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The Complex

This is from a young Muslim perspective. Hopefully these words and this story will be considered a good deed. Faith based short story.

Highs and lows

Highs and lows

Changing Lives through sharing my story through sharing our story.

Changing Lives through sharing my story through sharing our story.

Mirrored highs and lows. Cant read it but look at it.

Mirrored highs and lows. Cant read it but look at it.

Cloud of art Angels seem to be amongst us.

Cloud of art Angels seem to be amongst us.

Fire usually made to seem like the punishment but on cold days flames turn to art..

Fire usually made to seem like the punishment but on cold days flames turn to art..

Poetic Essay

  • Racial profiling;
  • I wasn't even wild'n!
  • They say I was crossin' center lanes, and my pulse was jumpin' in my veins .
  • They say I was shakin' looking nervous making it obvious I was trafficking mass amounts of cocaine.
  • Them fools trippin', they lying through they muttafuckin teeth.
  • If I didn't let em! There will be no catching me.
  • Stakes just got higher now it's life or death.
  • Every situation, takin' it down to my last breath.
  • If this is what life has in store. Jails, institutions or death, I'll take death.
  • No hesitation , no regrets.
  • I ain't just talkin', ..shit !
  • I mean every word, these popo's ain't carin'
  • They eyes keep staring,
  • Through the driver side window, To see if my skin glow.
  • The darker the tone.
  • The" mo " blue light prone. Once again it's on ! 'nother case,
  • higher bond, money collected passed on.
  • Through the right hands. So a small county, can advance.
  • From cashing big city type checks.
  • So who's gettin' rich from breaking they necks?
  • To see if I fit the profile.
  • To be tagged as ridin' dirty, on the Interstate, so they can lock me up with a smile.
  • "Shit!" If I was doing it like that, why can't I afford a fifty g bond?
  • They'll never admit it, "dem" mafukas wrong.
  • Ya think I'm singing the same song.
  • Cause I'm busted and disgusted, not looking to live long.
  • Ready to die cause I'm "bout" to get hung.
  • By these southern, racist ass bums.
  • Only cause they look at me and treat me like scum.

Find your beauty within Beauty from the outside in how we feel about ourselves is how we achieve happiness do what makes you feel complete.

Find your beauty within Beauty from the outside in how we feel about ourselves is how we achieve happiness do what makes you feel complete.

We Create it from our thoughts then we manifest into existence, We plant seeds then watch them grow.

We Create it from our thoughts then we manifest into existence, We plant seeds then watch them grow.


Crips on one side, bloods on the other.

One enormous apartment "Complex".

One Muslim, one attack, on a well respected man.

The attacker unknown by both sides, so the opposing sides accuse each other.

A mole is amongst them, paid to start conflict so they'll kill each-other off.

Police want 'em dead. The owner is playing suspicious, but is still suspect.

Misguided hate, misguided love.

Got two groups of misguided peoples' at each others throats.

One man's belief and dedication to GOD changes a genocidal event into an eye opening lesson, of how Allah (swt) works and who the real enemy is.

His personal battle with faith will be realized after he steps off the straight and narrow, ends up in a prison, out of prison in what seems to be a living hell.

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Only GOD can save him, but he has to worry about saving others, before he can save himself. He has to learn what GOD has in store, and trust in GOD to deliver it,

if he stays obedient.

" HE Must Stay Obedient ! "

He will be tested !!

Only Allah (swt) can lead him out of this seemingly impossible situation.

Faith and obedience, dedication and humility are qualities he learns about first hand, out of 700 tenants proportionately split,

to make two sides, two groups of leaders and followers,

despising one another cause they have different beliefs,

and because of these differences crimes have been committed,

fueling their animosity to cause this ongoing war to potential eruption.

The "Complex" is a neutral spot where many grew up, and have parents still living and grandparents who are stubborn or just content to be around family as divided as they may be.

One of these elders is the victim of a violent attack.

He is well respected by both sides, because of all, the youthful interactions over the many years he served his community.

These are the misguided soldiers of today fighting a misguided war, with ill intentions resulting in many useless deaths.


Abdul-RaHeem Ali is a common Islamic attribute of Allah (swt).

It stands for "slave of " or " servant of "

The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful. A hard name to live up to.

Servant means to be of service to; therefore a servant takes heed to the

Masters' Guidance or instruction. Abdul or " DUL" was stubborn and rebellious, but his GOD consciousness was strong. Guilt plagued him during his episodes of moral decline, the hustling, the weed, the women. All of these things lead him to a five year prison term.

During his bid DUL got his mind right. He was finally on the "salah da mustaqeem", or the righteous path.

He possessed the most proper intentions upon his release, but he failed miserably. His impatience cost him again, the pursuit of worldly material gain, instead of the spiritual blessings that ALLAH (swt) promises to his believers, if they stay humble persevering in patience and prayer.

Nine days before his nine month parole is terminated, he is caught during the ninth calendar month he was allegedly trafficking cocaine through South Carolina via ATL heading toward NC.

