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Preventing Depression

I may be alone in this cruel world, but I know there is someone out there watching me what I am going through.


Why people commit suicide?

Suicide is not something you should not overlook. Suicide can happen to all of us. Even the strongest one commits suicide. Over the year, suicide cases have grown faster. A long year ago, Mayan predicted in the year 2020, the cause of human death is depression and suicide.

Why people commit suicide? There are many reasons why they do it so. Some think it is the best option to end their pain. Some are suffering from depression for a long time, but everyone neglects it. Some people commit suicide because they are weak in spiritual life. They focus on material things, which is just temporary.

How to prevent suicide?

Depression is a mental illness that negatively affects how you feel, how you think, and how you act. It changes your personality, attitude, and well-being. It is one of the reasons why people commit suicide. Fighting your depression may not be easy, but it is not impossible either. If you feel you are experiencing the symptoms of depression, don't be ashamed to call for help. Like the saying, it's okay if you are not okay.

How to fight your depression?

Don't be afraid to tell you are not okay. Don't be shy either. Some people are always willing to listen. Always pray without doubts. Doubting can mislead your life. It may be hard for someone who is atheism, but try to reflect yourself how you are born. You are born not just because of your parents, but because of love's God towards you. You may be one of those an unwanted child, but it doesn't mean you are a cursed child. God will not let you born in this cruel world if God has no purpose in your life. Always remember this, no matter what life throws at you, don't be afraid to face it all through. Because in this life, as long as you are breathing, there is light in the darkness. Keep fighting because you are not alone. I may not know what you are going through, but remember, as long as you are living, problems are always there. And taking your own life is a mortal sin. It is not either the best option to solve your problem. So, never think suicide is the best option to do if you are depressed and feeling alone.

Poem (Suicide)

She's smiling so no one can see it through
The darkness she had been trying to move out though
All the hopes in her heart were gone
Thinking of taking her life alone

Her mind tells it so
But inside of her heart says no
What can she do?
No one hears when she cries

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She tries her best to get their attention,
Even though she has no inspiration
She took away all the fear she feels,
So she may look strong no one could tear her

But despite how she looks outside
Look into her eyes closer
You will see that she is weak inside
That all she could think is to SUICIDE.

© 2020 Rina Grace

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