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Ted Dekker: A Summer Reading List

Cholee is an avid reader and loves everything Ted Dekker. She enjoys sharing her favorite recommendations so others can find new authors.

My extensive collection

My extensive collection

With summer only months away the luxury of reading a great book is just around the corner. Warm summer days in the sun with a good book is a dream come true after the harsh cold winter months. For those of us with summers off, it is often our only chance to squeeze in and enjoy a few good books.

Whether you are on vacation, a picnic in the park, on the water, or simply watching the kids in the yard it's nice to have that summer reading list to help you choose the perfect book. If you are in the need of a new author or simply a good book Ted Dekker may be for you. His adrenaline laced books are sure to please a variety of readers. He writes a little bit of everything, from sci-fy to fantasy thrillers that are laced with bits of truth and mystery.

Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker is a New York Times best selling author known for his adrenaline laced thrillers with major plot twists and unforgettable characters. His novels are best described as suspense thrillers although he has acquired a name for himself among fantasy fans as well.

Early in his career Ted Dekker wrote spiritual thrillers of good vs evil and his novels were categorized under Christian fiction which happens to be a surprisingly large category. Today he writes novels that are a mix of mainstream thrillers, mystery, with a hint of romance. However he also incorporates faith through metaphoric fantasy thrillers. He has also wandered down the path into historic fiction and his books have not ceased to capture and captivate his readers.

With books for adolescents and adults alike Ted Dekker has something for everyone. His books are often categorized into two primary genres, mainstream serial killer novels and fantasy. However, many bookstores and publishers are unsure of how to categorize Ted Dekker's novels as they are not completely thriller or fantasy. With so many different elements and twists in each of his novels Ted Dekker's books are truly like nothing you have ever read before.

To stay up to date on all things Ted Dekker you can visit his website here, where you can find his latest books at his library or learn more about the author by checking out his news feed. You can also follow him on Facebook to see where he is in the creation of his newest novels.

Summer Reading List

Whether you are just starting out with Ted Dekker or have read a few of his novels already, this list is a great place to start this summer.


  • The Priest's Graveyard and The Sanctuary share common characters
  • The Bride Collector
  • Boneman's Daughter
  • Adam
  • Skin ( Along with House these two books contain characters from previous stories)
  • House ( This book is filled with mental games and creepy undertones. With vivid imagery and spiritual dark points this book is best read during the day if you are easily scared.)
  • Blink of an Eye
  • Obsessed
  • Three
  • Outlaw (Part of a new series called Outlaw featuring fantasy books including Eyes Wide Open, Water Walker, and Hacker)


  • The Book of Mortals: Forbidden, Mortal, and Sovereign
  • Immanuel's Veins (One of my favorite individual books by Ted Dekker. I hate romance and I don't like history, however the way Ted Dekker writes this novel is superb. I finished this book in a matter of days. I could not put it down. Immanuel's Veins is a must read for anyone who loves a good clean seductive romance story.)
  • Burn & Kiss (Co-wrote with Erin Healy)
  • The Circle Trilogy: Black, Red, White, and Green
  • The Lost Books: Chosen, Infidel, Renegade, Chaos, Lunatic, and Elyon (These books are great for young adults and have been made into graphic novels as well. These books co-inside with the Circle Trilogy and can be read before or after).
  • Paradise Novels: Showdown, Saint, and Sinner
  • A.D. 30 & A.D. 33 are historical fantasy novels set back in time in Arabia during the year of our Lord
  • The 49th Mystic & Rise of the Mystics: Dekker's newest releases go beyond the circle trilogy once more. If you loved the circle triglogy these two books are a must read! Continuing Tom's story with new characters and following plots hinted at in Red, White, & Black; comes a whole new adventure you don't want to miss.

*Note: The History Chronicles contains The Circle Trilogy, The Lost Books, and The Paradise Novels. These books are circular and do not follow a linear layout. You can read these books in any order, however it may be best to read Black, Red, and White in that order as these books are more linear in style. Whether you read the circle trilogy (Red, Black, and White) before or after the Paradise novels doesn't matter. However, I would recommend reading each series in the order they were written as the series travel in a more linear fashion despite the History of Chronicles being circular.

