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Tv Video Gaming Inventor Biography in Picture Book and Story for Young Readers

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Fun Biography of Inventor of the Video Game for Tv

Fans of gaming will enjoy this biography of the inventor

Fans of gaming will enjoy this biography of the inventor

Biography of Inventor of Tv Video Games

Young readers who are gamers will enjoy this biography of Ralph Baer, the inventor of tv video games. Kate Hannigan's Blips On a Screen is a fun read recommended for ages 8-12 that introduces them to the inventor of the tv video games. Biographies for young readers about subjects that they are interested in are a great tool to use when introducing them to the genre of biographies of famous people.

Ralph Baer was the inventor of tv video gaming. He found that watching tv was a boring activity as a young boy and decided that playing games on tv would be more fun. He set out to make this idea a reality. Baer was a young boy during the Great Depression. He was always looking for ideas to make life more fun. Hitler changed his life when the Nazis blamed the Jewish people for all of the problems in Germany, and Ralph was no longer allowed to go to school. His family fled Germany and moved to New York City. Ralph had turned 16 and now had to get a job. He took a job in a factory and began to use his talents as an inventor to make the leather machines work better. He saw an ad once day about working with radios. He learned to repair radios and learned that radios were useful in entertainment for people, and radios also kept people in touch with wartime news. Ralph joined the Army during WW2. Television had been invented by the time he returned from the war and everyone was purchasing tvs. Ralph took a job designing televisions, but he still found that it was boring just to passively watch a program. His project of designing a small game box to play games came to fruition with his first application for a patent in 1968. There were continued problems in selling this idea of video gaming on tv, but the year 1972 became his year for receiving a user's feedback that his first game was the best game of the century.

Zachariah Ohora contributed his talents as an illustrator with his colorful and engaging illustrations for Blips On a Screen. The illustrations are large and very detailed to tell Baer's story as an inventor.

Hannigan includes a section of Q&A with fun facts about Ralph Baer and his career as an inventor. H e also includes a comprehensive timeline of Baer's career and the development of video games from Atari and Nintendo.

Blips On a Screen was published by Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Penguin/Random House and is recommended for ages 8-12. It has an ISBN of 978-0-593-30671-0.

Engaging and Detailed Illustrations Tell Baer's Story

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Bring Blips On a Screen Into the Classroom for Engaging Reading and Creative Learning Activities

Kate Hannigan's Blips On a Screen, the biography of Ralph Baer, inventor of tv video gaming, is a fun choice to introduce your students to the genre of biographies of famous people. Students have played video games for decades, and reading about the inventor of their favorite pasttime will engage them in learning about the invention with the story and inclusion of fun facts in the Q&A section and the comprehensive timeline.

*Read Blips On a Screen in a story time session. Introduce students to the inventor of video games.

*Take time to engage students in learning a bit of history about the years when Baer was a young boy in Germany as a young Jewish boy and why his family had to flee Germany because of Hitler. Engage students in age-appropriate information about this time in history.

*What gave Baer the first idea about developing a video game after televisions were invente?

*Introduce the vocabulary word "prototype" as it referred to Baer's invention.

*How does the term "blip" from the title of the book fit into Baer's development of his inventions of the games?

*Introduce the vocabulary word "patent" in reference to Baer's invention.

*Prepare a game for students to play using the fun facts from the Q&A section at the end of the book.

*Introduce the timeline that is included in the book for students to understand the dates for the invention of their favorite Atari and Nintendo games.

*Designate a Game Day for your students to bring in their favorite game to play with friends in your classroom.

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