Abdul hoped for probation or a complete dismissal. The pleas presented were never desirable, so DUL told them to put twelve in the box.

This was considered to be suicide. He hoped the lawyer would accomplish making the evidence inadmissible, by proving it was attained by an illegal search. If his lawyer could not achieve this then it was surely a suicide mission.

Abdul thought to himself " suicide they want, suicide they'll get." He had the perfect plan.

First; he thought of taking someones' family hostage, either the officers or one of the jurors and threatening death or severe harm unless the case was dismissed. Problem with that plan was too many people had to be involved.

The next thought of action, was to go to trial in a respectable but deadly suit fitted with explosives, tailored into the lining, if the judge even thought of saying the word " GUILTY" , BOOM! all at the press of a cuff link.

In hopes of the judge, the jurors, solicitors and arresting officers would be blown to pieces. If not, at least he'd be blown off the map. Avoiding the slow death of being incarcerated for any length of time.

This is the plan, but it had to be meticulously arranged.

No family could be present so they could be spared of any harm.

His lawyer would have to feel it, because he would have failed him miserably everyone else he thought " FUCK 'EM."

They'll be the ones to ring the alarm.

Now he had limited time before court. He knew he had to make every second count. The research and the designing of "THE SUIT ". He had to research the case law that could assist him in his trial.

Then he would have to finance his plan and his living expenses. Staying out of trouble was key. The entire plan would be a bust if he was detained and could not wear his specialized outfit, designed to end this debacle with the ultimate grand finale.

The testing was complete. The " suit " was ready, fully armed and totally undetectable to the most sensitive metal detectors. Now it's time for trial.

Preparing to go to the court house for his big day. " DUL " was focused. He felt as if he was the Muslim dude in the movie " City Under Siege " who was set to blow up some land mark in NYC.

These thoughts troubled him as he was performing his abolution; to purify his physical and to focus his mental.

This ritual was done before every prayer, although this time was the most intense ever.

Abdul was troubled that the reputation of Islam was already tarnished by the infamous event of " 911."

It seems " Muslim " was synonymous with walking terrorist, associated with being time bombs.

Abdul hated to confirm this erroneous generalization.

For all the prejudice people who were aware of this case, but these are the people trying to kill him,

by killing his dreams.

This was the worse death possible, because he would live having to endure the pain.

Abdul is walking into the court house, with an err of confidence, illuminating his spirit.

He's convinced, he owns victory over these power abusing, law breaking authorities, that are more corrupt than the neighborhood drug dealers, abusing the power and authority vested in them by the state and the people in the name of GOD who is the ultimate authority.

Everyday since " DUL " was bonded out he managed to walk the line of the straight and narrow, by praying as he should, attempting to be in good standing with " The Owner of Judgement Day " before he was blown to his destiny. These people were using their authority in a blasphemous manner and they had to be stopped!

Would Allah (swt) look at DUL as a martyr worthy of all the blessings of martyrdom.

Or, would Allah (swt) punish DUL for suicide no matter the justifications DUL gives to rationalize his sacrifice. He convinced himself he was sacrificing his life to shed light on the wrongs that were being done. He knew Investigations sparked by his actions would draw attention to these corrupt officers in this greedy county,

who are succeeding in the come up in the major game of prison racketeering. They were averaging five lives a week. Five lives they're averaging, putting them away for decades based on racial profiling.

That was good enough reason for DUL to give his life, to expose this small town for ruining lives. Not in the name of goodness, but in the name of the racist principles this country was built.

The exploitation of the less fortunate. Struggling so they resort to desperate measures, the same measures the government used to fund at least one war, ignoring the higher ups with all the government connections, yet they fully enforce judgment on the totem poles lower levels.

As a Muslim, Abdul knew every sinful action would continue drawing punishment til the circumstances created by those actions were atoned for. Every life that Abduls' decision affected he knew he was held accountable. He may have evaded the law, but he never once escaped the eyes of " The All Knowing. "

This principle was a universal one, encompassing the cocaine factories and the crooked officers that were jacking people on the highways for no reason,

except for the fact that they were black, Hispanic or anything other than white.

They deserve to be exposed and they deserve to be punished.

They are violating people's rights to travel, labeling everyone that use these highways as drug traffickers.

Giving each thought the deserved degree of contemplation, he stayed on his chosen path, believing vehemently that Allah (swt) is the ultimate judge of his actions,

" So Be it," DUL said to himself.


" Sir would you please empty all of your pockets? Place all objects into the basket and walk through the detector again. Thank You! You're fine, have a nice day. " said the officer at the entrance of the courthouse.

Immediately DUL began praying. " That was a close one, Allah (swt) I've fasted and I've studied. Now I ask you to have mercy on me, during this preceding. I ask you to have mercy on my soul if I have to push this button.

I pray that somehow this action in the eyes of Allah (swt) is worthy of being written down as a good deed in my book of life.

I pray that this book recording all my actions in this life, be handed to me in my right hand indicating that I have been accepted in the paradise of infinite blessings.

It has been an honor worshiping You,

' The Most High God ' and please forgive me, all my sins committed knowingly and unknowingly.

