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The Al chemist by Paulo Coelho. Summary and a great message

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The Alchemist is a novel by Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian author who first published it in 1988. It was originally written in Portuguese and became an international bestseller after being widely translated.

The Alchemist's central concept is to chase your aspirations by following your heart's desires. Throughout the journey, Santiago learns to listen to his heart and to understand the language of portents.

There is a lesson to be learned from each barrier and challenge that he experiences.


Theme of the book : Novel
Author: Paulo Coelho
Publishing date: 1988 in Portuguese
pages :163 ( Portuguese) 208 English
Main character: Santiago , A shepherd., A fortune teller., Al chemist , Fatima (Santiago love interest) Melchizedek (Old man), Englishman
Place in the story : Spain

Three Messages from the Novel

1.Follow your heart while believing in yourself

  • This basic message is the basis for the narrative.
  • Seeing the courage and challenges of a man realizing his dreams and following his heart despite what others say is a terrific way to inspire and believe in oneself.
  • You are the only one who can make the best decision regarding yourself.

2.Happiness is where you are

  • We are frequently misled by others' status, wealth, and social media profiles into believing they are the happiest people on the planet. We work hard to get to where they are, neglecting the fact that pleasure is never found in a specific location or position, but rather within ourselves.
  • Start looking around you, counting your blessings, and appreciating what you have. You will discover an eternal satisfaction that you may never find anywhere.

3.In the End It is Love That we all chose

  • The narrative concludes with a powerful lesson about returning to love after all of your trials and efforts in the pursuit of your objective.
  • Despite making a larger effort to achieve his aim, Santiago chose to return to his love interest.
  • We all require permanent and everlasting bliss in the form of love and affection.



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