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Take Out The Fear From The Heart, Play Bets on The Faith'

Jim Carrey, 'one of his inspirational speeches'


Actor Jim Carrey,

Take out the fear from the heart, play bets on the faith'

  • Now you have completed your studies and fear is going to be the player of your life. How much will this game be? It will depend on you. You can spend your whole life in the imagination of ghosts and spend worrying about the path of the future, but the future will be made only by those decisions that you keep on taking, be it decisions made out of fear or with love.

  • There are times when you want it to look out of reach or even to expect it to feel crazy. My father was a great comedian, but he never believed that it could actually be true. He adopted Rudy's approach and secured the job of an accountant. It is a different matter when I was 12 years old, this 'protection' of his was also taken away and our family had to do everything we could to survive. Like many of you, I too was afraid to face the world and was afraid to do something bigger than myself, this fear lasted until someone smarter than me, made me realize that there is nothing greater than me. Like my soul, the limits of my body are infinite. When this change happens, the world stops feeling you. After this the world feels you, accepts you.

  • How can we ever reach such heights? How can I fly so high without anyone's help? Such voices are important, there is always someone who is doing better than you. Whatever you achieve, ego will not let you bet on the chain. It will not let you rest until you leave an indelible mark on the earth until you achieve immortality. The ego also plays tricks and lures us into what we already have. So I would tell you to calm down. Calm down and dream of a good life.

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  • When I was in the second class, a teacher told our class that when they want something, she prays and also promises to return something in return. My son in the back of class was thinking that I wish my family had a bike. I went home in Ga ya and I prayed the same thing, also promised that I will start chanting the name of God every night. It was never able to fulfill the promise. When I returned home two weeks later, a new Mustang bike had arrived.

  • The family told me that I had won this bike in the lottery. Some of my friends told me that without informing me, my name was included in that lottery. Many such things have happened to me in my life. All I can say is, tell the world whatever you want and keep doing your best for it. Your job is not to know how it will happen, but it is to keep the doors of the mind open, cross those doors, if you miss a chance, don't worry because another will come. When I wish 'Life is not given to you, it is woven for you', I don't even know how true it is. I am just warning you to face the challenges ahead. After all, why not bet on trust? Play bets on faith, not on religion. Don't bet on hope, bet on trust. I don't believe in hope. Those who ask keep hope. Hope passes through fire, faith passes it by leaps and bounds. If you open the doors of your mind, then only two options will be in front of you, love and fear. Choose love, don't let fear get close to you.'

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