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Take the Sting Out


Words can be both harmful and they can be harmless and medicinal. They pierce the silence and magnify the loudness, they are lodged in the atmosphere, and breath carries them through the air, towards the hearing ear. Words speak for the cause of justice, and defy justice too. Words require care, and careless words require forethought.

“For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”Matthew 12:37 - KJV

In my Webster dictionary look-ups, I came across the term “niggardly” me being a person who likes to dig deep, I had to look at the root of the word. For those who love using the word so loosely, look it up for yourself, and determine who you are really talking to, but to yourself. One of the definitions of the word niggard is that of a miser. A miser transfers everything grudgingly and calls it giving. To give is pure, needless to say, motive and intent determines giving, how does one give with a grudge? Can you call that giving, or seeking to take or rob something of someone else, namely dignity and replace it with pride. if intents and motives are not ascertained to at least the good, when one does good, evil is present and evildoers attempt to emerge.

By my words I will either be justified, and by my words I will be condemned? If I judge myself I will not be judged, and condemnation is temporarily deferred. Who is it that should justify me, and who is it that should condemn me? Justice in the equation speaks that I must first contrast these two ideas, and that equity must be in both extremes.

No weapon or the properties resident in words assigned against me will prosper, nor will they succeed, every tongue that rises against me in judgment is condemned. Is that because they judged me? It is because they condemned themselves by judging me. Additionally, the instruction of Scripture is ignored that admonishes towards right thought and action.

For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. (1 Corinthians 11:31 - KJV

If I judge myself, I will not be judged. If I am not willing to judge myself and render a judgment against someone else, then I activate condemnation against myself, and the words that I meant to judge them with I have assigned to myself, This is a principle that is first spiritual, secondly soul, and third place is body. I can utter a judgment and I can get a judgment in return, but the spiritual law interrupts the judgment and inserts condemnation. I should feel bad about the time, energy and thought it robbed me of to judge someone and not something. Whomever is spiritual judges all things not people. We are at liberty to judge issues, but not to use liberty for an occasion to the flesh, of which we are not wrestling with (flesh and blood). Leave the people to their own judgment and the counsel of the word “repent” or rethink.

Read the story in the Book of Exodus for yourself. Moreover, Pharaoh had rendered judgment upon the first born of the Hebrews to die, but the first born of the Egyptians died instead. He could only declare that upon himself and his first born.This is a case of rendered judgment that condemns the person who speaks it. Only repentance will and can remove this curse, and stop you from venting what you have been penting, a renewed mind realizes it must refrain from diabolical speech patterns and the cycles they produce. All the treasures embodied in repentance assist the spirit and soul towards truth which lie in self.

The Apostle James put it this way, it is a question, an inquisition and it is interrogative; the question mark at the end of the phrase suggests this much. Who is he talking to is determined by the reader, but spiritual law says that he had this little talk with himself first, it is too powerful.

From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? James 4:4 - KJV

This term for discussion, “Niggard” alias niggar; is a word of judgment by whomever it is that calls it by which they will condemn their own self. Words are formed by a form (person) they can be loaded with venom or remedy. Words can be used as weapons or healing, and the speaker or writer of the words is the form in use. I consider myself merely a form in use, I don’t subscribe to titles, men and women give them but they can take them away also. If a person has a name, why call them by another name? Do you want to be called by a name that you were not given? When we were mischievous children, we thought as such, but when I reached and still continue to reach the bar of excellence, I put away the naughty child, she had better do her time in the department of repentant correction within this body., ole woman, old man is not applicable. I am a woman, not a man. I never will have an old man, who is he this old man, is that the father of this form I have been given? Of which the sins of the fathers are carried onto the children. Well repentance said, wait one minute. I repent to believe not the sin passed along, but the righteous that comes with the instructions that spiritual law inculcates.

The tongue guides words as a result of the force behind breath, voice grants utterance. This happens so fast that one may not think about what they say. Thought qualifies the words spoken, just because the speaker didn't think, does not excuse the hearer. Response is vital, anger is a pent up feeling, which does not always grant the ability to think, but rather to vent. Repent allows you to reach inside for the solution, not to add to the problem, but correct it, if for no one but for oneself. If venting works vent, if repenting works repent. If I do not take an active part in this process, then I have chosen to ignore the problem and forfeit the solution.

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The truth I have come to see is that, I can judge myself, and others may not know or understand that I have done so, and that I am diligently working towards this reality.The focus currently is a word that is neither justified, but it is condemned. There can never be justice in the names called, that are not the correct chosen name. How I hear a word is my responsibility, meaning my response to it may be a remedy and ointment for the putrid wound. The speaker or orator usually, and normally will have the floor, a response may be required, it is verbal, before you pause to think about what you've heard and how you listen, to respond correctly. When I defined the word (Niggard) for myself, and thought about its proposed meaning; I was comforted, because I took this word to repentance for correction, and had a change of mind concerning it, I can only hope whoever reads this essay will also. Free your mind, and the rest will follow, don’t be color blind and you won’t be shallow, emancipate yourself from mental and womental slavery, noneone but you can free your mind. Repent to let your soul be free and soul the high places.

