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The Best Masculine Lessons From "Think & Grow Rich"

Ahamed has an MBA and worked in document control for years. He enjoys writing and has freelanced and blogged across the internet.

Your thoughts are the source of all of your behaviors, traits, and outcomes. Consider your subconscious mind as the hidden reality that is guiding your every action but that you are unable to see. It can either inspire you to have confidence in yourself and be willing to take on new tasks, or it can lead you down a path that will eventually lead to your demise. Success is, to put it simply, first an idea and then a tangible outcome.


1. Imagine what you're thinking

Why do you suppose we were given the ability to imagine and visualize if we're not going to use it? Imagine achieving your goals. It would be the same as having hands or legs but choosing not to use them. You don't need a magical New Age ritual to get rid of the present restricting beliefs; just use your imagination to do it. Consider achieving your objectives and visualize yourself taking the required steps to do so. What people will respond with is what you want.

Your mind will be trained to accept this soon-to-be-true reality. Additionally, visualizing oneself overcoming challenges makes it simpler to get through difficult situations.

2. Put your feet firmly on the ground and you can succeed.

Although simple, success is never uncomplicated. Recognize your advantages; they are essential. If you believe that anything is possible with enough willpower, your life will start to become better, but this belief will only get you so far. Hard labor just cannot be described in words, but success also necessitates it. The only way to successfully complete this phase is to focus on what you can control and avoid getting distracted by the colorful objects around you. If you are not willing to make the necessary effort, you should stop dreaming about success completely.

It was perfectly expressed by Elon Musk. You might as well stop reading right here if you need the motivation to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

3. Adopt an attitude of personal accountability

It takes a special kind of person to be able to accept responsibility for mistakes. Nothing would be accomplished by pointing the finger at others. You have control over what you do. It's time to make changes if there was something you could have done differently. Situations are out of your control, but you can choose how you react to them. If they help us learn valuable lessons about life, even our biggest blunders are good for us. Repeat after me: if our biggest mistakes help us learn anything crucial, then they are truly the best thing for us.

Therefore, take ownership of your actions while refraining from punishing yourself or, more crucially, others for your sins. Instead, examine each problem critically and then fix it.

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4. Status and Finance

Do not define happiness. Happiness in life does not depend on wealth or fame. Yes, having money and status can help you live comfortably, but the sad fact is that most melancholy people I've ever met have been well-off. Start by realizing that your happiness is primarily a result of your inner peace.

Being wealthy is more than just possessing significant cash and prestige. More significant than the items in your immediate environment is your ability to be happy with who you are as a person and what you have accomplished in life. As a volunteer, you might choose to assist orphans. compared to, for instance, starting off with only fans and feeling dead on the inside. Brothers, remember that the concepts in this book are timeless truths that you may start using in your life right away.

5. Identify your life's mission

The goal of every man, as we frequently say on this channel, should be to live a good life each and every day, period. To get there, every guy will have a distinct route to go, and that is the route you must take. Most men lead aimless lives, concentrating only on how to gain more women, buy more Gucci sandals, or spend money on meaningless things that will soon be forgotten by society. Success begins in the mind and with your attitude, as we've discussed previously.

6. Abandon comparisons with others

Social media has been a scourge on modern civilization in many ways. In truth, many people are just losers trying to stand out by portraying a perfect life. Take the men at the club, for example. While some of them were filming the club on their phones, they may have been dancing a little bit, which gave the impression that they were having a fantastic time. Nevertheless, when you look at them from the side, you can see that they are bored on the inside, despite what the person reading their story would think.

Never compare yourself to others because everyone has different histories, lifestyles, and objectives. Someone's life does not automatically become better just because they are more successful or have a better car than you. It doesn't necessarily indicate that someone's life is better just because they drive a nicer automobile or have more success than you.


7. Make a decision regarding your goals

"A fool with a plan can beat a genus with no strategy," is a proverb that I want you to keep in mind. Often, men have a goal but no clear strategy for how to achieve it. Although they may make statements like, "Oh, I'll want to be a millionaire," a closer glance at their everyday lives reveals that they spend all of their time mindlessly binge-watching Netflix, relaxing, and giving their craft no attention. One more time, pay attention to what has been said: "A fool with a strategy can beat a genius without one." It's important to have a purpose, but it's much more important to take daily, little steps to go toward it.

8. Working nonstop

Even though it is true, the adage "work smart, not hard" may have been something you have heard. However, adopting this attitude may prevent you from pursuing your goals in full force. There is a proverb that states that if hard work were all that mattered, a donkey rather than a lion would rule the jungle. However, the lion does put in a lot of effort—he just puts it into the things that are important to him. Working hard and clever at the same time, without separating the two, is a similar approach.

9. Do not give up

In the entire book, the value of tenacity is emphasized. Recall that no man has ever succeeded by moving straight ahead. Success often seems to come in an unpredictable, haphazard fashion. I've got this pin-down, you could think occasionally. Sometimes nothing makes any sense, and other times it's simply too straightforward. Never giving up as a guy is absolutely essential, no matter what level you are at. It's crucial how you respond when something doesn't go as planned.

Maybe you wouldn't have made some mistakes while doing your responsibility if I had selected a different course of action. The ability to use sound judgment and let go of the past becomes important at that point.

Since this book has given birth to some of the greatest businessmen in history, use these suggestions to start building a life that begins in the mind.

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