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The Bad Boy's Property (Chapter 2 PART 2: Crazy Trippings)

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This story that I wrote is very close to my heart. You may find the parts that I am posting about this story on my profile.


Jelaine Shil Moara

As we entered the school, it was a miracle that nothing wrong happened to me on my first step inside. Oh god, thanks. Hopefully, tomorrow will be like this, too. Like there will be no student else but me, a kind and beautiful me. But what I am thinking right now is impossible. So, whatever happens, I will leave it to the Lord to take care of it.

She stopped walking and turned to me. "It will help you quickly get familiarized if you take a walk around the building. I need to go to talk to the school principal in his office. Will you be fine doing that by yourself?" Mom spoke.

"Yeah. Sure. I think I will be fine. I also think I should do that."

"Alright." She tapped my shoulder and then walked away.

When he disappeared from my sight, I sighed, and my shoulders weighed down.

I roamed my eyes around the place.

This school is prettier than Riz High. It was pretty big. You can also see how big it is inside. It was luxurious. It is indescribable how fine and beautiful it is. If this is the case, I suppose the bad girls and bad boys studying here are spoiled brats. Wow. How splendor their cave is, huh. In fairness, it was too good for spoiled brats like them. But after all, they are indeed spoiled brats, aren't they? No wonder their parents will choose this school for them.

"Isn't there no school today for real? I am not convinced. There's no school here? All the schools in the country are open, and this one doesn't have classes? Seriously? Are we the only ones here? Isn't my mom fooling me? It's not a holiday. How in the universe classes don't exist here today? I have to know the truth. " I whispered to myself.

I'd better observe each room in this school. Okay, now, let me see if there seriously aren't any students here. It looks quiet and convincing, but I still doubt it, and the silence can also be suspicious.

There should be classes today. This school is not being fair. They will declare to have no classes whenever they want. I first checked to see if there was any CCTV around, but I saw nothing. So, they did not install CCTV around the school premises. That's good in my case right now! I can move freely to discover the truth in those closed rooms.

However, having no CCTV around can only benefit me from this situation.

I opened the first room in the row here in the hallway at my left. "BOO!!!" I shouted as if I was catching someone from an act, but I didn't see anyone when I opened the door. Oh, so, nobody is here in this one.

I immediately went to the next door. "FREEZE!!!" I shouted again when I opened it, acting like a policeman entering a room to raid criminals inside while holding a gun. But there was no one here either. Great! I can almost believe that they don't have classes today. Let me see that in the next room I'm going to check. I will know if all this is true by the time I finish searching.

I ran to the next door like a cop still raiding a crime. When I opened the door, I shouted again. "FBI! RAISE YOUR HANDS!!!"

I saw there was still no one inside. Really? But I am still not convinced to believe it. I need to make sure. I will search all of the rooms one by one. I was determined to discover the truth, and I moved quickly.

I went to the next room.


I flew like superman to the room next to this one I've opened.


I quickly went to the next door and kicked the door open. It was supposed to open, but it didn't. "OUCH!!!" I caressed my sore leg. Is doing that action in the movie scene that hard? Maybe, it is in reality alone. I just realized how sturdy the doors have made. It freaking stayed closed even though I poured all my energy into kicking it to knock it down. At least now, I know that those scenes are fake. "Aw!"

My leg hurts so much.

Instead, I just opened it with my hand.

"WATCHAAAAA !!!" I acted like a karate king.

Next room.

"POKEBALL GO !!!" I imitated Ash.

In the next room, I was just mild.

"ELSA? DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN? ~" I suddenly became Anna.

I explored every room in the building one by one until the last room I could find. Starting from the bottom to the very top floor until I got tired and went gasping very hard like a dog. I explored as well the canteen, restrooms and the basketball court. I'm seriously exhausted, and I feel like collapsing with all that work. I need some air!

"Oxygen!! Oxygen!!" I said while panting as if I had no air to breathe when suddenly a staircase shone in my eyes. Wow. Is that a ladder to heaven? It was mesmerizing me. My feet deliberately take me there. I feel like I was attracted to go there. I went up there, and I saw the..., rooftop. Yes, rooftop. I thought so. It's not something magical. I realized I needed to go here to get some fresh air.

I breathed the moment I felt the wind blowing on my skin. Now, I am drowning with air. I'm satisfied! Finally, I got to breathe some fresh air. Because all I can get to inhale inside that school is air conditioning. Here, there is fresh air. It's a good thing that there is a spot like this here.

I can't seem to compare this school to Riz High. The school is spacious because buildings had built separately. There are many plants and trees, and there is also a garden there that looks like a park. It is very spacious for the students to hang around.

"It's good to breathe well." I rolled my eyes around here on the rooftop. It's broad. Maybe this is where the events come about. I roamed my eyes a second time as if scouring every corner of the place. There is no one here either. "So, it's true. There's no one here at this school right now, and there's no school."

Okay! In that case, I am free to look dumb.

"5 ..."

"6 ..."

"5 ... 6 ... 7 ... 8!" I counted and shrieked. "Go!"

"PARTY PARTY !!! PARTY PARTY !!! PARTY PARTY !!!" I danced while shouting that. I was punching the air upwards and waving my waist side to side.

I'm dancing a side-to-side movement. I let the rhythm flow in my body. A second later, I found myself waving my head, too.

I danced all the hip hop steps I knew, but I have no idea if I was dancing hip hop correctly, but it was okay. I just danced all the moves that I know. I moved to the flow of the rhythm in my body. Whatever! I just let it all mixed. I wave, push and twist my waist like I have no bones in my body. I spent all my energy. Then I turned around and posed for the beautiful closing of my dance number. Of course, it needs to have a closing pose because I’m beautiful.

"Yeah!" I nodded while posing.

I walked to the portion of the rooftop where the people who have plans to jump and commit suicide go. I won't commit suicide. I just sat on the bench on the side and looked at the view below. "Wow. I guess this is the best place here."

I breathed deeply.

It's beautiful here, and it feels good to stay here. It made me smile. The blow of the wind on my skin feels good. Even the nice-looking view below adds to the appeal of this place, as well as the sky. I feel free. I also feel at peace now. Strange, but it feels good.

I suddenly feel sleepy because of the strong wind blowing my face. I want to sleep.

I have even stretched out of nowhere in time. I checked the length of the bench, and it was clean. It was spacious, cemented, and attached to the wall, so I will fit if I lie down to it.

Will my mom take long? Maybe I can take a nap? So that I can at least rest from what I did. It's all because of my crazy trippings. It is the result of everything that I did. I am tired big time, but it's okay. I'm still beautiful. That is what it takes when you're a goddess.

I laid down on the bench. I just curled my body sideways and laid my head on top of my hands clasped to each other. Then, I closed my eyes. I'm only going to take a nap and rest for a moment. I promise that this is going to be quick!

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