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100 Great Epics of the World

Kumar Paral is a writer, a culture enthusiast, and a bibliophile.

Top 100 Famous Epics of the World

This article ranks the greatest epics of the world based on their literary value, subject matter, importance, popularity and universal appeal. The list was prepared after a long research and cross-referencing with similar evaluations and earlier authentic studies. Please feel free to share your criticism and opinion by commenting below.



1. The Iliad

Iliad is one of the most celebrated epics of the world. It is believed to be written by Homer in 9th century BC. Iliad means the tale of Ilios or the tale of troy. It is based on the legend of Trojan war and narrates the story of the Greek struggle to rescue Helen from Trojans, and subsequent destruction of Troy.

2.The Mahabharata

Mahabharata is one of the greatest Indian epics with more than100,000 Shloka or over 200,000 verse lines in Sanskrit. This longest epic poem of the world, compiled around 8th century BC, is ascribed Ved Vyasa. This epic poem shares a great message that seeds of wars and conflicts grow up in the mind of an individual due to envy, greed, passion, and intense desire, ends in great tragedies.

The Mahabharata

The Mahabharata

3. The Aeneid

Aeneid is a great epic which is based on the legend of Aeneas. It is Roman nationalistic and patriotic epic poem which narrates evolution of great Roman Empire. This poem shows great dramatic skill of high order and power of description.

4. The Ramayana

Ramayana, is the oldest Indian epic, written in Sanskrit in 5th century BC, is ascribed to Valmiki. It has 2400 couplets in seven sections. Various versions of Ramayana exist in different parts of Southeast Asia. 'Ramayana' means journey of Rama, the God incarnated, through various trials and tribulations.


5. The Odyssey

Odyssey is believed to be written in 9th century B.C by Homer, the great Greek poet. It describes the exploits of Odysseus during his homecoming after the fall of Troy. The poem describes the obstacles faced by Odysseus, various divine trails he had undergone, his affair with nymph Calypso and his return to his kingdom.

6. The Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is one of the greatest English literary epic based on the theme of fall of man given in the Old Testament and it was written in 17th century by John Milton. The great poet wrote it “to justify the ways of God to man”.

7. The Shah Name

Shah Name is a great Persian epic based on the historical and mythical accounts of Persian kings. Shah Name means “book of kings”. The epic begins with the mythical creation of Persia and ends in the narration of the stories of kings. The most famous story of Shah Name is about the legendary king of Rostam and Sohrab, his son.

7. The Buddhacharita

Buddhacharita is considered as an authoritative work on Buddha's life. It describes the birth, early life, renunciation, and teaching of Buddha. It is written in Sanskrit and has originally 28 cantos in which only 13 have been properly preserved.

8. The Divine Comedy

Divine Comedy is a celebrated epic poem written by Dante in 14th century. The narrator is lost in a forest, and he meets Virgil who guides him through Hell. Then Beatrice guides him to the ultimate Heaven. The poem ends with his moments of illumination and vision of trinity.

9.The Orlando Furioso

Orlando Furioso is a renowned epic with full of supernatural, allegorical and romantic adventures. The main theme of the epic is war between Christians and pagans. It is a great epic poem due to his fine-textured versification, technical adroitness, vigorous and brilliant narration.

10. The Raghuvamsa

Raghuvamsa describes the lives of kings of solar dynasty. It consists of 19 cantos. The epic chronicles life of Rama and his ancestors. Sanskrit epics have attained perfection in Raghuvamsa.

11. The Tale of Heiku

This is one of the most renowned Japanese epic poem based on the Buddhist law of impermanence. It recounts the feud between two Japanese clans in traditional folk narrative structure.

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12. The Theogony

Theogony is a Greek epic poem which describes mythical cosmogony. It tells about the origin of cosmos and its evolution It can also be used as a source book of Greek mythology.

