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An Accusation can be the Trailblazer to Self Consciousness/Awareness


Accusation - Who determines the verdict?

Only you can stop railing accusations from doing more harm.

Only you can stop railing accusations from doing more harm.

The accusation is a stern test:

Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before the Lord.

Accusations produced generational curses, unrepentant rantings, and ratings about anything and everything without solutions, just comments, and complaints when intercessions are needed to combat recessions. Railing accusation should be self-centered, If I accuse myself then I will not be accused by others and I will not accuse others of things I cannot prove. Because I am endeavoring to complete self-rebuke with the accusation and I will be enabled to determine whether it was true or false concerning myself, however, I need the power of integrity, to perceive and acknowledge the truth whether it is favorable or unfavorable concerning others.

Work only the Spirit of God has been successful in because there are two duelings, the Spirit of truth or error; error is the cause of the accusation, it wars against the truth, not in favor of it. Truth is the only real choice, but with error, in the picture, the truth has to be an absolute decision The duel makes the accusation a premise worth exploring and making notes of to focus my awareness on certain needs to understand that I am not exempt from any accusation. I can rebuke my mind with it whether I am guilty or whether I am not understanding that perfect love casts out fear because fear is a tormentor that transports guilt and drives blame from me to others. Keep the blame and bring it to repentance to correct it, in order not to transfer it to anyone else.

The allegation is the product of what the accused is based upon. Is there proof of the situation regarding the point or issue? Why the need for proof in every matter? Who really needs it? I do, I need it to prove myself to myself! If someone or something accuses me, what proof is there of the truth, and why should I trust anyone’s account but my own because of the template provided by God, the law, and the prophets?

Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates? 11 Corinthians 13:5out

Ensure that the accusation the law offers is first given to yourself before it is given to others or you can only wind up offending yourself by not adhering to the principles thereof. Self-offense is part of the identity crisis, the fall produced, when ignored self-defense emerges without righteousness. Defending yourself when it is only you who has offended yourself by not knowing the law or knowing less and less, it is not possible to know the law and not keep the law and not offend yourself. Self-offense requires an offering, not self-defense. The unexamined life is not worth living without repentance, restraint, and respect for self. The accumulation of information in the subconscious and unconscious mind needs attention or it will rest under slumber when it is time to be or stay awake.

The first estate has been compromised. Come promise the exclusivity of being ever hopes for, but coming to repentance is where the fulfillment of the promise is found. Is repentance the redeemer, or an important ingredient or aspect of redemption's promise? The hope for redemption is full of sorrow, the chords of its symphonies are paved in grief. The resilience of the human condition is noteworthy. All lamentations in one pot small and great.

The template is first the law and the word which follows when the law is adhered to or kept to keep the law safe on the inside and moving, like the mobile phone, don't you take it everywhere? Why not take repentance everywhere you go? It is also given to be used where the law is not kept to correct the way. The word repent is established in heaven and the angels rejoice every time a sinner repents. The will of heaven came to earth to get us all. Sanctification is a long journey for sinners, nevertheless, it is what one has to travel, it is a long journey, but destiny assures me it is what will help me to endure and to be of good cheer.

Duly noting that triumph is part of my benefits package as well as my job description and work detail. Self-employment is an exclusive idea that only the self can accomplish. Go to any job and do not prepare to employ yourself to complete your tasks and you will not do any work. With employment comes self-employment or you may be unemployed even at the worksite.

Repentance is the sum of faith

Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven. Psalm 119:89

Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth. Luke 15:10

Without accountability, are they responsible for what they utter? Accusations are serious matters. Or is it idle chatter or vain babbling? Why does getting to the truth always require proof? Humans need to understand, not necessarily know. Knowledge is impenetrable without judgment, justice, wisdom, and understanding pointing to truth.

The point of the matter will not change until the point is changed. The point of accusation is when determination is a needed factor. Allegations or something that allegedly happened is supposition. The supposition is an uncertain belief. An allegation is a claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof which brings the trailblazer called accusation. There is a caution in Scripture concerning the accuser of the brethren, or in other words those who accuse brothers without proof, the same is true concerning accusers of sisters. Stop the gossiping and talebearing, only you can if you are willing. Will is an aspect of the soul that depends on a decision I must make, in order to comply with the will of God. I must use my will to be willing to do what is needed.

Accusers do not care which family member they accuse, their mission is to accuse with or without proof. Who can prove an accusation about me? no one can do a better job than I can if integrity rules and reigns, except the inspiration of God. The accusation is not judgment, it only masquerades around as a form of critical theory. The discomfort and pain that accusation causes can be avoided when thought is the prerequisite to speaking it.

