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Teddy Bear Stories for Grown Ups


Teddy Bear Stories for Grown Ups

This is an interesting book featuring stories about Teddy Bears. Normally Teddy Bear stories are written with children in mind and have childish plots and characters. This book is different because the Teddy Bears featured in this book of short stories all live in the adult world and they have adult adventures throughout the book.

Real people and real bears.

Some of the stories in this book are works of fiction, but several of the stories feature real people . These people are already famous in some way or another and they were also Teddy Bear collectors or owners. For example `Fit for a Princess ', written by Pat Rush, tells the true story of a famous bear who actually belonged to a real princess.

A Symbol of Unloneliness, also written by Pat Rush, tells the story of a 4 inch teddy named Theodore who became nearly as famous as his actor owner.

Stuff and Sawdust is a dramatized account of teddy bear history . This chapter tells the story of how a young woman, in poor health, became the founder of a very famous soft toy manufacturer

The book also tells stories of genuine Teddy Bear brands such as Steiff and Merrythought. Many of these companies feature in the fictional stories too.

There are over twenty short stories featured in the book , each story having it`s own chapter. The stories are written by twenty different authors including four stories written by Pat Rush.

The stories are

  • The Bear in the Window
  • Shooting Teddy Bears is no Picnic
  • Harold`s Bear
  • A Friend in need
  • Titanic Bear
  • The Battle of Jericho
  • Confessions of a bad bear
  • Look me in the eyes
  • Fit for a Princess
  • One bears War
  • Confessions of an adult bear collector
  • The Teddy Bears Picnic
  • Hight Speed Ted
  • Ted Perfect
  • The Servant Problem
  • Salute to a Military Bear
  • Worth a Bash
  • Cuddles
  • Of Monks and Teddy Bears
  • The Bard
  • A Symbol of unloneliness
  • Ted and Angeline
  • Stuff and Sawdust

My first impression

I brought this book at a local auction a few years ago. It was in a big box along with about sixty other books on the subject of Teddy Bears.

To begin with I wondered if it was a bit of a silly book because until then, I had always thought that stories about teddy bears were only written for children. So I put this book on my shelf and I did not bother reading it. In fact I was going to give it away until I ran out of reading material during lockdown when I could not go out to buy more books. So out of sheer boredom I decided to give it a go just to give myself something to read.

After reading a few chapters I got hooked on it and then I was glad that I made the effort to read it.

My favourite story

My favourite story out of the whole collection has to be the first one. `The bear in the Window' ,written by Anne Forsyth , is the story of a young female shop assistant who finds love while working in a toy shop. In this story we are taken back in time to the early years of the 20th Century. This was the time when toy teddy bears were still a new idea. In the story the young lady is left in charge of an old fashioned backstreet toyshop while the owner is away for a short time. During that time a young travelling salesman visits the shop on business.

This is a quaint story with a lovely ending

The most disturbing stories

These teddy bear stories are not always cute and cuddly , in fact, some of them are rather disturbing. The story that I found most disturbing was the one titled `Worth a Bash', written by Rebecca Fraser. This tells the story of a young child who is very jealous when a younger sister is born. The child feels ignored by other members of the family and takes comfort from a well loved teddy. As the new baby gets bigger and starts chewing things , teddy is one of the victims. The children`s mother wants a quiet life and does not take the teddy from the baby and this leads to the older child getting revenge on the baby.

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Other disturbing stories (in my opinion ) are;

The Teddy Bears Picnic - written by William Trevor. Tells the story of a tragedy that took place when a group of teddies and their owners met up for a picnic in the grounds of a country house.

The Servant Problem --- by David Roberts. This is the story of a rather pampered young gentleman who needs a new manservant . There is an applicant who is perfect for the job apart from one detail....he is not human.

Tedperfect --- written by Alan Hackney. This story was written in 1993 when computer usage was still very basic. The story is about a business man who is getting emails everyday from an unknown contact who is calling himself Ted. This Ted seems to know everything about the business man`s life, even his deepest secrets. This one was really creepy for me because it made me think of all the hackers and fraudsters that are rampant on the internet now.

My opinion of this book

Although I was not impressed with Teddy Bear Stories when I first got it, I soon changed my mind once I started to read it.

I am not really a serious teddy bear collector myself, apart from owning a few replica Steiff Bears, but I have always been interested in these lovely cuddly soft toys. In the past I have made teddy bears myself as a hobby. This is one reason why I brought a large box of teddy bear books because many of the books included patterns for making the bears along with more patterns for making clothing for them.

In the end I enjoyed reading Teddy Bear Stories for grown ups because I liked the mix of fact and fiction throughout the stories


Lady Dazy (author) from UK on May 23, 2021:

Stories about Teddies are always good to read. They are lovely characters.

Lady Dazy (author) from UK on May 23, 2021:

Thank you for reading my review.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on May 22, 2021:

This is an interesting review. I’ve never heard of teddy bear stories for adults. Thank you for introducing me to the idea and the stories.

Peace Tobe Dike from Delta State, Nigeria. on May 22, 2021:

As an adult I'm still intrigued by Teddy bed time's refreshing to read.

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