' La illaa ha illallaah Ashadu Ana Muhammadan ur rasululah.' "

Abdul submitted this silent prayer before the court preceding began.

" El-hamduillah. "

( All praises are due to Allah (swt) ).

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The lawyer came through, the evidence was inadmissible, after a lengthy recess. The judge had a meeting in his chambers with both lawyers and decided the evidence could not be used after viewing the video tape of the entire incident.

The solicitor could not back the allegations with any evidence. Resulting from this, Abdul's counsel moved for immediate dismissal, which was granted by the judge over the trial.

Being grateful to Allah (swt), Abdul remained humble, and showed very little emotion or excitement, being mindful that he was literally a walking world trade or Oklahoma City reenactment waiting to happen.

He made it out of the court room and was driven back to N.C. by his cousin who waited in the car by request of Abdul, not knowing why, he took heed any way attributed to Abdul's sincere urging. Abdul told his cousin "stay here for your own safety. Trust me! You will know if I am not victorious over these charges." That was all that needed to be said. To conclude this matter Abdul told his relative to stop at the lake first and he explained why this "suit" had to be disposed of immediately.

He tied the suit to a rock and threw it to the mercy of the lake. As the "suit " sank to the bottom of the lake Abdul thanked Allah (swt) in a silent prayer and proceeded to N.C., where he was prepared to deal with his probation dilemma.

It was significantly eased of the dire consequences that were once imposed on the situation by the charges that were now history, Thank GOD.

"We grant the request of Officer McCollie to extend your probation Mr. Ali another 3 months to be active immediately.

Mr. Ali I advise you to follow the conditions of your probation this entire term because there will be no leniency if I see you in my courtroom again! Is that understood ? "

" Yes Your Honor, May I request that my probation be transferred to home state of California because I am fully confident that my chances are much improved in the environment my mother provides. Not to mention that I miss her dearly. " "Approved, Mr. Ali, by this court with the power invested in me and the state of N.C. and also with the cooperation of Mr. McCollie who is ordered to contact the proper channels to guide you through the entire process, this court is adjourned. "

The whole process took three weeks and the fresh air of L.A.X. was so inviting to Abduls' senses that he shed a tear of joy at the pure sight of the mountains shining with the early morning sunrise. He had enough cash to catch a cab to the house so after a call to " Mom " to have her expecting him. They spoke briefly and he called a cab.


North Carolina was obliged to be rid of this man named Abdul, because he was a threat to the law enforcement

officers; On paper anyway a straight menace.

Abdul was thankful for not having to blow himself up. Now he had to live the life that brought him peace deep in his spirit.

This means "sacrifice ". Remaining focused months after he was bonded out, awaiting trial, now faced with finding another way to stay focused since his biggest motivation was now in his rear view.

Six months in and six months out on bond Abdul managed to stay focused but now his freedom is not at stake and temptations were in his foresight.

Struggle is on the way and Allah (swt) is the, Best Of Guiders and the, Owner of all Blessings, whom better to turn to the, Best Of Sustainers is the logical choice.

What he thought, was his purpose, was just a test of his will. A test to see if he was willing to give his life for something that will result in the greater good.

Allah (swt) had something greater in store.

Choice guided by necessity Abdul moves with his mother. She lived in these infamous apartment " complex " where the police don't come unless they're fully armed and with back up close, this is accredited to shoot outs of the past when they came to apprehend known killers and violent individuals with gangster mentalities.

Abdul remembered one in particular, dude went by the name of Duke. He was running full speed out of the house when the chopper converged simultaneously with the task force creeping on the ground like a military platoon, but a step too late. Duke made it out the gate and the streets said:

" he ran through alleys and jumped over police cars while they attempted to detain him to no avail. "

He managed to get away, on this occasion, he disappeared to never be seen by Abdul again.

Abdul grew up to be a Muslim, with problems of his own, becoming familiar with jails and prisons in his late 20's and early 30's.

Now he's a ex-felon living in his hometown on probation already known by authorities as a violent criminal.

On paper Abdul looks like a gangster,

but in reality he's just a young man battling his demons in his personal " Jihad " or War within his conscious.

Fighting, right vs. wrong, to be obedient or to rebel,

to follow his own desires or submit his will to Allahs' (swt),

which is the very meaning of Islam itself.

The submission of ones soul to Allah (swt), which is the very meaning of Islam itself.

The submission of ones will to Allah (swt) meaning every moment in thought and intention is directed to please and show obedience to the All Knowing,

the Creator of All Things.

He is the only entity that stays constant and consistent

since before the beginning of all time, that will expire, while He never will expire,

but is always authoring creation.

In prison, Abdul learned how to pray his obligatory 5 prayers a day.

He learned a little bit of Arabic and his character drastically improved.

He became or took his declaration of faith making him a Muslim before he ventured into Carolina or the prison environment. It was not just a " prison thang" , or prison talk, because of the need to be part of some click, for security whether real or imagined. In his heart he wanted to please his Creator.

