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                            THE   GOOD   WIFE


“You stupid silly country girl , you are impossible ,just  go get out of my sight,”
Rishi  screamed with his eyes red as blood will flow from it any second.  Puja still standing her head bowed down,  almost to her knees listening to her husband’s harsh   words with all her patience .This type of situation is not at all new for her . Rishi’s attitude towards  her has been the same from the day of her marriage . He would scold her and even slap her at little or altogether no fault of hers .
“you are still standing here? Going to slap me , come , come on just do it and I will show you.”
Puja ran towards the kitchen crying. Rishi left for office . Puja cried the whole day  . “  What  was my fault !” she tried to find out why Rishi  became so hot . “ Oh , forgot to put sugar in his tea.” She got it . It had became her day to day problem ,Rishi would scold her and she would wonder where she have done wrong. She would console her that some day her husband will be good to her in all manners .  She was only nineteen when she got married to Rishi . She still remembers the day when Rishi and his parents came to their village to fix their marriage .
 Five years ago Rishi was the same  good looking man  , sitting quietly with his parents  waiting for the parents of both the side to delay the date of his marriage . But Puja’s  father didn’t agreed. He wanted the marriage  as soon as possible.  Rishi’s father  hated the so called modern and ill mannered girls so he wanted a simple and innocent girl like Puja to be his daughter –in –law . Rishi  had different ideology . He wanted his bride to modern , confident , well spoken and educated. He felt somewhere Puja lacked those qualities .  At last he gave in to his father’s ultimate decision . He got married to Puja but could not accept her as his life partner . After marriage they left for Delhi where Rishi  worked .   Day by day  Rishi’s behaviour became   very unkind towards his wife . And with time Puja learnt how to put up with his bad behaviour  .
Some day when Rishi returned from his office he found his house locked  . He looked for Puja here and there , asked Mrs. Sharma  if Puja  left some message  with her . Mrs Sharma denied , she said even she didn’t  show her today . He tried for mobile , it was not reachable . Rishi was dying with anger .   The wrist watch in Rishi’s hand  showed it was 9:30 . Rishi’s annoyance attained it’s peak .
He was about to break the lock of the door when he show Puja coming hastily towards him .  Both stood silently facing each other for a moment . it took Rishi some seconds  to decide how to behave with Puja . She too was shivering with fear  for the things that Rishi is going to do for her mistake .
“You dirty woman , met with your lover ! how was the date madam?”
Puja  became speechless .
“I will call your parents and tell them about all this ----  your new affair . Then you will come into sense.  Oh god  my life had became hell the day I got married to you .”
Rishi was almost  barking , Spitting the meanest  of language  he could use to insult her . In no time neighbours gathered there to make him cool . The whole drama went on for an hour . Puja standing outside waiting for her turn to make her front clear .But no one there was in a state to listen to her clarification , neither  Rishi nor the people  gathered there still trying to cool down Rishi.  At last Rishi went inside . The  crowd too  faded away giving a cool sympathetic look  to Puja .  A  storm just passed over her head . There was death like silence every where . Wiping of the day’s share of tears with her pallu Puja went inside . Rishi didn’t said a word to her . But  the hatred in Rishi’s eyes  was unbearable for her . She cried the whole night . She waited the whole night thinking that  some moment Rishi would ask her the reason for her unplanned delay in returning home . But Rishi  didn’t even uttered a word.  She felt something heavy on her eyes  . The shutter of eyes get closed automatically . And when she opened it was 9 on the wall clock of her bedroom . Rishi was out for office.  Whole day she  recapitulate the   yesterdays  nightmare .  She thought of mending the bad mood of Rishi .She  made Rishi’s favourite dish for dinner . Wore a blue colour saree  . Put herself some makeup , changed the sofa and bad cover of the whole house , and arranged a table for a candlelight dinner. She left no stone unturned to please Rishi. The doorbell rang , Puja’s heart jerked with the  thought that Rishi may get angry seeing these  formalities  . She opened the door , her hands were shaking with fear . Rishi’s face appeared before her  . But this time it was cool  . He had never shown Rishi with this type of mood  .
“ My dear wife , dinner is ready?” his eyes  searched for the whole house. “ Some special guest dear!”  caught the well arranged dinner table. “Oh –O—and who have taught you all this?”He was saying every piece  of word  very  dramatically . Puja smelled something wrong .
“ let us have our last dinner together and then----
“And then?” she didn’t let him complete.
“And then you are going to your parents.”Rishi was now a bit serious
“But why? I will explain to  you why I  was late yesterday !” Puja
“O --- now  do you think I am that much silly to listen to your stories? Now don’t waste my time, pack your bags and get out of here . And this one your ticket.” Rishi threw the train ticket to Puja’s  face .
