a huge concern for 'the realm', as he always puts it and the small folk. Why? Maybe because his parents were in a position of power and he saw how it was abused. Just something to think about...
  • Robert + Cersei = Gendry. In season 1, while visiting Catelyn Stark and a broken Bran, Cersei talks about a black-haired baby that died when it was young that she never saw again. Was Cersei always such a monster? Did she know the child was with Robert and instead of having him killed or doing it herself she just found a way to get him away from her and the Iron Throne. Maybe that child was Gendry..Robert's trueborn son. This could mean a lot in episodes to come.
  • Arya will kill Cersei wearing Jaime's face: I get a lot of flack about this one but I think this would be pretty cool. Although I don't want Jaime to die, Arya deserves to take out the Mad Queen. If not Jaime's face, maybe she could use Qyburn's? He's close to Cersei and would get Arya in the right place to take out Cersei and would also reveal information about the secret weapons and schemes that dude has been working on.

GOT Quiz

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What was to be the name of Daenerys & Khal Drogo's child?
    • Drogon
    • Rhaego
    • Viserys
    • Aerys
    • Verino
  2. What does "Valar dohaeris" mean?
    • "All men must Serve"
    • "All men must die"
    • "Praise the Lord of Light"
    • "All men must be brave"
  3. Which isn't the name of a Stark's Direwolf?
    • Visyena
    • Summer
    • Nymeria
    • Lady
    • Ghost
  4. What are the Lannister's house words?
    • Hear me Roar
    • A Lannister always pays his debts
    • We are golden
    • Gold and Blood
  5. What is on House Greyjoy's Sigil?
    • A kraken
    • an octopus
    • The Drowned God
    • A ship

Answer Key

  1. Rhaego
  2. "All men must Serve"
  3. Visyena
  4. Hear me Roar
  5. A kraken

Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.

— Arya Stark

Worst Theories

Some theories are just nuts but that's not saying that a few could pan out.

Lord Varys is a Merman:

This is one of the most comical ones I've heard. Sure, there is magic in the seven kingdoms, but mermaids? One theorist said his true motivation was to release his 'merfolk'. Doubt this one will be coming to fruition...

Warg Ned Stark Lives:

I would like this one to be true but it just doesn't make sense for so many reasons. There are people out there that think that Lord Stark survived his execution by warging into an animal just before his head was removed. We'd all love our honorable Ned back but his death put so much into motion I doubt we are seeing this one coming true.

The Bolton's are Faceless Men:

Please NO! There are theories floating around that the Bolton's are immortal, somehow due to their flaying and have ties to the Faceless men. Some even suggest that both Bolton men are alive, walking around Westeros, waiting for their time to strike and gain back their power. Yawn.

Anyone heard of any other "meh" theories??

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