Abdul was thankful for the opportunity to discipline himself. Hoping he didn't have to be incarcerated to worship his lord. He hoped he could manage his mind to focus once he was released and when he got his chance he failed his first test.

Money was calling. Alcohol and weed were plentiful, but it took six months to break down and another two and a half months before the admonishment of his Lord came to pass.

Empower ones self.

Empower ones self.


It's been a year and just over a month, since that illegal stop on I-85 that victimized Abdul, with what is now infamously known as the illegal search and seizure that had Abdul sitting in that ancient county jail. Where he had to patiently wait six months for his people to bond him out. The emotions were fresh in his mind.

His gratefulness to Allah (swt) for giving him a chance to atone for his behavior by stopping him short with his "ball till he falls " mentality.

Presently Abdul is reflecting how people looked at his situation, expressing how he should have thrown in the towel. Thankfully he looked at the whole picture as the opportunity to shake this off into his studies and live the rest of his life striving to be amongst the best of humanity.

The Quran says the best of humanity are the most pious, are the believers who take heed to the scriptures, truly becoming a living vessel for God to utilize in this world, thus being, in the world, but not of the world.

The truest rewards lay in the hereafter. To a man of God who whole heartily believes this, would not waste his time chasing petty material gain, that can only separate him from GOD instead of drawing him close to the " Most Merciful " . Abdul knows the only thing that helps one get closer to the Master of the heavens and the earth is obedience and consistency in worship, through prayer and constant remembrance of our Lord. Allah (swt), does not intend to complicate our lives.

We as the decision makers, of our will as the human beings, given gift after gift to govern, complicate our own lives by being driven by our lust and our desires, that become vices. As a result of us nurturing these thoughts, spawned from overwhelming influence and over information given through modern technology.

Just as nurturing good thoughts, can become a valuable character asset, benefiting ones life, while the thought that matured to be the vice, potentially can cause great harm.

As human beings we can become selfish, and unconcerned, about humanity when we focus only on ourselves. God wants us to help others, by being of service to others, that is where the most blessings are achieved.

Possessing this type of character would show, in how we treat others on a daily basis. Actions are recognized, and professions are heard but seldom taken seriously.

Respect is gained through standing on what you believe in, by not being afraid of the trials and tribulation of life's' conflicts, can cause one to endure.

In the end Allah (swt) promises those who endure, the rewards in this world and the next. All one has to do, is truly believe and pursue Him first.

We must build.

We must build.


The harder the test, the deeper the lesson, or greater the lesson learned, or lesson to give heed. Abdul's' lessons would be rough, because he was so stubborn and oblivious to the consequences of his own desires. Love sick and a romantic, he adored women like his father.

Allah (swt) says, a man will attain what's truly in his heart, if he pursues Him first.

A young man choosing the temptation over the guidance of the " Supreme " straggling the lines, but never losing his conscious, his acknowledgement of his Creator and his appreciation for His constant admonishment because he knew that the admonishment was the evidence of the " Creator of all Things' "

mercy, forgiveness and love.

Mankind would realize that chasing anything else would evade them, because their energy is misplaced, and priorities out of order. So now Abdul is faced with a challenge that will change his life forever, possibly putting him back in Gods' graces.

Abduls' mother was living in chaotic environment. She was God fearing and all these years He proved to be the " Best of Protectors " for all those who truly believe. The " Complex " was the perfect place for a Muslim community or " ummah ".

On this day, this place, was a breeding ground and a playground for those who seem, would never believe, only Allah (swt) knows our hearts, and our fates, so we must, sharpen our faith and trust, that HE chooses whom to give his guidance, and Allah (swt) alone is who makes believers.

Good thing is all the criminal activity was done on the outskirts of the building, done in the street.

These apartments were a safe-haven where they could lay their heads. Heat was occasionally brought on the Complex directly, but for the most part all the heat stayed on the outside of the gated community.

Then ! " Eddie " got slapped up and stabbed causing all hell breaks loose.

The first day he's home with his mother after fifteen years he recognizes how the

" Complex " is structurally the same as the prison he was recently released, and still the same as he remembered it. The community was run down because of the level of poverty and lack of ambition due to lack of growth within the community as a whole.

The next generation being lost and more sinister than generation x.

We were generation x, our generation was the unknown factor in the genocidal master plan.

The single parent homes and lack of fraternal influence in the family unit dominated the maturing youth.

Lack of males being the family head caused an entire generation to turn to their chosen idols to worship and give their time, showing honor and respect. An idol they can shape and mold themselves to become.

The dominating figures were the gangsters on the street and on tv. The Scar-faces, the N.W.A.'s and the Al Capone's all raised generation x. Now society is dealing with the aftermath.

The apartment complex was filled with commotion on this day and everyone was outside taking notice to an old man with a red Angels baseball cap with the blue duck representing " luv " for both sides, and from both sides,

getting rolled off to the main entrance suffering from a couple of stab wounds inflicted by an unknown assailant.

The police knew the severity of the situation so they came in full force to escort the E.M.T's and fire department through the chaotic crowd of crips and bloods filling the stairwells and all doorways.

