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Poem: The Tears of Fallen Angels


Tears of a fallen angel

At the foot of a gushing waterfall,

an angel stands beneath.

Water cascading down her luscious locks of hair,

she stares ahead blindly, indulged in despair.

For she had lost her worth,an angel fallen from grace.

Once pure as finest ivory, now she is blemished,

the immaculate creation of God has a flaw and it cannot be accepted.

She dreams of the days long gone, looks at her delicate hands that once served him

and grasp tightly, her robes that are now tainted with indelible sin.

Her legs gave way and she collapsed to the ground.

Hands flailing wildly in the air as her tears streamed down her face.

The emptiness of the present consumes her

and her future is fraught with uncertainties..

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What can she do?


Jessica on May 28, 2016:

Did you draw the picture for the poem?

Desmond Lee (author) from Singapore on April 22, 2015:

Thanks for the feedback man! Much appreciated, still struggling along haha:)

elijagod from Abuja - Nigeria on April 02, 2015:

nice and well written poem.

well done Sir! and thanks for sharing!

Desmond Lee (author) from Singapore on April 15, 2013:

Thanks for your comments Issac, popped by your page earlier and noticed that we have rather similar interests:) Will be following you as I work on my writing as well.

TDM from Welcome to my beautiful world, where magic is no longer a myth. on April 15, 2013:

very ad. but, beautiful. Desmondlee. I thought you did very well in describing the poem.

I voted up.

I. White

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