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The Bad Boy's Property (Chapter 2 PART 1: Going to Eco High)

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This story that I wrote is very close to my heart. You may find the parts that I am posting about this story on my profile.


Jelaine Shil Moara

Transferring To New School

I sighed when I heard knocks at the door of my room. I am definite that it's my mom. I'm not going to be hopeful for the chance that she's going to change her mind. I believe this is the right time that we are yet to go to that school where she's putting me into exactly like throwing some trash. But I think I'm courageous enough to go by the thought that it is weekdays and classes are definitely up at schools indeterminately mom's going to see how messed up that school is, then she will change her mind then I will not transfer to another school anymore. Woot woot! Hooray!

I could hear her voice from the other side of my door calling out my name. I walked fast towards the door and opened it, then immediately hit a pose between the space of the opened door and made a fierce look like the model in front of my mom's grinning face. Her grimaced face turned to wince.

"What the hell is that for?" She asked while her eyeballs stared up and down my face to foot, looking at me from head to toe.

"This is for you to see how Goddess I could be. Know that it's too early for me to disappear from this world. I understand, this world is too cruel for a perfect creature like me, but I still want to live. I want to live a long life. I'm just showing mercy to those people who are not yet having a glance at how beautiful I am. I want to give a chance to everyone to see how beautiful I am! Of course, some people are not quite fortunate enough to get to see me. In my view, there will always be. Don't you think so, 'ma?" I told her while I was changing poses like a camera was focused on me, flashing and shooting every pose I hit.

"I'm much prettier than you. If it's not because of me, you will not inherit any of the beauty you are showing off right now." She said, standing with arms akimbo and eyebrows raised.

"Oh, wow! Competing with your daughter? Really? You're the best mom ever. Swear! I'm so embarrassed with you. Here! It's all yours! There!" I pretended to take the beauty out on my face she referred about and threw it at her. "I think you're not cool with the idea that I inherited that from you."

"Okay. Enough with jokes. It's good that you're ready. Let's get moving." My mom was about to turn around after saying that, but I grabbed her arms by my right hand. I slumped on the floor while still holding her arms.

"Mamabels, please. Let's not leave at once and go there to fix my move. The bully students there will only make your kind and beautiful daughter suffer. Can you take of seeing me hurt me, 'ma?" I even jumped my body as I slumped and grumbled like a child. I made my most pitiful face as far as I could. I'm making her feel sorry for me and fingers crossed to be effective.

"I have my reasons, Jelaine. So, stop that act already. For now, I can't let you know. You have to trust me on this. Okay? How many times do I have to tell you this?"

Right! She told me about that for the second time around, but I don't understand why I have to do it for whatever reason she has. Why do I have to suffer for that reason? How important is that? Is that more important than my life?

I stood up in a swift movement and fixed myself. The acting that I am doing is not making any sense. It is not efficient. So, I'd better stop. I just made myself look dumb and wasted my strength.

"Let's go." She left, and I could do nothing but sigh.

I whispered, wondering. "Impossible! It did not become effective? Tsk. It did use to be? But no one has ever resisted my charm?" I groan in exasperation and tramp my feet heavily on the floor because of being stuck in a helpless situation. My head dropped as my shoulder also did.

I took my bag and then followed my mom. When I got down the last steps of the stairway, I was shocked when I heard nanny Reli shout.

"Waaahhh!!!" Nanny Reli's two palms covered her face as she shouted and seemed terrified. I pulled my hair aside that was blocking my face, then faced up my nanny in surprise. "Oh, god! Kid! It's just you! I thought it was Sadako or the grudge! Why are you scaring me? My goodness! I'm about to die." One of her hands was on her chest as she chased her breath.

"Nanny. I'm not scaring you! Don't you feel the aura of a goddess, nanny? You should be dazzled instead of frightened."

"Aren't you scaring me? Why are you bent over, and why is your hair in front of your face? In that case, how can I know it was you? I thought it was the real Sadako! Susmaryosep." She asked as she continued to calm herself down. And there she comes with that expression again. People like my nanny say that word every time they are frustrated, exasperated, or startled.

I just sighed at my nanny.

"That is what happens when you watch scary stuff too much, nanny. Where's mama, by the way?" I will ask.

"Oh yes, I guess so! I'm not going to watch horror anymore. Oh, your mom? She's now in the car. She's told me she will wait for you there." Aniya.

"All right, nanny. I'm going there, and we're leaving."

"Alright. Sure. Go ahead. Be careful. And I'll still cook!" She uttered.

I stopped when I got to the doorway and wondered again, whispering to myself. "Impossible! She didn't feel my divinity, and she has even mistaken me to be Sadako? Oh, my veggies. Is my charm diminishing? My gosh. There's no way!" I flipped my hair then continued walking. I can't imagine it. No, no, no! There is no freaking way!

When I got in the car where my mom was, the car started to work right away.

We got to our destination quickly. Where? Where else are we going?

"Let's go." Mama then opened the door on her side, then got out of the car, and closed the door immediately. Hah! Does she invite me to go inside that school? My goodness, seriously? Is she sure? I, going inside that school? No way!

I did not get off, and after five minutes, the car door opened again, the side where my mom got off.

"Jelaine? Come on! I've been waiting for you here outside for a while. What are you still waiting for?" She was disgusted by saying that.

I smiled forcedly at my mom.

"Okay," I replied to her. The door that mama opened closed again. After another five minutes, the car door slowly opened, and I saw mama's smoky nose. It's not just a joke. She looks angry, and her eyes are penetrating. It is her ready-to-kill look, so I got rattled.

"Jelaine, I thought you were coming down? Look what date is now? I don't want to make me wait. I've been out here waiting for a while. What else are you doing?!" She angrily said, and it was clear that she was bored for me to get off.

"All right, 'ma! Go ahead. I'll be here and wait, okay? Alright?" I said while still smiling like a fool even though I knew what I was doing was getting too much, and it would make my mom very mad.

"That can't be. You have to see your school inside. And then they will show you where your room will be, so let's go!"

"You can give me a sketch. I don't want to go in there. The school has classes today, aren't they? Therefore, naughty students are scattered everywhere in there. The students there may see me and make me a target right away. So, it would be best if you set off without me. Okay? I'll be right here until you finish. Until you realize that that school is awful, and you don't want to continue to transfer me there. Okay? " I'm so afraid of that school, but then she still insisting me to go inside there? Oh, pretty please! I still want to enjoy my last day on earth because tomorrow will be my end. Why? Because tomorrow is my first day of class there.

"Stupid! There's no school at them today, so there are no students inside. So let's go! Otherwise, I'll pull you out of there?"

I thought. No school? How come they don't have classes today? It's Wednesday today. It's not a holiday. Therefore, they should have. I can't be mistaken. Riz High does have. It's intriguing. However, why should I be surprised if this is a school for stubborn children?

When I got done having thoughts, I got out of the car without saying anything more. I don't think there is still something harmful to me inside there.

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