Christian Novels:

  • Heaven's Wager
  • When Heaven Weeps
  • Thunder of Heaven
  • A Man Called Blessed
  • Blessed Child

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Journals & Meditations:

  • The Forgotten Way with study guide
  • The Way of Love Devotional with journal

These two books pack a mighty punch, but what else would we expect from an author like Dekker? If you are looking for a whole new way to look at life on this Earth, and finding new experiences to be like Jesus in this world; The Way of Love is your ticket to just that. Both books are a 21 day meditation meant to bring life changing perspective. These devotional study guides will bring you closer to yourself, peace, and the love that only God can provide.

Circle Trilogy Collection

Circle Trilogy Collection

Circle Trilogy: Book Review

Today, Ted Dekker's best selling novel is Black a book from his widely known Circle Trilogy. Black is his first installment of the Circle Trilogy and is a great book where dreams and reality collide.

The imagery in this book is like none you have ever read. Black is an incredible story of evil and rescue, betrayal and love, pursuit and death, and a terrorist's threat unlike anything the human race has ever known. Ted Dekker paints his stories in such a way that you feel like you are living the book as you read it.

Red is his second book and picks up right where Black left off. The fast paced, adrenaline, and mind-bending pace of Black accelerates and takes off in his book Red. With two worlds heading for destruction it's up to one man with an unthinkable solution to fix them both.

White is his third and final installment of the circle trilogy. If you haven't read Black and Red, White will make no sense, but if you have it's a great conclusion to the trilogy. White keeps you going until the very end, drawing you in closer and closer to the book and ultimately the characters.

Green is known as book zero; the beginning and the end. It tells the story after the Circle Trilogy. It is a book that can be read before of after the Trilogy, but I recommend if you decide to read it, choose to read it after you have read the other three. Green is a story with links to our own history, that at times makes you forget you are in another world.

Four novels, two worlds, one story. This is the Circle Trilogy.

Personally, I think Green does not need to be included in the trilogy, however it does create new ideas and thoughts to a great and powerful trilogy. I would recommend reading these books in the order listed and not starting until you know you can read all three (Black, Red, and White in this order one after the other).


Many of Ted Dekker's older novels tie into each other, yet they can be read as their own individual story. Novels such as House and Skin come from his paradise novels, Showdown. Without the Paradise novels, we would not have the works of House or Skin.

If you read Ted Dekker's paradise novels you will see how House and Skin tie into those novels, however you can read House alone and still enjoy the book. It does not rely on the previous stories, however it is incredible to see how Dekker makes his books come full circle. I am always amazed at how he can intertwine so many different books and characters while making all of his stories stand on their own. It takes a truly talented writer to do what he does. House happens to be my favorite book thus far by Ted Dekker and I read it every summer.

Ted Dekker has written books with other authors such as House, Kiss, Burn, and his newest release Forbidden. These books read just like his others and are a must read if you enjoy adrenaline laced thrillers.

From his older novels to his newest releases you are sure to enjoy a summer of fast paced, edge of your seat reading with Ted Dekker. This summer reading list is sure to keep you occupied all summer long, with great books that you will never want to put down. In the words of Ted Dekker "Dive Deep."

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© 2012 Cholee Clay


Cholee Clay (author) from Wisconsin on April 13, 2012:

Teresa Coppens--I hope you find some you enjoy. I love them all but if you like murder mysteries Boneman's Daughter, and The Priet's Graveyard are really good, or keep you awake terror I'd recommend House (my favorite, I read it once a year and it never gets old).

Teresa Coppens from Ontario, Canada on April 12, 2012:

Mr. Decker looks like an author I should definitely check out. Fantasy, terror and mystery. I will be looking these up in my local library!

Lizam1 on April 10, 2012:

Good hub the genre is too scary for me but i have a couple of reading buddies I will recommend this to. Thanks.

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