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That Mysterious World Is Lost

Fantasy that may never come true

How did happen, I don't know.

Go so far ahead that when you turn back, I wish I didn't leave from here.

Why time ran so fast and got left in the middle of this.

Nearby a stone was rubbed to make gold.

If this happens even for some time, then drag it and lie down in the present.

But allthese are empty and baseless hopes of this mind.

But it's good too, I hope you keep something in your mind.

Only the dream of this special person is eager to do something in life.

No, never that world, but the same memory awakens hope in the mind.

How were the days that flew like lovely birds.

The magical world of dreams where there is no name of sorrow or stopping.

The journey of our own colorful flights is also very pleasant.

Every aspect of that time seemed like it had happened.

Today it all seemed that maybe it was a supernatural world.

Where ever we lived that moment of our own laughing life.

Remembering when inscribed in a calm beautiful memory gives peace to the mind.

In the turbulence of life, the world slowly shrunk.

By shrinking its radius became smaller and one day it disappeared.

The long black tunnel of life slowly swallowed up that good day.

Now those moments have become such a mystery that every moment of that time is like a miracle.

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The wheel of time was moving so fast, now I know when looking at the present.

I wish the time would change then such a morning where everything is like a dream.

Why did time fly high like birds and hurried away.

Why the time had to go so fast did he have to rest somewhere.

Then why did you spend time and flew away from life?

Now only wish remains and glimpses of those days

Everything has become a mystery, now it seems that hide that secret somewhere.

Do you know when to take that secret with you to some secret place?

Then what will you do when the secret from which life is full of joy.

This purpose of living will also go somewhere else, then nothing is near.

So hide it somewhere where it becomes invisible.

Neither it has any existence nor can, it be visible to anyone.

Don't know let the wind of time carry this supernatural secret.

All this is the result of the unfathomable thinking of the mind which is baseless today.

Now he has no basis for a happy life.

The shadow of time took everything and made those days a mystery.

Such a deep mystery that even if you wanted to solve it Now, it would get entangled.

No, now there is nothing left,what was the matter of a tear.

Now it is not at the same time, life is so mysterious.

Now time is passing slowly and everything is disappearing somewhere.

It's good everyone goes to a deep place and then comes some mysterious world.

A world where everything is buzzing that never passes.

Never take time with him, he stops everything with him.

May the cycle of time stop the mysterious world can never be lost with time.

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