13. The Jewang Ungi

The Jewang Ungi, which means "Rhymed Chronicles of Sovereigns", is a historical epic poem composed by Yi Seung-hyu in 1287, in the late Goryeo period. It depicts the history of Korea from Dangun to King Chungnyeol.

14. The Faust

The Faust, written by Goethe, narrates a man's desire to transcend his physical limitations and his search for answers to eternal questions about mankind.

15.The Beowulf

Beowulf, one of the earliest epics of the world, is based on a Scandinavian legend. It was written around 750 AD by an anonymous writer and it has about 3000 lines.

16. The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the earliest epic poems of the world. It tells the story of Gilgamesh, the ruler of Uruk and his companion Enkidu whose exploits are the described. The epic is equally fascinating for the window it opened to the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian cultures.

17. The Fairie Queene

The Fairie Queene is considered as the first epic poem in modern English literature. This allegoric poem is arranged as a story for a twelve-day feast, held by the queen of the fairyland. It is a national epic of England aimed at glorifying Queen Elizabeth.

18. The Don Juan

Don Juan is a most effective and vigorous satire in the English literature. This poem reviews the social, political and economic condition of the Europe. It is a kind of picturesque novel written in verse. The hero, don Juan ,wanders from one place to another and records his six adventures.

19. The Pharsila

The pharsila is a celebrated Roman epic poem based on the Battle of Pharsalus which was occurred in 48 B.C. It depicts the civil war between forces led by Julius Caesar and the forces of Pompey, the Great. This historical poem is considered as one of the greatest epic poem in the Latin literature.

20. The Silapadikaram

Silapadikaram is a famous Tamil epic poem, which is ascribed to Prince Ilango Adigal. It narrates mythical story of Kannagi, an ordinary housewife who became a Goddess. The epic mentions three ancient Tamil kingdoms of South India vividly.

Goddess Kannaki. Silapathikaram

Goddess Kannaki. Silapathikaram

21. The Paradise Regained

22. Hermann and Dorothea

23. Vladimir

24. Manimekalai

25. Taghribat Bani Hilal

26. Kundalakesi

27. Punica

28. Thebaid and Achilleid

29. Saundaranandakavya

30. Posthomerica

31. Evangeliorum libri

32. The Bridge

33. Raghuvamsa

34. De Raptu Proserpinae

35. Dionysiaca

36. The Tale of Kieu

37. Kiratarjuniya

38. Shishupala Vadha

39. David of Sasun

40. Ruodlieb

41.Digenis Akritas

42. Epic of King Gesar

43. Civaka Cintamani

44. Basavapurana

45. Alexandreis

46. Ramacharitamanasa

47. Mahavamsa

48. Ādi purana

49. Philippide

50. Parzival

51. Sirat al-Zahir Baibars

52. Vikramarjuna Vijaya

53. Gesta Regum Britanniae

54. Jewang ungi

55. Cursor Mundi

56. The Tale of the Heike


58. Allit erative Morte Arthure

59. Orlando innamorato

60. Shmuel-Bukh

61. Savitri

62. Mlokhim-Bukh

63. Book of Dede Korkut

64. La Gerusalemme liberata

65. Lepanto

66. Matilda

67. The Barons' Wars

68. The Purple Island

69. Davideis

70. Omeros

71. Promessi Sposi

72. Pan Tadeusz

73. Prince Arthur

74. Kurukshetra

75. Eliza

76. Columbus

77. Henriade

78. Alfred

79. Leonidas

80.Prometheus Bound

81. Epigoniad

82. The Highlander

83. Ramavataram

84. O Uraguai

85. The Odyssey

86. Lalita Ke Aansoo

87. Der Messias

88. Rossiada

89. Athenaid

90. Joan of Arc

91. Thalaba the Destroyer

92. Madoc

93. Chanson de Roland

94. Columbiad

95. Phra Aphai Mani

96. Evangeline

97. Bhattikavya

98. Canigó

99. Lacplesis

100. Lahuta Malcís

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