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The princess of Rajgad was Rupamati. He has fulfilled his name; She is very beautiful to look at. But she has been devastated since she was a child, the only girl she has ever loved. "It simply came to our notice then. Among the friends, Bimala was his favorite and closest. Without telling anyone, he suddenly walks into the forest with Bimala.

One day, in the forest, he saw a ruin in the distance. He told Bimala, "I will go to the fort once and see what is there. You go with me. ”

Hearing this strange yiddishness of hers, Bimala said, “Princess, if all this is nonsense, let go. There is no one left in the Bhangaruja fort except Tantric or demon. ”

On hearing this, Rupmati said, "There is no one else in this world who is afraid of you." "Even if you don't, I'll one day go in and see what's going on."

The queen thought, "The girl is ruined. "She's getting married, so if she gives him a wedding, she'll be fine." After searching for many states, they decided to propose to Rupamati's marriage to Yuvaraja Ratnasen of Ramgiri.

Rupamati was upset when she heard about the marriage and said, "You arranged the marriage without my permission. At least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. "

On hearing the girl's story, the king said, "The prince of the kingdom of Ramgiri, Ratnasena, is very learned, educated and educated in Gurukul. She is very nice to look at. He will be the king of the state in the near future. ”

In the words of the king, Rupamati said, “She is beautiful, educated and a prince so she will be king; All this is easy, it will be among the many princes. But what's so significant about a goat's head? " "I don't think there would be any drowning in the water or flying in the sky or something like that."

The king said, “Are you crazy or what? Or have you been possessed by a demon? You better hear that you will definitely get married to Ratnasen. ”

A few days later, Ratnasen came to the state with his friend, the pottery minister. Everyone stayed in the guest house. Suddenly the princess went to where she could not be found. The king tried hard to send troops. But nowhere did he find her. No one understood why he did that.

Only Bimala knows that the princess of Yiddhor must have fled to get married. Fleeing means he must have gone to that ruined fort; Because he had a lot of interest in that. Bimala silently approached the fort. She turned her head at what she saw in the doorway without trying to enter. He saw an ugly-looking, dwarf with a cuckoo on his back and laughing. She has a small stick in her hand. Rupmati is sitting in front of her. The dwarf goes on to say, "What good is a website if it simply" blends in "with everything else out there? What can I do on earth with the help of my mantra? Half of the fish in the pond is beautiful, and I've been fishing because they hated me. I'll keep you fishing, too. Giving time Think about it. "If I don't get out, I'll be a fish."

Then Rupmati wept and said, "Wicked Tantric, I will follow you when I am a fish, but I will never marry a wicked and evil man like you." I came here today because of my ignorance and curiosity. ”

"What is the danger?" If you marry me, we will be Rajarajeshwari and enjoy unbroken splendor. There is still time. "It's okay to marry me and see what happens."

She was not able to persuade Rupamati in any way by showing her various temptations, fears, and various means. Outside the Thai door, Bimala is amazed to see all this happening. Then Tantric said, "In any case, if you do not agree with me, know that your destiny is in jeopardy." Chandaluni, pride, you princess, I am leaving right now. What do you think of yourself? You will be in this castle for the rest of your life. ” With that, he held a small stick in his hand, touched the princess, and recited some mantras. The princess became a fish and sprawled on the ground. He picked her up from the ground and said with a tantric laugh, "Now enjoy the fruit of your pride." Now, this is your home. ”

Seeing Rupmati's condition, Bimala's blood seemed to be watered down. But when he found out, he mustered up the courage; He will rescue his friend Rupamati as soon as possible. After thinking for a while, he knocked on the door of the fort.

Before coming to open the door, Baman says to himself, "Who dares to come here, and even want to enter?" Bimala can hear her.

Opening the door, Bimala said, "Oh, my brother, I have come a long way and I am tired. I'll take a break here at night and get up in the morning. Won't you let me do that? ”

Hearing that, he said with a dwarf Tantric smile, “And this? It is very fortunate to have a beautiful woman like you as a guest. So aren't you scared at all here? Can you stay with me so long in a lonely place? What good is a web site if it simply "blends in" with everything else out there?

Aren't you afraid of anyone? ”

“Your ugly face again? Who said that? I don't think so. Seeing a funny matchmaker as you feel like your own. That's why I called you. How beautiful you were when you were young. ” With that, Bimala praised Tantric.

Fascinated by the praise, Baman said, "I am not married yet. I have a long dream in my mind that I am marrying a princess. I've had a princess for so long that she's reluctant to marry me. Can you do something about it? ”

Bimala said, “Hey, is this a thing? The ring you see in my hand is diamond but not ordinary, it has extraordinary power. It can change the mind of others. You bring the princess and I will heal her. ”

“Really? Do you have that power That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there? My dream is coming true. You sit here and I'm coming. ” With that, he went into the tantric. Meanwhile, Bimala said something to the fish-shaped Rupmati. Rupmati now understood everything.

The dwarf Tantric came. "You know, I've been fishing for a princess in this house," he said. I'll make her a human being. Can you change her mind? As if he would agree to marry me. Then I will be the son-in-law of that king. Then I will be the king of this kingdom myself. ”

Bimala asked, "Surely, of course, you will one day be king." But who is the princess? ”

Tantrik immediately touched his stick and pulled the princess out of the village. Bimala rolled her eyes and touched her diamond and said, "You know, will you marry her now?"

"I will definitely get married," she said. Will I marry anyone other than him? I still think of her as my husband. "

On hearing this, the dwarf was overjoyed and said, "But sister, she is agreeing to marry me under the influence of your diamond." But what if the effect of this coin is cut off later? ”

"I will give it to you as a gift at the wedding," Bimala said.

"It would be great if you could give it now," Tantric said this and proceeded to take the cap. Bimala grabbed the dwarf's hand, pulled it out, snatched the spell from his hand, and touched it on his head to make him fish. The fish squirmed and jumped into the pool.

So the two friends returned to the palace holding the mantra. The queen was overjoyed to see them. But Ratnassen said, "What is clear from the incident is that Bimal is brave and intelligent. It was only because of her that Rupmati was able to regain human life today. So why would I risk my life unnecessarily by marrying such an intoxicated girl? "She is OK.

The king said, "Rupmati and Vimala have been friends since childhood. After Rupmati's marriage, Bimala will also go to your house with her. We have arranged for her to dowry with Rupmati and many other friends. "Because of his intelligence, he will always protect Rupamati as well as serve you for the rest of his life."

Ratnasena was happy with the words of the king and queen. The princess's wedding was followed by a grand ceremony. The whole state spent time celebrating.

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