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Ten Great Topics To Write About


Are you struggling to come up with great content for your personal blog or website? If so you have found a sure solution to the problem. Today, we will examine ten proven great niche ideas to draw traffic to your online content. Here are the best topics to blog about.


There are billions of products on the worldwide web to write about. We all use products in our daily lives. It is why so many people search the internet each day for there favorite product.

Are there any products that you have knowledge or expertise about? If so, feel free to share it online.

Products are always trending because it is something highly useful to the buying public.

Millions of individuals around the world use the internet to search for or buy a specific product. Writing about products will surely gain you traffic and a steady following. You can use the Google search engine to research a specific product then write about it.

Fun Facts

Human being are always inclined to learn something new. There are billions of fun facts about the world. You can Google them yourself to see which ones interest you.

Writing about facts is another great niche idea. You can never run out of something to say because there millions of facts that people haven't heard of: just like there are numerous products to write about. People love fun facts and quirky ideas.

You can build a niche around this subject matter and see what happens. If your subject matter is interesting, people will surely follow you. It is a great way to find something fast to blog about.

Interesting Places

Are you a traveler? Have you visited a interesting place or country? If so this may be a great niche idea to blog about.

Millions of people love to travel and are constantly looking for great places to visit and see. There are thousands of destinations to choose from.

Traveling has never gone out of style. People love traveling. They will love your blog also, if you're a expert or writer that blogs about interesting places to visit.

Do you know somewhere that is beautiful and unique? Have you visited other countries around the world? Feel free to write about your experience. It may prove useful to a frequent traveler.

Diseases and Underline Health Conditions

There are a host of underlining health conditions that the public may be interested in reading. According to recent studies, one out of every hundred individuals suffer from a underline health condition. These conditions include asthma and arthritis just to name a few.

There are numerous health conditions people search the internet for each month. You will never run out of content.

Rare conditions are also popular. There is an audience for this subject matter as well. Rare conditions are becoming more common and various new conditions are popping up daily.

Health is a important subject matter to almost everyone. We all like to keep ourselves healthy. If you know alot about a specific condition, share your knowledge with others. They will appreciate your writing.

Arts and Crafts

Do you know how to make something? Are you a person that sew.? If so, try centering a niche around various arts and crafts.

Sewing is not the only craft someone can learn. There is pottery making and various other crafts one can do in his or her spare time.

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You're never to old to be taught a art or a trade. Many people search for various arts and crafts ideas. It is a great niche to blog about

Great Recipes

A great recipe is always searched for. Millions of individuals love finding a great recipe that they can make for their family or friends.

You can chose this highly searched for niche topic. People often search Google for pies, cakes, salads and seafood recipes to make in their homes.

There are millions of great recipes you can share with the global public. If your a cook, this maybe the perfect option to go with.

Even if you're not a cook you can search YouTube for some great recipes to share with the public. Make sure to reference the video or person you got the idea from.

How to do Something

Do you have experience in a particular field? If so lend your advice to others.

Everyday someone goes online to see how to do or fix something. We all have a hidden talent in us. The best way to serve the public is to teach them how to do something. For example, if you're bilingual and speak a foreign language, somebody may be searching how to learn the specific language you are fluent in speaking.

You can write a article about a foreign language if you know how to speak more than one language.

This is just the beginning. There are numerous things people want to learn how to do. It is a evergreen topic. The subject matter is practical and useful to the potential reader. You can never go wrong teaching someone how to do something.


Poetry may seem like a cliche subject but its not. There is an audience for poetry. Many individuals love to read literature including authors and poets. You can find a large amount of poetry here on Hubpages.

Poets may be starving artist but their work can be found in the search engines. It is best to write at least three hundred words for poetry, if you want it to register with Google.

The art form is coming back into the public consciousness. A great poem is always appreciated by those who love literature.

If you're a poet don't lose hope. You can always get your work viewed by others.


Education is an extremely important subject matter. Many individuals look for ways to further their education. Some individuals just love reading about the subject matter because they have children. Education is a great niche subject to write about.

Personal Finance

This subject matter needs no introduction. Money is a top priority for everyone. People are always looking for ways to save or make money. If you have some great ideas floating around in your head: feel free to share them with the public.

Job opportunities are great niche subjects as well as budgeting and saving money. People often look to become financially stable. They search for methods of saving money that are tried and proven to be successful. If you're good with saving money lend you advice to others.

This blog subject is extremely useful to the general public. Everyone loves advice on how to become more financially secure.


I hope these niche ideas have inspired you. The art of blogging doesn't have to be difficult. You can come up with practical topics to write about. It requires research and dedication to ones craft.

Please, feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

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