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Teaching Students Shape Poetry

' Femi is a writer and graphic designer. He obtained his B.Sc. (Ed) in Computer Science from Tai Solarin University of Education, Nigeria.

The advantage of Shape poems over conventional poems is that they are easy to write. It is also pleasant because the author is not limited to rhyming. That's okay! You can write poems of shape using ordinary words.

No matter how funny it can be to create shape or concrete poems, you still have to brainstorm because you have to select a topic for your poem. Your teachers will probably show you various tools to teach you and help you make a poem of shape.

Some teaching tools used for form poems include lesson plans, mini- conferences, key issues and interactive websites. These are the basic steps in teaching students how to write poems in shape and how to encourage them to write creatively.

Like any subject at school, you should create a lesson plan for formal poems. It would serve as a guide or plan for the teacher when discussing lessons. Lesson plans on other topics are also used. All the subjects that students should learn about poems in shape are outlined here. The teacher should be aware of the methodology or how to teach students about a formal poem. A lesson plan is like a roadmap on how to teach shape poems to your student.

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You can give students key questions so they can have an idea how to write poems in shape. You can ask them, for example, about their favourite form or what object inspires them. These types of questions can help in brainstorming not only for themes but also for the form, concept and verses to be included in the form poem. With key questions, the student will focus on what his formal poem should express or convey. It would be easy to get lost in the details of creating a form poem without key questions. Key questions can be a factor in deciding if metaphors or alliterations are to be found in your specific poem.

An interactive tool such as a Powerpoint presentation, a Flash presentation or an interactive website can also illustrate the concept of form poetry. These tools are friendly to the user and have nice graphics. You can show concrete examples of poems in shape from which your students can get inspiration. You can also include a step- by- step instruction on how to write poems. You can also choose from different themes. From these themes, there are different forms that you can use as a sketch for your poem. Always keep in mind that a form never goes without a outline, because it is not only about transmitting thoughts through text or words, it must also be visually stimulating.

There are more tools for teaching, but these are the four most common. You can say that the easiest to use is the interactive tool, as it is user- friendly and can guide any writer, novice or otherwise one step at a time in creating a poem of shape.

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Aminah Rhea from Atlanta, GA on January 21, 2019:

This was a great read. I am a mother of six AND I homeschool, so this is something I could definitely use to encourage them with their writing. Really artful and informative.

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