The accusation is an abuser, it has wounded societies, nations, and anyone in its path. The ears are too close to accusation and those who peddle and push it. What happens when you are accusing the abuser and the abuser is not a being but a quality called accusation? The accusation is an enemy. Make no mistake about it accusation is an abuser. The accusation is not really targeted at the individual but at the abuser. Who is the abuser in the accusation? It is the accusation itself. Stop chasing those who only accuse, catch that accusation to prove it.

Accusations have been the leading cause of murderous acts, the main suspect was the accuser it self accusation was believed and acted upon. Nothing more than hearsay led the way to the heresy that produced heretics and zealots full of accusations to spread like poison. Repentance is the trail to correction, how do you know if an accusation is true or false? I must repent for staying on the straight and narrow because I should desire correction for all accusations or I may be part of the problem, not the solution,

Change is easy as an idea, but changing isn't as easy as a reality. Change is a constant and progressive movement. Correction is easy as an instructive goal, the usage of correction is the challenge. it requires participation in real-time. Accusation requires correction more than anything else, to halt the abuse. Words are bitter and sweet, or sweet or bitter. Tone and intent carry accusation. What is its purpose? To judge one guilty or not guilty, or to prove one right or wrong, or is what the accusation is speaking true or false? Only the one it pertains to knows the answer concerning self-involvement and only the Most High knows whether we will respond to the accusation in all honesty or hold back or hide parts of the pieces, turning from the truth accusation indicts.

Keynotes that lead to trauma

Accusations, when they are not true, can damage others, they are the keynotes that lead to trauma, allegations that derive from murderous intent leading the way to criminal intent. It has been the cause of myriads of murders, yes, accusations! I find when it is aimed against the self, with the presence of repentance, the self copes with the accusation and resolves it justly without anger, bitterness, or grudges. determining it to be the opinion of the accuser who has the accusation. It is only when the accuser involves other people in the situation that things become chaotic.

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10 When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?

11 She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more. John 8:10-12

One-on-one with an accusation merely requires self awarenesses, adulthood, and integrity. Where are the accusers? The accusers reside in the accusation. It was this accusation that could have gotten the woman stoned to death, in other words, murdered. Their interpretation of the law enforced the stoning, the letter of the law that the apostle stated kills and that could get one murdered, always accusation based, the spirit of the law set her free. This accusation was staged for a murderous act to follow. Was this accusation true, or just impossible to believe by others because they were not eyewitnesses? This was a single accusation of adultery that involved two people, but only one had to answer the accusation involving themself.

Go and sin no more, go and repent and set the correction in motion so that you do not repeat this behavior going forward. They got caught in the act, in the very act, yet the man was never revealed or exposed. The act is not the focus, it is two consenting adults committing a private act and getting caught. This accusation referred to the woman taken in the act of adultery, it never dealt with who she was with regarding this endeavor. The accusation is always a single allegation that has to be taken personally or perdaughterly. It is the woman that was accused, the daughter was set free.

Woman stands accused

The office of "woman" has been under accusation since the Book of Genesis, accused by the man to God. "And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me," I repent to the Creator over all womankind whether guilty or not guilty to lift the accusation off of my own womanhood, however, I do not nor shall I ever repent for each woman, each one is responsible for their own repentance with the breath they have been given. Every woman has to carry her own weight and sins that so easily beset her to repent and to the cross. To pick up the positive sign.

Intercessions to be made over womankind to come to repentance and escape the dangers the soul is up against are crucial. It is an offering that cannot be done as a collective thrust but individually because each woman is exclusive. I receive no accusation but, from myself to and by myself concerning all sins, transgressions, iniquities, mistakes, and errors that I have made and have not made. I apologize to mankind for whatever has caused him to accuse me as a woman. Womanhood is an adult state where adulterous behavior lurks because of unrepentance where, even the sins of the mothers are carried down to daughters who will inevitably become women, wives, and mothers. Now is the most opportune time to woman up, to avoid adultery. Through one woman are all women being accused, how will the accusation be resolved collectively without repenting individually? Who is God to you, repent and leave a blanket apology for man, woman, son, and daughter.

“For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body.” James 3:2

If any woman offend not in word, the same is a perfect woman. Accusation begins in the mind like a disease but comes out of the mouth via words using the breath needed for the life of the soul. If I refuse to offend myself, I am sure I will not offend others intentionally because I am marked for perfection, not marked for the beast called unrepentance, bitterness, and hard heart maker. The bitter worm is in the water. Repentance and correction be upon all the fall in its entirety.

Validation of maturity and adulthood is calling the soul to repentance. Whose work is calling the soul to repentance? It is my work and responsibility as an individual to call my soul into repentance. Romans 2:4 – Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance? It is God who led the way, it has to be me who has to follow.