Other tenants looked out of their windows praying that things wouldn't escalate and that they could maintain the peace. The tension in the air was suffocating, because everyone knew that the man attacked, was loved by both sides and it was no secret that both sides wanted to ride for the old man.

The problem was no one knew who did it or why. The old man didn't say and possibly he didn't know who was behind this occurrence. He was just happy to be alive to see his daughter and his two grandchildren.

They were hurt and upset, but he wasn't fatally wounded, so they were cool. The daughter was a single mother, whose husband died and she had to move home with her dad, giving her some time to get on her feet.

Abdul was settling in, and walked outside to see what was going on. He saw the bloods " flamed up " with all their soldier gear and crips with their navy and royal blue rags and all. His mom stayed on the crip side and all of them were out, because both sides were divided, and didn't want to show fear or weakness, or be labeled as suspect in the attack.

The entire reaction was a show of emotion and pride, a time-bomb waiting to explode and events like this are a countdown to detonation.

The police were present in full riot gear, similar to what " Dul " experienced in prison.

The trip was, he was free now, and that physical prison was in his past, but evidently not the similarities of this environment vs. the walls and the barbed wire fences,

the only thing missing, was the type of fence, although their was still a fence.

All these people were living in a prison, out of prison due to their position in society, the income was just not there. Low economy was their only option.

This Complex became the breeding grounds for gangs and gang activity.

Spreading like California wildfires, the youth steady being snatched up by the influence and perceived power that their young minds were drawn too. They were eager to pick a side, deeming them worthy of the red or blue rag whoever got to them first or whatever side they just happened to live on.

First person Abdul noticed was Red, his first love. The old mans' daughter.

A rush of excitement went through his body. Electricity went down his spine. Second person he noticed was his old school buddy Deandre who was now a full fledged "G" because he's been bangin' so long maintaining his pocket and and stickin' to the " G " code.

His influence was strong amongst the Crips. He has become the certified shot caller. He finally recognized Eddie being rolled off on a medical bed toward the ambulance.

At the moment it looked fatal, but it was all just procedure. He had to put Red on the back burner because she was dealing with important issues in her life. Plus he had to pray, concerning her to get his intentions in order. Women have always motivated Dul in one way or the other.

The reason he left California for Carolina was because he wanted to get in touch with a particular female which never truly amounted to anything; therefore he had to ask Allah (swt) for guidance to avoid falling into the same pattern, of chasing this long lost love and allowing Allah (swt) to bless him with her hand if it was meant to be. If it was in Allahs' will, than it would happen naturally.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted, someone grabbed him on the shoulder,
" What up CUZ? "
" Excuse Me! "
" where you been hidin? "
" Oh! What up Dre? "
They hadn't seen each other in fifteen years. Dre's been around the world in the service and everything, but here he is just like me back at home with moms recuperating from life's curves, that put him in a situation to start from scratch.

He still had love from the homies, because he always kept connections in the street, doing what he could to look out. Abdul spoke about Islam and how he had done time in prison, he emphasized his plans to dedicate himself to Allah (swt) using what Allah has blessed him to comprehend to enlighten others. Deondre saw some of his people about to blaze up some medical so he shook Duls' hand and told him he'd get up wit' him later, it seemed that every time " Dul " spoke Allahs' name, people would cut the conversation short, they didn't want to stay on that subject. It was like it burned their ears or something.

Abdul just smiled at the thought and, looked up, to notice how the Bloods were staring in his direction with a curious hatred in their eyes. He knew he was in no immediate danger so he went back in the house it was time for " dhur " or the noon prayer.

Duls' interaction with Deondre earlier labeled him as a crip. He knew he was a new face and already being eyeballed to see if he displayed any fear. His conversation with Dre sided him with the crips because he showed love for one side now he had enemies he never knew, putting him in foreseeable danger so he would have to let his belief be known through example. His character would have to speak for him.


After completing his noon prayer he made the decision to go to the mosque on Crenshaw BLVD. Next to the gym, where he used to work out. Dul strapped his musallah on his shoulder and his Quran in his right hand like weapons, which they were, this display would let the world know that he was a Muslim, giving him the opportunity to dawah or talk about God at any given time.

People were naturally inclined to question what a man believed, so they could praise him or condemn him when he made mistakes. How quick that man would turn to his Lord for forgiveness, made that man different from that of a non believer. Proof was in the making. Dul proceeded out of his apartment and to the front entrance, which was closer to the bus stop.

" AYE Dog, What up! Where you think you going? "

" Pardon self? " Abdul said in the humblest of tones showing no threat at the same time showing no fear.

He only feared Allah. Allah deserves all the praise. In Duls lessons it was understood to fear no man but God, because Allah (swt) says in the Quran, that the entire world could unite intending him harm and if Allah forbade it, no harm would reach him.

The whole world could also unite to grant some benefit to him, and if Allah (swt) forbade it, no benefit would reach him.

