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The Bad Boy's Property (Chapter 2 PART 3: THE TEXT MESSAGE)

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Jelaine Shil Moara

"Let's go home, Jelaine. I've changed my mind. Also, I realize I feel sorry for you. You've efforted hard to convince and beg me with your drama acting, so I decided to stop your transfer to this school. Let's go home." My mom said.

Is what I heard correct? Is she now discontinuing my move here? Oh, my vegetables! Seriously? That is a piece of good news.

Happiness! I'm so happy.

I knew my mom could never stand my charm. Oh yeah !!!

"Really, 'ma? Thank you so much,' ma! Come on, let's go home and leave this ugly school!" Asking my mom to go.

"Wait a minute! That can't be! All the papers needed have been submitted and done processing. You can't take it back." Said an aged man who interrupted us. Who is this one? Why is he interfering?

"I can, and I'm revoking it, Mr. Principal. No one can stop me from getting us out of here."

I was happy with what I heard from my mother's mouth. She seems determined to reverse her decision. Yeah, that's right, mom. Take it back and don't continue my transfer here.

Yoohoo! Party, party! Party, party! Party, party! I'll make a popcorn party later to celebrate. Yey!!!

The principal couldn't do anything but frown as he looked at my mom dragging me away. The smile on my lips was so big that no one could measure it. It's unforgivable. I knew my mom was only playing around me. She's good at pranking, huh.

We got out of the school and got in the car, and our driver immediately started the car. "Mama, it's good that you thought of revoking your decision. Why did you even think of moving me?"

I got marveled when I heard no answer from my mom, so I turned to her next to me. When I turned my head to look at her, I saw Jeon's face. Jeon? Why is Jeon here? A second ago, I was sitting next to my mom. Yes. I know it was my mom who got in the car earlier. Why is Jeon suddenly appear in the place of my mom earlier? Why is his face appearing anywhere? And the way he still looked when he was a child is what he looks like right now. What? He did not get older?

My eyes widened because of it. Maybe I am visualizing an apparition. Probably it's just the effect of my bad mood earlier when I found out that my mom would transfer me to another school. I crumpled my eyes using my hands and looked again at the person next to me. Then suddenly, I saw the face of our driver. What the heck? Isn't he supposed to be in front, driving? How did he get here next to me so quickly? And how did the person earlier who looks like a young Jeon disappear so fast, too? I looked at the man in the driver's seat to check who was driving at the moment because the car was still moving. What's weirder that happened was when I looked in the front to check who was in the driver's seat, the man who ran the car turned around to show his face. Looking at me as if he knew I was going to look at him, then I saw my mother's face. OH MY GOSH!!! What's happening? Have I inhaled used socks earlier? No, not really? Not my thing.

I stared again at the person next to me, and I saw another person. It's not just one person but two. It was Zeki and Era. Oh, my vegetables! How did they get here? What's happening in the world?

Then, for a few more seconds, I saw them all. Our driver, my mom, Jeon, Ryry, and Era are in front of me now. They are all here in the car and calling my name at once.

"Jelaine ... Jelaine ... Jelaine ... Jelaine ..."

Then all of a sudden, I opened my eyes. I saw the visual of my mom's face.

"It's hard to wake you up. I've been looking for you for a while. Do you know how hard to find you? I'm clueless you're just here." She said to the newly awakened gorgeous human, none other than me.

Now, I realized it was just my mom who had been calling my name repeatedly earlier while I was asleep. Gosh, it was just a dream. It's good to know it was. That was so weird. I never asked to dream about Jeon. Can I call it a dream if Jeon was there? That was a nightmare, a nightmare!!!

But wait a minute. So it's just a dream that I won't go to this school anymore? It's just a dream that mama didn't continue my transfer?

"Waaaaahhhhh!!!!" I shouted out loud.

Freaking vegetables!!! That was a nightmare. Nightmare! Gosh! False hope. Because of that, my mood continues to deteriorate. URGG!!!

"Jelaine! Why are you screaming?" Mama asked with a frown.

"WAAAH!!! I've had a nightmare!!!"

"Do you dramas later. The assistant of the school principal will show you where your room will be every day."

I gazed at my mother, waiting for her to announce that my move was not happening anymore as she was quitting this decision she was making. Like the one, she did in my dream.

"What? Move fast. So we can go home in a bit, and you can sleep at home if you're sleepy. Why did you even think of sleeping there?"

I sighed, and my shoulders weighed down. I hope things are easy as I imagine them to happen.

"Can it be next time? Tomorrow? Or on Monday? No, I mean, by Monday of the next week? Or just no, let's not do it at all?" My question ended up to the question I liked the most of them all.

"Jelaine!" Mama widened her eyes to intimidate me. I can now see her stern face that once you disobey her, she will swiftly turn into a monster. How scary!

"All right. Sure," I said, scratching my head. I'm so beautiful, but I have no choice! Poor me.

"Make sure to come next to us, okay?" Mama got up as she sat on the bench and left.

I groaned in frustration and tramped my feet hard in the ground like a child who didn't get what it wanted. I hope that part of my dream that mama broke off my transfer to this school was true. That was the best part of that dream that turned into a nightmare because of that Jeon. Hopefully, that won't happen again, that me, seeing his face again.

I wonder, how does he look like now.

Oh, gosh! Here I am, thinking about him again. Curse that dream. It's pissing me off. Why did I suddenly dream of him? Maybe, it's because Zekeine has reminded me of his name earlier.

I rolled my eyes at the air. Sorry wind, I'm just annoyed right now. Just ignore me.

Nevermind that. Anyway, I'm not interested in that person anymore. Wherever he is, whatever he is doing with his life, along with how he is doing these days.

I suspired deep before I followed my mom to where they were going.

"This is your room. It does not matter wherever you sit. There is no sitting arrangement given by the advisers here." We are here in one of the rooms I explored earlier with the woman that my mom said to be the assistant principal.


After that, we went home. Thank goodness! How I wish this is not happening. I don't want to move away from my current school.

I want to cry!

Until the night falls, this thing was still on my mind.

I was already lying on my bed in my room and still wide awake. I can't sleep thinking so much about what could happen to me tomorrow. I don't want to get bullied. I think I am better with my friends. Someone will defend me. But in that place? No one is going to do that! And how will there be? I don't think I can get along with anyone there and no one will be interested in making friends with me, because the people there are just bullies and I'm not like them. I do not belong there. They will only make me a center of attraction to make me their toy for sure. How could I escape from the eyes and hands of the bullies at that school? Can I survive? Oh, my veggies.

I heard my phone beep. That sounds like when someone messages me. I picked it up and checked who texted me.

From: 09648653452

Dear ugly, I hope you are still ugly till now. Hahaha. However, when you are ugly, you are ugly. That's forever. Hahaha.

Ugly? Me, this human called ugly? Who is this slave of Lucifer? It's easy for this person to text me to name me ugly as if this one knows me. Hah! If you could only see me now, you wouldn't say that, and you wouldn't be able to say that word. If you're here seeing my face right now, you might not be able to speak by how beautiful I am.

Seriously? This sender is acting like Jeon. By how he called me ugly excessively. But this can't be Jeon. I'm sure he doesn't know my number unless he takes it from my mom. But if Jeon was the one who texted me, I don't care anyway. Text me as much as he wants, but don't expect me to reply anything to him. Screw him.

Maybe, I should better ignore this text. It is ruining my moment.

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