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The Bad Boy's Property (Synopsis and Prologue)


This story that I wrote is very close to my heart. You may find the parts that I am posting about this story on my profile.


Jelaine went to a new school and met a group of guys with seven members known as the Seven Leaders. She was unacquainted with who they were, at first. She, later on, found out that her fiancé that she hadn't seen for a while is part of the group. Eventually, there will be a lot of secrets she was able to discover by being with them and devouring by her curiosity.

Due to the kind of world she got invaded to which she's completely unknown how's the run, she has to adjust for her own sake. Get trained, be flexible, and build herself in a way that's fitting to the world to protect herself at all times needed.

The Seven Leaders were clueless that the Queen is always meant at hand, tracking and monitoring them all along. They were incognizant that the plans they shaped they thought in the saddle were about to be out of control without them realizing it, in time.


3rd Person Narration:

Seven years old Jelaine,

"Jelaine, look, Jeon is here already!" The girl named Jelaine heard her mother tell her. Her face got red when her mom told her that. They were sitting on one of the table sets of the restaurant where her mom brought her to.

She quickly stopped playing with her doll. She laid her eyes at the people who took a seat at their table in front of them. She paid all her attention to those newly came people.

She recognized Jeon. He is the most popular boy in her school. He is now in front of her with his mom.

Finally, this time came for her. The day when the first meeting of her and Jeon was going to take place. She knows this day will be so special since she was aware that this is the very moment that the two of them will be present and known to each other.

Her mom told her that Jeon's dad could not make it to this formal meeting. She didn't mind as her dad could not attend as well. She thought that they both possessed busy dads whose hearts held focused on securing their future.

Jelaine was already aware of being arranged for a marriage to the boy in front of her. Before her mom decided to let her go into this situation, her mom asked her multiple times. Her mom has found out that she has a crush on the boy and talked to her about him. She was surprised by discovering that the boy's mother happens to be her mom's best friend. She has never met any of her mom's friends. Her mom never brought a friend at home. Never once introduced her to one either. She was also startled when her mom asked her if she wanted to marry Jeon someday when she's grown up.

She has had a serious discussion with her mom about the matter. Her mom also gave her time to think about this matter she was getting herself within. Her mom gave her all the information she needed to know. All about consequences and responsibilities. All the terms and conditions. But because of the feelings she has for the boy, she remains okay with all that. She was all ready to take the risk and did not mind going through the consequences. She thought she completely understood everything. She was very willing to step forward into taking this decision because she liked this boy named Jeon so much.

She would not refuse that she has a profound interest in this boy, the reason why she has decided to go for this.

Every dismissal time, she was used to waiting at the bench near the gateway where she was not too visible to people's eyes only to watch this boy walking his way out of their school. Only to see and stare at his gentle face once again. Each time she obtains the chance to see or stare at his face secretly, she would grab it. Always ready to make her way to lay eyes on him from a distance, somewhere not noticeable. Anyway, she was so sure that no one would notice her looking at him because all the attention of everybody around the school was paid to him whenever he and his friends were around. He's that eye-catcher to people. She was glad to see him regularly in that simple way. But she's well aware that Jeon will never notice her because he was always in the middle of the crowd, always getting the attraction from people. At this young age, the boy is already very appealing to all the girls in their school. There are always a lot of girls around him. There is a bunch of bunches before her turn comes. The main reason why without thinking twice, she has accepted her mother's offer of being engaged to the boy of her dreams. She couldn't explain how delighted she felt at that moment thinking about being married to a boy someday. She couldn't believe the fact that that day would come. Marrying a boy that she likes a lot and dreamed of being with and noticed.

Today, her dream of being in front of him is finally coming true. Her dream of hers seeing him near is lastly becoming a reality. Today, the agreement of a marriage between them is now becoming official.

She couldn't take her eyes off the face of the boy. It was the very first time that she could stare at his face up close. Her cheeks are burning red, feels like fire, looks like roses, just while looking at him, but she managed to give him a beam.