Dude was an affiliate of the flamed up crip killin blood set. His self proclaimed duty was to monitor the front entrance of the Complex, this entrance was for the Bloods and any non affiliates. The Crip side had a totally different entrance leading to the side of the street they controlled.
" As Salam Wa Laikum, " Abdul greeted the young man who donned a red "p" hat representing Piru.
" I'm on my way to the mosque . "
" Oh! you supposed to be a Muslim like Farahkahn or sumptn? "
" Somethin' like that same core beliefs but different methods of practice. "
" Why you aint wearing a bow tie or kufi, you dressed like a regular dude? "

" Dress does not make me a Muslim, what I believe in my heart makes me a Muslim. This here on my shoulder is my prayer rug, so no matter where I am I could offer my obligatory prayers. "

" aight, aight! enough already you got a pass. I saw you showing that dude from the other side some luv so I thought you were bangin' ! You bangin or not? "
" Naw Brah, I cannot serve two masters, life is complicated enough. "
" This is our entrance, so if I catch you slippin' I will revoke your pass at any time. This is how we keep the peace. "
"Shaquan Auc, As Salam Wa Laikum "
" Proceed, I just had to to put you down with the law of the land round here, since you're a new face, in this place. "
Abdul knew, it was all about respect, man to man, problems would arise at a moments notice if either side felt disrespected.
Eddie was the man who took five stabbed wounds, 2 in the legs and 3 in the forearms, all non-fatal, the intention seemed to be not to kill him, but to cause serious injury, enough to stir the emotion in the community to cause major disturbances.

He was well loved and well respected, attributed to his bar-b-que plates and ice cream servin', video game having parlor in the neighborhood. Galaga, Ms. pac-man, Centerpede and even Mike Tysons' Punch Out, the neighborhood entrepreneur he capitalized with serving love with every plate and every scoop, and his holiday cookouts were the only time no one was trippin' on " what set you claimin' " they just wanted that plate of ribs fresh off the big steel drum grill handmade, for cooking perfection, by Eddie himself.

Now he was in the hospital and tension was high. This would last until the guilty man was dealt with. The streets stayed talking, with speculation, at this point; The truth would come out in due time.
Abdul was being watched like a hawk by the Bloods waiting to label him as a phony. He understood that the character he displayed would be most effective in this environment of non believers in his cause but belief in their own self destructive cause.

Dealing with Christians and other Muslims from different schools of thought Abdul learned to focus on the similarities, rather than the differences, of their beliefs in order to arouse discussion instead of argument, about their different codes of living.

The code of living shared by the Muslims and the two sets was respect and one proving to be real by standing firm, on the beliefs he spoke or claimed to have. If one was labeled as a hypocrite, they were through. No respect would be afforded to the one who simply professed " I Believe " verbally and their actions proved that there was no evidence or confirmation of that belief.

Abdul knew for sure he would live entrenched in his studies, so he wouldn't stray one way or the other. He knew to stray meant to die, because it was unknown to live labeled as a blood or a crip and Dul couldn't read the writing on the wall.

He decided to separate himself from everything not associated with Allah in order to survive. This train of thought was no hindrance, it was definitely a blessing.

Now he could live how Allah expected him to live, plus teach the curious from both sides what Allah wanted and expected from us all when HE created each and every one of us.

From experience Abdul knew that every human being possessed a natural curiosity when it comes to God.

Challenge? Yes! Hard or difficult? Yes! But Impossible? No!
With the help of Allah (swt) Prophet Muhammad accomplished the unification of a whole era of people who were living in the dark ages, caused by their polygamist ways and pagan beliefs.

If God wants me to step up and be an example, I welcome the challenge, I will pray for HIS assistance every step of the way. It is the duty of anyone proclaiming to be a Muslim, claiming to have submitted themselves to
The Most Beneficent,
THE Most Merciful,
Bis Millah
Ir Rahman nir Raheem,
El hamdu illah.
What I have been blessed to comprehend is mandatory to be shared with whomever is willing to listen.
Like a rowdy school is to a new or substitute teacher, Abdul accepted this mission and stayed faithful and enthusiastic about his mission.
He felt it was from his Lord.
Due to him being so stubborn, Allah (swt) put him in a tough environment to increase him in faith and dedication.

Allah (swt) knew this is what it would take, to keep him on the straight path, he would need Allah (swt) to protect, guide and sustain him spiritually to deal with what was to come.



The women were even thugged out, stayed high on dojia and were in love with gangstas, feeling they offered security financially, and physical protection from harm. The pride and arrogance they displayed was attractive to women and male youth alike, causing them to just want to be down. Now enters Abdul a spiritual man who is focused more on his spiritual struggles than his worldly status or his worldly possessions.

Abdul was still dealing with this vice, concerning the opposite sex. He loved the chase, the conquering of a woman's' defenses. These woman weren't the ones he wanted to conquer if he wanted to avoid conflicts with any of these men with armies behind them, because of jealous emotions causing anger and animosity to be factored into what already is a complicated equasion for survival. ALLAH(swt) would protect him by helping him manage his desires and decisions other than that, he would have to live with the consequences of his own actions. The protection was in his prayers and his meditation. To resist these sexy women with the thug twist to their appearance, but tender hearts within their hard shell, he would have to stay involved in his spiritual strive and focus on pleasing ALLAH and remember that the true blessings lie in the hereafter.

