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The Bad Boy's Property (Chapter 1 PART 2: Farewell)

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This story that I wrote is very close to my heart. You may find the parts that I am posting about this story on my profile.


Jelaine Shil Moara

I went upstairs to the second floor of our house and went to my room, sad and broken. I let myself land on my oh-so-fluffy bed, and I stamped my feet like a child while laying on the bed. It's because of disgust about this thing that is happening to me.

How about I go, be just a celebrity? So I could fulfill my dreams this early? But I was thinking of going on that path while studying. I don't want to decide on that without having time to think about it. I want to take my time to think about whether I want to go or not. That place is also too messy and chaotic for me. Besides, I am still choosing which profession I will go in the future. Anyway, it's not going to be a solution to this problem. I couldn't consider doing that. But what am I going to do? I couldn't think of anything else to be somehow a solution to stop this crazy stuff going.

"Urgh! I don't understand you, 'ma!" I shouted out of disgust. "What am I supposed to do now? What's going to happen to me now? I can't imagine that I am going to study at a school like that. Will I still live long? Is this going to be the last time that I will see this world and experience living?" Yes. I am talking to myself. Yes. I am crazy. Maybe. I've gone crazy. Well, it started kind of a long time ago, but now, I am crazier. Very crazy. I don't understand my mom. Why is she doing this to me?! What is she thinking, putting me to a school of brats and morons? A school filled with stubborn students. A school where badasses are everywhere. Oh, my veggies! Someone tell me, this is not happening! If I'm going there, then will I be the only good girl to exist there? So, it means that I am going to be the only toy they will have? And they will stab me with a barbeque stick and eat me alive like a barbeque?

Oh, no, no! Please!!!

I don't want to go there! My friends are all at Riz High! It is where I belong. I'm just going to feel out of place if I go to a school where I know no one! Most of all, I am not a bad girl, brat, badass or stubborn, or whatever the students there are! I'm not for that school. I am not going to fit in. I know for sure, no one will want to be friends with me there or even get interested in me.

Oh, poor lonely beautiful me.

I wish that all the rumors I've heard about that school are not a fact. I hope that those are all just rumors or will remain that way.

I'm just 17 years old now, but it seems like this is the end of my life. It is the last year that I have to take to get into college, but it seems impossible to happen now.

It is all my mom's fault. Ever since kindergarten, I started in Riz High. Until now, I am still there. I never thought about this day to come that my mom would suddenly take me out there.

Riz High is like my second home. It's the place where I also grew up. The school is very sentimental to me.

I grab my phone from the desk on the side and sit on my bed. I dialed Hetera's number, one of my best friends. I put the phone in my ear to hear the call. I can't call her. It was out of coverage.

I put down the phone to look into the screen again. I clicked Zekeine's number to call. She's also one of my best friends. I wanted to tell them what was happened.

"Oh, hello, Elay? Why are you not here yet? Aren't you attending a class today? Aren't you feeling well?" Zekeine immediately said when answering my call.

"Zeki, I just wanted to thank you all for all the times we have shared. You guys are such a blessing to me, and it was a pleasure to have you in my life. I appreciate everything about all of you, everything you've done for me and.., just, everything. Please share this with all our friends. When you come for me here, remember that the flowers I prefer are roses and tulips. Okay? About the lipstick that you're supposed to give me today, just put it on my grave, okay?"

"What the hell? Is this a farewell? Are you severe? I think you are. You've gone very crazy. You don't know how to talk like you're normal now. Can you do me a favor? Because I am talking to you seriously here, right? Why don't you answer me appropriately in return?" She sounded a little pissed and sarcastic, which I know she was being. So, she thought I was fooling around?

"What makes you think I'm not serious! It's no joke. Mama is going to transfer me to a new school." I have already started the talk about the story which I was supposed to tell.

"What? Holy cow! That's crazy! So that is why you are not here to attend a class? Why is she going to do that? Seriously? It is the end of the world! You are getting separated from us." She squealed.

"Yeah. But there's this highlight. Do you know which school will I go to?" I asked with a serious tone.

"Yes? Which school?" She asked.

"To Eco High. She's seriously putting me there!"

"What?! Really? That's cool. But what is the reason auntie told you why she is deciding to transfer you there? It seems sudden."

"Are you kidding? What's cool about it?" I sighed out of irritation. "I am also wondering about the reason. It's not clear to me. She said she just wanted to, but I doubt it. It's sick! I don't want to transfer, but I have no choice to refuse. God knows how much I tried to stop her about this decision, but to no avail." I cried.

"I see. I think auntie has a reason. Maybe, she can't share with you for some reason. I think you should discover it yourself. Don't be so over-acting about it. There are a lot of good-looking guys there. Who knows, it will be there where you can find a replacement for Papa Jeon. By the way, is your fiance still planning to return to the country?"

"How many times do I have to tell you not to mention his name to me?! I didn't care about that moron a long time ago. I even have erased his face on my memory. And it's not because of him why I still don't have a boyfriend or looking for one. It's because I do not want a headache from being in a relationship for now. After all, I was traumatic about my experience with him. That's why stop thinking that I do not want to replace him. Aside from that, I do not want to be with a bad boy. I am not looking for one. So what will I look for in that school? I don't care about the thought that there are many good-looking guys there! Now, why are you changing the topic into talking about him? Huh?" My blood is heating up when someone is mentioning the name of that bastard. I'm being hysterical. I'm like a monster, ready to eat someone.