"Look, listen, my baby girl. We have already talked through this, remember? You remember everything I told you regarding this matter, right? And you agreed upon all the consequences and the responsibilities that are after this by taking the decision. Right? I am repeating myself once more and asking you once again. I am giving you a chance to answer honestly once again. If you do not want this, you can back out now. You'll have this last chance to do it." Her mom asked.

She thought carefully and looked up at his mom's face. Her mom's expression was seemed to be waiting for her answer. She glanced at the boy once more and looked back to her mom's eyes, shaking her head while their eyes were having a conversation.

Her mom smiled and took a graceful sigh off her chest. "Alright." Her mom said. "Meet the boy that you are going to marry someday when you grow up." Said her mom enthusiastically, introducing the boy to her.

"Baby, Jeon, look at her. She's your fiancé. Jelaine." His mother spoke. "Look! Isn't she so pretty?" Stated again by his mother.

She saw Jeon frown and seem irritated. "Is she that girl?"

The boy was staring badly at her.

"Yes, she is. What's the matter, baby Jeon?" Confirmed and asked by the boy's mother.

"She's not pretty. She looks so ugly!" He voiced and rolled his eyes at her.

Jelaine went sad with the boy's reaction and by what he called her. She thought he adores her as much as she does, the reason why his mom allowed him to go through this agreement and have this set.

Did her mom not ask him before deciding on this?; The thinking was ringing in her head. But what Jelaine heard from her mom, the boy's mom was also doing the same thing and process she has gone through with his parents. She wouldn't have said yes if she knew that the boy was not aware of this.

"Jeon, stop being like that? Didn't I warn you about this? We are not playing a game here. We are not joking." His mom strictly warned the boy.

"I don't like her." Said the boy and stood, then ran out of the restaurant.

"Jeon!" His mom called out his name. "Come back!"

Jelaine's shoulder slumped. She felt so sad and bad about what just happened. 'Is the boy turning down the agreement? Is he going to make her feel rejected somehow?' What her mind was thinking at that moment.

Jeon's mother paid attention to them, anxious by the fact that her son suddenly ran away and did not know where it went.

"I'm so sorry, best! I was so sure everything was fine with him. We have discussed everything with him. We made sure that everything was clear and understood. He accepted it, I swear. That was just-! That kid! He is just so naughty and playful. He's like that all the time. I made sure I'd strictly warned him enough of not doing his games here, but.." The mother of the boy sighed and was acting in a hurry. "He's a badass, stubborn, playful, and very uncontrollable."

Jelaine heard her mother chuckle over her best friend's narratives.
"That's fine, best! I don't mind. I know your child the way you do, anyway." Her mother told the boy's mother.

Scratching head, the mother of the boy talked again. "I'll talk to him again, best. I guess I have to go now. I have to find that bastard. The agreement is official between my son and your beautiful daughter, but let's just set another appointment for this, okay? I'm so sorry! I'm going now. Excuse me."

"Don't worry, that's alright. I understand. Bye, Bessy! Take care." Both mothers pecked on the cheeks of one another for a goodbye.

"Both of you, too. I'm sorry about my badass son." Jelaine could hear the woman saying.

Since she was just a kid at this moment who believed that she was doing the right thing and picking the right decision, she did not realize how serious it was to affect and bring changes to her life. It was something that she didn't understand, she could regret afterward.


Jelaine's Point of View:

Eleven years old Jelaine,

"Remember this, Jelaine, you are my property. You can't do anything to change that. You are mine, and I don't need you to like that fact. Remember, don't you dare find another guy or have a boyfriend while I'm not around. You don't have the right to have one. Don't forget that we are getting married one day. Don't dare cheat. Do not forget me, your fiance. I will be back, ugly!" He smirked. That smirk of him never fails to piss me off.

What a jerk!

Those are some of the last words he left to me before he and his family flew to San Francisco that I wish to be the actual final words I would have with him.