Three weeks passed since Abdul first got home and still no job, but good thing was, his mom was patient and as long as he did the right things his mom showed compassion and support. Red still had feelings for Abdul, she always had a place in her heart for him because he was her first love. They had never consummated their relationship. They were young and not quite ready for the complications sex would cause emotionally and possibly physically, pregnancy could have cost her an opportunity to begin college and Dul did not want that. Marriage was in the mind of both Red and Dul, but the course Dul chose for his life conflicted with with them actually being together, beyond her freshman year in college. It's new day and the past was in the past. Abdul still wanted to touch her carmel skin with no marks, no blemishes. Her body was still in tact thanks to her motivation to work on her frame and her mission to stay healthy. She was Dul's last temptation just as Beyonce' was to Cuba Gooding Jr. and the only way he could have her was to do what ALLAH intended for him to do. He would only know what ALLAH expected by reading and praying. the scriptures were ALLAH speaking to Dul and Dul's prayers were Dul speaking to ALLAH. He would have to have consistent communication with with GOD in order to resist the opportunity to spark the unfinished business with Red. Especially Red. To Abdul she was worth chasing as long as his intentions were in order. He was not to be the judge of his intentions he had to compare his thoughts with ALLAH's words and allow ALLAH to put them together if it was in HIS will. Right now he had to focus on praying, to keep his mind clear. He felt he was falling back into putting his desires for this woman ahead of his desire to please ALLAH. Again justifying his wants being placed in front of his needs. He was fully aware that this was a trap to think this way, so he was thankful that it was time to offer his isha prayer, the time to purify his mind and his intentions, bringing that inner peace to his mind that prayer always accomplished focusing on remembering ALLAH The BEST SUSTAINER of HIS creation. These consistent offerings to HIS LORD made for a peaceful nights rest, a rejuvenation of his spirit for the following day of trials and possible pitfalls set by the enemy of us all, shaitahn.

It's 4:30am about thirty minutes before fajr or the morning prayer is due. Thirty minutes of reading the Quran before Abdul offered his prayer, his intention was to gain as many blessings as he could during this very special hour Allah Is said to be closest to the earth so he could grant many blessings to those who sacrifice their slumber to pay honor were honor is always due. Dul observed the complex from the second tier of it's four tier design. The echo of traffic is carried through the silence of being the only on up seemingly in the entire city but the city never sleeps. This particular morning he noticed shadows moving in the dark. He couldn't quite make out the figures moving until he noticed some letters moving catching the light from the couple of flood lights that were operational. " P. O. -----L.I.. Oh NO! all I can do is whistle the alert I learned from Reggie back in the day. " It worked it seemed like people came out of every where, darting across the inner landscape of the complex. Making their way to any exit or making their own exit. The police got a tip from the landlord that the guy who approached Dul at the entrance a few weeks ago. Dudes name was Bandit and he was labeled a menace and the police just needed a reason. Barry ( the landlord) knew this so he miscalculated his move to drop that anonymous tip on Bandit whom he despised,

Barry was labeled as a " wanna be " because he wanted to be like Bandit. Bandit found out about this and after the heat died down a couple of days later, he returned to the complex pissed off at Barry because he heard the news. I saw him around the same time that morning of his return, he gestured for me to come to his side. Abdul nodded in agreement. He proceeded to the area Bandit occupied. " You know i owe you right ?" Bandit said. Dul said " What do you mean," " The heads up you gave saved my ass the other morning. I got away, because I heard you whistle. I had just enough time to skate through the back door.

"How'd you know they were coming for you?"

"They always fuckin' wit me, because they can't catch me doing shit, but they know I'm into everything."

"All I knew was I needed to let somebody know, because jails and institutions are terrible places to be."

" How you know?"

" I just got through doing five."

They continued to talk for a few more minutes and Bandit was amazed that this man Abdul was familiar with prison. Abdul gained much respect through this one conversation with Bandit. He also had a card to be played because Bandit said he owed him one.

The tension in the complex died down because Eddies' wounds have healed the mole was discovered and dealt with, from information drawn out of Barry during a very gangsta interrogation. Headed by Bandit, because of all the trouble the mole had caused him and his Dogs, thinking he was so damn smart. Barry made it known that he wanted to get these damn gangstas out of his building. Problem was he was terrified to evict their families due to certain retaliation from one set or the other. They paid their rent, but Barry couldn't stand how territorial they were and he couldn't stand when they got to trippin' about repairs or some kind of problem needing to be fixed. Barry was dirty too, he took the state money and spent it on himself and his women. He just thought he was better and smarter, but he was proved wrong when he had to revise his story to the police and give up the real mole, he set, clearing Bandit. I later asked Bandit whatever happened to the real mole and he said

" Dog it's a shame I heard he got caught up in a drive-by off of Western and Manchester going to the Western Surplus."