Children endure accusations that they can not prove to their parents when only they know the truth they can not explain and it is pent up inside, repentance frees expression to explain. I have a major regret that I was not aware of the power of repentance as a child to free my breath to enable it to tell my parents what was going on with me. Repentant intercessions over children and listening ears for parents. Unrepentance produced a mute in my breath that only repentance could set the free. "I repent" are the words of deliverance that sets the captive free.

How do you feel when someone besides you, accuses you? Typically I feel uncomfortable, that is the only definition of the feeling I can think of at this moment. The discomfort or uncomfortable feeling is robbing the comfort the self needs and desires, but what is the accusation doing? Stealing, killing, and destroying. Does it rob or will I allow it to rob me by not thinking the accusation through to head to repentance for further work? The law and the prophets are loaded with accusations that come from the law, and so are the Scriptures. How many accusations are there in the Bible? It is written for admonition to consider oneself lest you too be tempted, there won't be any sin that is not common to man or woman.

Both extremes are applicable whether ignored or adhered to. The Spirit or breath of law accuses to excuse or pardon and leads to repentance for correction and righteousness. Which assessment I will use is determined by my response to any accusation. My awareness will assist me in this process, I can excuse or accuse myself regarding an accusation or I can address it with honesty and integrity no matter how difficult it may be for both extremes. Accusation means judgment is calling for justice to be reality. Speculation is not the result needed, justice is needed in every issue or matter.

Justice shall prevail

Justification in excusing myself entails justice, have I justly weighed the accusation, and if I must blame anyone, blame only myself with repentance to correct myself going forward, or in excusing myself will I ignore the accusation until later, putting off for tomorrow what I can do today or right now? Tomorrow is not promised. Thinking is the mind's way of doing. Healing for the accusation manifests towards escaping any penalties resulting from the accusation being solved by me and not by others, This is not a selfless premise or endeavor. Justice will need the assistance of judgment to remit sin and give a just recompense.

Accusing myself requires blame I may not have in my account, but I need it so that the accusation can be lifted. Repentance corrects blame and puts it where it belongs, where does blame due to accusation comes from? The accuser is in the accusation. Who is the accuser of the brethren or sister but the accusation itself? An accuser accuses because of an accusation they do not want to deal with for themselves. The law accuses and excuses, most humans only know the accusation and not the pardon to correct oneself. Pardon is not ignoring or wanting to be given prior to an accusation.

Giving myself understanding is remedial so that I do not condemn myself before judging myself, so that accusation is addressed within me, and does not become someone’s criticism or judgment of me. The law is the only accuser requesting that I judge myself accordingly and allowance to do so. This is what law entails, it advises, suggests, and counsels humans to judge themselves so that no one else has to judge them and condemn themselves because the accusation is at large. No one wants it (accusation) but it cannot be ignored, or it is inevitable that it will reoccur and resurface again.

Human beings are not equipped to obtain accusations without understanding, they take them to heart, but the breath that guards the heart is where the law is written, so rebuke, admonishment, warnings, and exhortations should be handled from where the law abides. The mind is given the information needed to comply with the principles found in the law and Scriptures. Human beings are first a product of nature, in other words natural. Something that can be forgotten once the spiritual is impressed, but these must function in alignment. Natural deals more with how nature affects the senses, and spiritual deals with everything else, not the soul. Scripture tells us that whoever is spiritual judges all things. So accusation is understood to be a part of the experience, not something to hide away for a rainy day because you don't have an umbrella handy.

Learning the Scripture’s Breath and Voice reside in words denoting purpose and how I inform myself with what is breathed to tell me what to think, say, intend, do, and how to practice and rehearse the principles therein accordingly. The breath goes in and out of form, without it, form has no life. The breath of Scripture in reading is free from the human voice, not the human condition, yet it is the breath of God towards human breath for the good of the living soul in the quiet of silence.

There is a drastic difference between the human breath and the breath of God which one must distinguish for their own self. Distinction leads to discernment. The breath of man and woman in concert with the breath of God should be distinguishable, or confusion as to who is speaking gets lost in translation. I should be aware of the voice of men and women understanding that no voice is without distinction or significance. It is the breath of God that has to be distinguishable. The man repeats after woman, and woman after man, only the inspiration of God repeats after God for the causes pertaining to man and woman. It is spoken by and through men and meant for women as well. God does not share God's glory with anyone; God’s glory spares my own glory to understand that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that marvelous are the works and my soul should understand and know right well, as well as preserve my glory by me repenting and giving myself the correction imposed by the Spirit carrying the law.

