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Tell the Truth is a Lies


Did I say something not right?
I clearly process the words in my mind
I might think it once but twice is so tight
A mistake to hidden by another lie

It's the life that I clearly desire
My stories can't simply just appropriately define
Listen to the words that I sorely design
Just believe the statement I clearly can't decline

Just a pain that I added in my life
I know I'm not perfectly good at hiding my lies
But my words might soon be a reality of my life
You can just not believe for what I am

Why you still listen on the fantasy that just obviously made by my mind
When you know the truth behind the lies
Why you judge when you look at my mind
Have you been wandering inside my heart

I just can't step back to what I start
It's obvious that you know the part I just made up
But you choose to stay for the make up
The story keep melting that I can't stop show the real deal

I'm just numb, too unmatured to realize
Now I'm stuck in my own lies
Can't get out but they pulling me in this hell out
They know my made up truth is known to be a lie


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© 2020 Xalice

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