 Her face now resembled almost to  a rotten apple  , tears fall down from her cheeks . She was standing still looking to Rishi with much disbelief  hear to the final sentence just made by her husband.  Rishi sat down on the sofa waiting  Puja to get ready  for  her journey.  Puja stood dejected ,hard for her to belief that Rishi at last got a chance to throw her out of his life. She wiped her tears off and made herself mentally prepared to leave Rishi . Within ten minutes she packed her bags and left her dear house and husband whom she loved the most .Rishi didn’t said a word when she left . She too parted meekly .
When Puja reached her parents she didn’t told any bad words about Rishi, she only told that as Rishi is busy with his work she wanted to spent some time with her parents . Her lie could not be detected by her  parents  . She started a new life there . She started teaching music to small children. She felt relaxed the  and enjoyed the new life . At some corner of her heart she had the  belief that some day Rishi  would repent  to what she have done to her and will return back to her .
Rishi  alone in  his  house sensed relief  dumping his stupid and silly  wife .  The days  after Puja left him he was at the top of the world . But soon  he realised that Puja had became her habit . He started missing everything . The small little things she used to do to please him  to the innocent pleasant  face of hers . A month passed .  It was thirty-first of December , the whole town was busy enjoying parties and   sharing cocktails . Rishi too threw a party at his home to compensate his lonesomeness . He invited his boss too .
Everyone enjoyed the party .  It was well organised and well planned . Every one missed Puja  . But the boss who was new in his job there wanted  met Rishi’s wife as she had became the talk of the party for her good behaviour and nature . Actually Puja had gained a lot of popularity among Rishi’s  colleagues for her  politeness . Mr. Yadav Rishis’s boss accidentally came across a joint photograph of the duo . He was shocked for a moment .
“ Is this your wife  can’t belief!” Mr. Yadav’s eyes were emitting happiness and shock .
“Why sir , have you met her, actually she is not that much educated  and don’t know about the manner of a high society .” Rishi said hastily  expecting some offending statement about his wife.
“What are telling Rishi , I am sorry to say this by but you still don’t know your wife .” Mr. Yadav continued
“ It was the very first day  in your office . I was on my way to office . My car got some problem  , while my driver went in search of mechanic  I was going through that day’ s news paper  . Perhaps a real bad day for me . Suddenly my heart started aching . It had became very difficult for even to breath . I was trying to call the passerby but as I was inside the car nobody paid any heed . I  was perhaps going to die suddenly some lady opened the door of my car , she  was wiping off my sweat with her saree.  I got fainted. And when I got sense it was evening .  The lady had brought me to a nearby hospital . Sitting next me she was praying to god for me  .  She was giving me hope that everything will be alright . That day she was like a god to me . She left the hospital with haste and I even forgot to ask her name or number . But god is great , to day I am here at her home to thank her   .Rishi  you are very lucky that you have got such a wife .” Mr Yadav concluded.
Rishi stood dumbfounded . “Puja never told me anything about the whole incident” he thought .
The next moment he realised his fault . “ This is the incident she wanted to tell that night and I have never let her speak !” 
All of a sudden he developed a soft corner for his wife .  He repented for all the bad thing he had done to Puja . “Wii he forgive me?” Rishi asked himself . By the he realised that for family one doesn’t need  only a smart or modern wife , but a life partner with a good heart , a good wife indeed .
Next day he caught the first train and reached Puja’s village .  After all the formalities of his in laws . he got a chance to talk to Puja alone .
“Puja  I am really  sorry  about my behaviour  , will you forgive me?” Puja could see the tear drops in his eyes. She embraced Rishi with  a burst of tear . She was dying with happiness .
“ But what will you say to your parents ! will they let you go with me after all these incidents?”
“Dear , I haven’t told any thing to my parents , do you think I shall ever  let your prestige go down in the eyes of my parents !” she whispered in his ears .
Rishi’ s heart was overflowing with sense of love and pride for his wife .He pulled her towards himself and whispered “ my good wife”


Y.W.S on May 09, 2015:

wish every married ladies to copy and paste Puja`s behaviour

tp on December 24, 2014:

Almost similar to my life. Its a coincidence that I read it, while all this happening with me. Thanks God.

Abinash panda on May 29, 2014:

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Nice story

cknayak on July 18, 2013:

very very nice story

neeraj on August 05, 2011:

very nice, some gals are really like pooja. salute to those gals

ah````````` on November 10, 2010:


ankigarg87 on September 23, 2010:

Very nice story this is really heart touching story !

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