Suddenly, the oppressive chains, link by link will be unraveled. Thinking can be chained to unrepentant errors and mistakes which will always require correction. if I am courageous enough to rebuke the coward (words) seeking to operate in or through my mind; and if I would be brave enough to desire to change an error rather than hide it under the ability to ignore it. It won't go without correction, it seeks refuge in the deep refinery of my thinking. It is exposed and handed over to the grand jury for a verdict. Words are both spoken and heard. If the speaker is wrong, I hear wrong until I present it to the reasoning for counsel for the answer and solution. I must pause to think about what I hear. Selah at the end of the Psalms is not to be spoken when the passage is read aloud, it suggests that I should pause to think about what I have just read, what is read makes a contribution to the vault of thinking, it is more meditative, inner than outer. Repentance is an inner quality, before it is an outer expression.

Racism advocates the miser in thinking, and speaking ill-will, and it by-passes the conscience that leads to cognizant thought. Our words should be the product of having thought carefully about what we should speak. Let’s look at this word……"niggar", Next time someone speaks the word, at least give it some definition by qualifying the worth as to who they are talking about, and if it even applies to you? You will find they are talking about themselves more than others, because if your conscience; if you haven't been conned out of the science of the form of who you really are allows you to be uncivil and receive the name called, and in return or response think or call names, you have a case of niggard, a miser in thought and word usage and choices. Walk lightly with words, think about being a public nonsense, before nonsense can wreak havoc.

NIGGARD, noun [straight, narrow; to haggle, to be sordidly parsimonious; (meaning unwilling to spend money or use resources; stingy or frugal): for this content matter, it's the unwillingness to spend thoughts and words kindly, positively and correctly. A miser; a person meaning a close and covetous individual who saves every cent, or spends grudgingly. Serves mammon or money as a grudging master, As a penurious niggard of his wealth. Be niggards or stingy in giving bad advice, words and suggestions.

How this term was shortened in spelling, if we rely on dictionaries for definition, it is a mystery, the (d) in the term niggard is dropped to produce the word niggar. Niggard means miserly; meanly covetous;.

“Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.” Romans 2:1 - KJV

Judicially, inner pro-science, not conscience will alert you that you can either excuse yourself or accuse yourself, but it is inexcusable for man and woman to judge others and then walk around in a hive of condemnation that repentance has not been applied to. It is the answer signified by the Dr, Martin Luther King, not to be judged by the color of skin, but the content of character, it is a part of the change promised to come, because we know in part, in stages on levels. The bar of excellence is set high for the excellent in spirit. Repentance precedes the Spirit of excellence, it is a forerunner, not a forgiver of unregistered wrong, but rather righteousness. Give to righteousness, be stingy in giving to wrong.

It is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Moral of the story, the pot (figuratively, a person) already knows what the pot, or he or she is, or isn't, but does the kettle (the caller of the name) realize what (he or she is), by changing their name by calling you the name and wanting the power of your agreement? If a name is called, it is an accusation, is it true or false would be the determination. Sort of like the phrase "it takes one to know one". If I do not know one, how can I be one? It was an unfair thing for a generation not to know what something means, and be given someone else's definition for it ,and never even consult a dictionary to find out, this is grievous and very sorrowful! How long has this word been haunting, both the called and caller. The generational curse of this word must come to an end, Take the sting out, Easier said than done right, moreover, when it is done things are easier. “Repent if you are called it and repent if you call it” Let the land heal so that people can be healed. Would it hurt to watch words, words walk, Adam heard God walking in the cool if the day, did he hear actual footsteps or words. Spiritual and soul law suggest words to me, not footsteps.

Name calling hurts the caller just as much, or even more than who they unleash the anger they feel towards. It is not one sided really. The name calling as an experience, is done under the law of exchange or reciprocity, it requires both a giver and taker. The taker's intent is to steal and not give.The thing to be mindful of is not to receive or give to this bad energy (sin energy) without repentance, correct the way you think because you can’t change the way others think, they can act, and/or even pretend to change. You can see corrections but you cannot qualify it for anyone but for yourself as an individual experience.

This nation in particular needs healing from the use of this word. If it hurts the mind and feelings of others why use it without having clarity of how you are using it. Forgiveness of the word is giving it the power to offend. Make certain that you do not forgive the word itself. The person speaking it is in need of the negative attention that sparks wars and riots and all types of discord, because of their own fights within and against themselves. It is your choice to give them negative attention, or give yourself the positive power to exit the scene, and from such a thing turn away and repent. It has plagued this society enough, cast it into flames of repentance.

This one word, along with its articulation is an English one that has hurt too many people. However, these same types have names for most people in different nations. I will not go into that at this moment, but it has been an experience that has its reality. This sore spot seems to stem as a result of diversity, just not being the same. Can it be ascertained that in addition that it isn't just male and female woes spilling over into other areas, those little foxes that spoil the vine. Set up a grave site in thinking and bury the word on its tombstone, write your own thoughts concerning it not the thoughts of others as those may have more hurt and grief than you can know. I don't think I can even attempt to qualify the pain of the past, just for this word choice alone. It is a trouble-maker.

I only know it as it has resonated in my lifespan, and how it affected me, and the corrections I have made and am willing to make concerning its usage. It is like an antonym that I don't wish to use in a sentence or paragraph I'm writing, what do I do? I choose another word that is synonymous with my premise. Put dead words where they belong, to death, and make a grave for them, take the sting out of death and the grave has no victory. It is really the responsibility of the hearer, to take heed how you hear. You can not stop people from speaking, but you can stop death and the grave from passing through your ears. It is time to heal yourself by receiving the remedy, not what makes or has made you ill.

.O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? 1 Corinthians 15:55 - KJV

Grace and peace

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