"You have just bitten it. You fell in the trap." She laughed. "Why are you so defensive about him? If I knew it, everything you say is opposite from the truth. I know for the fact that you are still waiting for 'J' to come back, and I know that your type is a bad boy. Fool anyone else, but I don't think that you can do that to me. You like him for that, don't you?"

I feel like I'm getting lost because of everything that she's saying. Deny everything. That's all in my head right now.


"You like him for being a bad boy."

"I liked him for that. Yes! I liked him for that." I corrected her.

"You like him for that." She repeated.

"Can you stop it! Don't keep reminding me everything about him." I yelled, desperately demanding it.

"You like to remember, don't fool me, girl."

"I said, stop! Yes, I admit. I liked him, but that was in the past, okay? It's already done and gone. I want to forget everything about him already. Okay? So, stop now! I don't want to talk about a person who's not important. I don't think that moron still remembers me either or even coming back." I sighed anxiously.

"But you're hoping, right?" She teased again.

"I'm not!"

"You know, girl, forgetting about him is impossible because the fact is you two are fiances and tied to each other a long time ago. You two are like both a reminder to each other because of that. You can't fool yourself. You will meet and going to be together whether you like it or not."

As long as he's not here, he is not yet my problem. Right! I do not have a problem yet.

Ever since he and his family left the country, I've been trying so hard to convince my parents to stop the arrangement with him, but my mom keeps telling me the same thing every time, that I couldn't turn back now.

"You know, girl, as much as you try to forget about him, you'll end up being stuck in a situation where you would realize you couldn't because the truth is, being engaged is like being married already. Girl, you are tied up like a married woman. Both of you are committed to marrying each other and being together."

"I don't want to think about it in a very complicated way. It would be a big help if you just shut your mouth and stop talking about it. For now, I don't have to think about it anything. I don't have a problem, as long as I don't see it coming yet. I'm good as long as the bad idea of coming back to the country is not yet brushing in his mind. I take advantage of the opportunity to brush his memories in my mind, so stop doing the shit of reminding me about him, okay? My day is getting more ruined than it already is. So, hey, what now? Will you help me convince my mom to change her decision?"

I heard her laugh before she spoke. "Give me a minute. I'll tell them your dilemma." For a spare of seconds, I heard that she was talking far from the phone. I could hear them talking. After a minute or two, she's back on the phone when they get done talking. "Hey. Here's the thing, we don't think we could help you with this, because they were also thinking the same thing about this matter. You know your mother well more than we do. Most of the time, she's letting you decide on your own and do what you want, but once she decides on something for you, you know you can't stop her until it happens. That's how I knew your mother."

Zekeine is right. They are right. They know my mother well as we have all been friends a long time now. Yes. I am used to being the one who decides for myself. I'm in control of everything. But once my mom wants something for me, I don't have an option to disagree. Maybe, that is the downside of it. I can't refuse because of it.

But honestly, this was the first time I did not like what she planned for me, so I used to follow her every time she intended to do something for me.

I do not like what she plans to do now because I don't think it is righteous. It's crazy.

Why am I even trying if I know well that I'm ending up having no chance to save myself on this? I know well that it's a no-win situation. Not negotiable. Not a discussion. And there's not an option, as it was because it's my mom who decided and I know her well.

I cried and sounded like a child, but no tears like earlier. But I want to tear down. Only, I don't know why these eyes are not likely to cry. Maybe, it's not well digested yet by my system. Like, it can't be processed. It could not accept and don't want to.

"I don't want to transfer." It is so not acceptable for me. I mean, it goes the same way for me. It is not negotiable and not a discussion. But yeah, I don't have a choice. I must respect my mom's decision because she rarely does this. Like, not once in a blue moon. It is much rare than that. She follows my decision for myself all the time.

All I know is she is my mom, and I should trust her. I know she has a reason for doing this. I hope so.

I heard Zekeine sigh. "Us, too. We don't like you leaving, but we all have no choice left to do. It's your parent's decision, and we can't go against that."

"Yeah. I know."

"We are going straight ahead to your house once classes get done. We'll be with you on this journey." She laughed because of the corny words she said. "But seriously, I like that school you're going to. It's not too bad. So, don't be sad. You're going to learn a lot of different and new things there. All exciting stuff! It would be a big adventure for you. Like shit. Doing shit, talking shit, and giving a shit." She laughed loudly.

I frowned. I feel like this talk is stressing me out more. I expected to have comforted, but I realized I should not expect much. I know my friends well, so I should know what to expect.

Maybe, I should talk to them when I get a bit fine so that my stress won't double, you know! I feel like this is already the day that I'm going to die. Not on the day that I step into Eco High.

"Just don't come, please. I know what's going to happen. I know what's running inside your minds. Don't stress me out more than you do now. We are not going to be here either. We are heading to Eco High to make it possible for me to attend class tomorrow. Meet my pretty face tomorrow in my wake when I'm dead." I cried.

I feel like my life will be ending soon. I'm going crazy. I can hardly think about something to do to escape from the call of death. If only I have superpowers. I can be invisible.

It is hopeless. I'm so pathetic.

I heard my best friend Zekeine laugh at what I said. "Don't be too exaggerated. There's nothing that will happen to you. Don't overthink about it. If someone touches you there, let me know, and you can count on me. I promise!"

If she's the one who's experiencing this kind of event now, it will be easy for her to handle it. For sure, she won't be reacting this way. It will not be a big deal for her. Why? Because she's strong. No one can tread on her. If someone tries, she will make them pay double. A guy or a girl, she does not choose adversity. That is her. But she made us an exception to that. She treats us well. I don't know why. Like, even the times that we treat her bad. She does not do her famous avenge to us. Maybe, that is the advantage of being best friends with her.

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