To charge is to accuse (someone) of something, especially an offense under the law: Accusation and law appear to have a relationship in determining offense. It is a charge or claims that someone has done something illegal or wrong: The accusation is a claim yet it becomes a charge used to accuse an individual of wrong or something illegal. Qualify wrong, something not right, then qualify right something that is not wrong. The accusation falls upon both issues. Right is not the opposite of wrong, only right can defend not oppose right. It would take the oppositional use of wrong to render right useless. Who in their right mind opposes right? Accusation strongly opposes right, then again some accuse another of being or thinking they are right. As if being right is the problem, being wrong is the issue or matter.

Accusations are always questioning motives, intentions, desires, emotions, and imaginations, they have an overshadowing effect and devour toward importance, it depends on the attitude of maturity in adulthood one navigates.

Is there any health needed to balance accusation when rendered? What do you do when you are accused of something? Accusations are offensive but does the accuser intend offense or should the accusation just be ignored? What is the holistic value of accusation? Is it true or false? If true, how should one deal with it? Judging and examining oneself at this moment is the best method. Methodical reasoning is always a good decision. Accusation in the usage of Scripture provides a reasoning method, not a method for insult. It is where the health of self-consciousness arises. I am awakened to and through the spirit of the law of Scripture and accusation I must endure aligning with the purpose law is given, to make me a better version of me, and not break me, as not knowing or keeping the law has done. Sin is not the original purpose of the law, to be equipped to perform righteousness is the purpose of the law.

Accusations can never be proven by me concerning another individual. Only I can prove an accusation whether it is true or not, this process entails integrity and honesty on my part. No one else can prove it, besides the power of God. If I am accused by someone else the accusation belongs to them they should owe it. Have they judged themself with the same accusation or do they want to be right and not wrong? Who wants to be wrong but wrongdoers, because they believe wrong? Commitment to correction is the aspect of the mind I need to encounter accusations.

These charges are critical. Perhaps that is where the idea of charge cards comes from, the change in what they are called has been experiential. They are now referred to as credit or debit cards, but the transactions are charges to the account, whether credit or debit. The use of a charge card allows less time to pay the balance, than a credit card.

What is the Point? Repentance is the point

I repent if I am guilty and when I am not guilty, so that guilt does not get a free ride and infect anyone else. Being guilty or not guilty will not change the accusation to favorable, I need the issue corrected and I cannot do it myself only for myself by repenting whether the accusation is true or false. I cannot forgive guilt and correct it, I would be giving it more power to produce more guilt, if not in me elsewhere. The focus of forgiveness should exclusively be for righteousness' sake only. Guilt is something felt that I have the ability to change, not give it equal opportunities by affirmative actions that provide guilt transportation, it must be dealt with for better qualities to surface and manifest.

Repentance is an ointment and is the revolutionary transformer. It will transfer guilt to the proper space of understanding, why am I guilty? Reasoning lets me know the abuser is using guilt to discourage me by accusation. Only I know the truth about things concerning, me, myself, and I. I do not know anyone else’s truth nor do I have proof, so why would I accuse? It is not because I do not want to be accused, that I do not want to accuse another, it is because it is not correct or right to accuse others. It is the issue that is problematic, I may not have any dealings with the people, but what about the issues? Humans need help with resolving issues, not fixing people, that job belongs elsewhere.

Being guilty or not guilty will not change the accusation, I need the issue corrected and I cannot do it myself only for myself by repenting whether the accusation is true or false. I cannot forgive guilt and correct it, I am giving it more power to produce more guilt. The focus of forgiving should be for righteousness' sake only. Guilt is something felt that I have the ability to have changed not give it equal opportunities by affirmative actions that provide guilt transportation, it must be dealt with for better qualities to surface. Repentance as an ointment is the revolutionary transformer. It will transfer guilt to the proper space of understanding, why am I guilty?

Reasoning lets me know the abuser is using guilt to discourage me by accusation. Only I know the truth about things concerning, me, myself, and I. I do not know anyone else’s truth nor do I have proof, so why would I accuse? It is not because I do not want to be accused, that I do not want to accuse another, it is because it is not correct or right to accuse others. It is the issue that is problematic, I may not have any dealings with the people, but what about the issues? Humans need help with resolving issues, not fixing people, that job belongs elsewhere.

Repentance is the point the triangular edge is pointing up at for remission of sin, whether true or false only you can qualify the accusation the law is indicting, acquittal is the final product because you believe that repentance is right to do and not just for the wrong you've done, do or will do, moreover, for the sake of righteousness. Forgive only for righteousness' sake. Not forgiving wrong is alright, if you can trust that you will never pick up the weapons of war and revenge to use with a grudge, hard-heartedness, or bitterness in the arsenal against anyone. To your own self be true and tell the truth. Repentance is purposed to look beyond faults, blame, and accusation and always see the need to repent to correct the path you still must travel. Sin squealed and accusation came to accuse, but repentance tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and sets free. Grace and Peace

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