My mom told me they would live there for years to take care of their family businesses in the United States. They were not sure when to return to the Philippines. Just thinking about the idea that he was going far away from me, there's a party going on with my whole system. My brain, my blood, my cells, my vein, my organs, my nerves, hair, eyes, everywhere! Every part of me is happy and celebrating. But there was this something that was restraining me from feeling all that happiness and letting me remain in the middle of being lonely about being miserable. I got slapped by the truth that he will come back and that we will see each other again. Like, what the hell? Why? I don't understand why! I don't want him back here, back in my life, and meet him again. How did he ever come up with an idea of coming back here? I mean, who said that's a good idea? I mean, yes, everyone wants him here, but except me! I want him out of my life for real and forever!

Oh, my veggies! Why? Why is my fate like this?

Why is he going to come back?

There's no other reason he would talk in that manner and say such things but for the intention to piss me off. He already admitted and told me that he doesn't like me, and then now, he is telling that to me? That was the biggest joke I've ever heard. He is the biggest joke I've ever seen.

What did he say, again? Don't forget we are getting married one day? Just as if I will let that happen. I am so ready to pack all my stuff and leave home only to get far away from him and from that thing to happen. That one day he was talking about will never come. I will make sure of that!

As if I would be willing to get tied in a marriage with a bad boy like him. My type of boy is not a bad boy.

Okay, fine. I admit! Yeah. Maybe, it was way back. It was my type of a boy, but that was a long time ago. I liked him. Yeah. I admit that, but I am awake now. I realized it would be a nightmare to have one in your life. I realized that I needed to change my type of boy. The beginning and ending before the realization I had are to have him in my life, and my life has got miserable because of him. After I experienced his behavior of being a monster, I started not to like him and stopped liking him. All I feel about him now is hate. That's all. I HATE HIM!

That moment, when he told those stuff, "You are my property blah, blah, blah," I snorted, and I wanted to laugh because of feeling so annoyed and hate.

"The only thing about us is that we are just an instrument for what they call arranged marriage. Don't make certain assumptions like I'm letting myself get married to you. Just as if I would like to. Do you know what I like? What I like is you to stay your ugly attitude, you and your dumbass wherever the hell of a place you are going to and don't ever come back here in the Philippines, forever and ever! And don't you ever call me ugly. You are uglier! You badly need help with that ugly attitude of yours!" I firmly said with my sharp eyes pointing to his.

He smirked and quickly switched into a straight face.

"You are mine, Jelaine. Only mine."

"Not until I convinced my parents to abort the arrangement, whatever, between us! You better get ready for that. I won't let that marriage happen between us. That is what you have to remind yourself!" I have made sure everything I said was emphasized and delivered clearly.

After several years that I've got experience being with him, ever since we have introduced to each other. I can't imagine that I am still going to marry a boy like him. It would be a nightmare to have a boy like him in my life forever. My life with him is messy, troublesome, bothersome, burdensome, miserable, and like a nightmare.

He calls me ugly. He has an abnormal and ugly attitude. He made my life a living hell with his war freak fan girls going on and on around me every day at school to fight with me. He added to the weight of my burden every time he was doing some prank with me.

I don't know how to convince my mom and dad to cancel or stop or retreat from that arrangement for marriage between us because my mom always tells me that I already said yes and agreed to it until the last chance she has given me, so there is no chance of backing out now. She was saying the same thing every time I was trying to convince her. I didn't even realize that I wasted the last chance that my mom had given me when she asked me once again and at one last time, but I will do all that I can do to stop it from happening.

For now, I need to celebrate and savor my happiness that he is not going to be around me anymore. Even it's not for a lifetime, because we will surely meet again, but still, I'm so happy that he is going to get out of my life for a while.

But whether I like the idea or not, he is coming back to my life no matter how big my hate for him is because there is this fact that, yes, we have reconciled to marry one another. The main reason why our paths are going to meet each and another is by that fate. As much as I wanted him to disappear from my life, but it's not that easy.

I am Jelaine Shil Moara, and I'm getting married to Jeon Eco, one day. As much as I would like to refuse the fact, but it is the truth. I'm The Bad Boy's Property.

© 2021 Briavry

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