Nobody knew who did it, of course, it didn't even make the news. Just another day in L.A. .

Everyday was an adventure for Abdul, witnessing ALLAH (swt) working in his life. It was so rewarding watching trouble evade him before it even began. While Abdul was studying or praying, people were dying. Tenants would leave the Complex early in the morning never to return, just read about in the L.A. Times. Some died from shootouts or imprisoned for other criminal activities, but for everyone that disappeared two seemed to pop up in his or her place. Peoples financial conditions were in so much turmoil that it was a waiting list of potential tenants to fill the low income prison model Complex. New Faces meant new recruited. The youth were being devoured like fresh kills by lions in the african deserts, contributing to the problems that seemed never ending, endless, never ceasing. For a Muslim ( one who submits to the Will of ALLAH (swt) ) it is a duty to right any wrongs through action, primarily, secondly if not able to act is to speak against it and lastly if one is not willing to speak against it is just to despise the wrongs or injustices in ones heart. The more action taken, the more Blessings rewarded. The big question was, " What action could Abdul take ? What wrong could he attempt to right. " The only wrong Abdul kept seeing was how the system manipulated the social standing of his community steering them against each-other. No true assistance was there to assist them in improving there social status, the assistance was just enough to maintain.


"My people are not Godless people. They have been locked in, locked into survival mode since we were blessed to exist. The problem as I see it, is once a person makes a mistake in this rich man's world, opportunities were almost non-existent. Jobs were nil and even accomplishing employment was nothing to celebrate, considering the cost of living was sky high. The war in the middle east caused gas prices to soar, sending the cost of traveling soaring as a result. President douschbag, was a liar and thief just as society labeled us living in the Complex and places similar we are just lacking monetary riches and some careless to ever gain because the negative thoughts mos time prevail when surroundings dictate. We are not as rich or powerful as the people placing these labels. We are not suffering from moral bankruptcy were just victimized by our own desires. We're loving the world and everything in it. We're giving 'shaitahn' power over us by making it known that we love the things that are man-made. The world is full of temptations. Shaitahn specializes in temptation. He was given so much time to tempt this creation from clay while he was of fire considering himself superior. HE has a vendetta against us, his entire mission revolves around proving that we are unworthy, he is compulsively addicted to showing that we are ungrateful for our position by distraction after distraction leading us to neglect and never acknowledge our position, our purpose, our very nature to worship The MOST COMPASSIONATE, is what he attacks confident that we will worship what we most desire. The pride and arrogance he possesses is beyond our understanding. When we fall in lust for the women, the cars, the jewelry, or whatever ones fancy, we make it easy for shaitahn to cater to what tempts us. Shaitahn is a creation of ALLAH and he fancies himself as more worthy or better than us. He despises us, so he is quick to orchestrate our downfall, through manipulation of our greed and enviousness within our own selves. ALLAH will punish us all accordingly. What are we going to be? A vessel for ALLAH (swt) or a vessel that shaitahn can manipulate and steer towards destruction of ourselves in the worse way. Either we are for the good of humanity or we will contribute to the destruction of humanity. This does not always translate in what we perceive as good for ones self, which is the sacrifice. The blessings lay in heaven with ALLAH (swt), The laws of the land are unbalanced, the people who write and enforce the laws are just as we are. Man make the law unbalanced and we have to live, we have the right to live. The constitution doesn't seem to exist in America anymore everyone's running a racket. Prison itself is big business in America. The courts, the lawyers, the bondsman and the judges on up equals big business for America. Drugs are a problem, but when the government wants to slow the traffic down we are the ones that pay. We are made to appear as the ones solely responsible and treated as such. It is and has always been a set up. Whomever chooses to play the game chances are they will be trapped eventually. The set up is evident through the advertisement of all we desire, knowing the means to attain the goods or the lifestyles that are well publicized are nearly impossible to attain. Then on the low the people possessing power, support and ignore the illegal drug trade in all areas except the minority communities. In these communities education is abandon at high rates, the desire for extravagance is high, along with the drugs that are used to escape and manipulate our minds. " How can How can I help a situation like this? "

Honestly there is nothing he can do, but be a living example, that life can be good without all the extravagant toys and amenities that many people confuse as being blessings. Being an example that his faith or trust in ALLAH (swt) to guide him towards all his needs and fulfill his desires according to HIS WILL. HE will grant us these things as long as we don't pursue these things before we pursue HIM " THE ONE" who gave us the very will " to want" in the first place. ALLAH (swt) will teach us to want for what is good for us if we follow HIS guidance, allowing HIM to discipline us, making us patient and genuinely concerned about the well being of others. Making us less concerned about the adornments this world is drowned in or this desire to be seen of men. Showing off and being arrogant are despised by ALLAH (swt). The more Abdul prays, the more he reads and communicates with his lord, the more he comprehends the knowledge ALLAH (swt) provides.

Over time Abdul began to recognize his gifts. He nurtured those gifts, becoming a true servant of ALLAH through sharing his discoveries from utilizing those gifts. He used his gifts to speak and communicate with all that would listen and some that would not. Giving praise where praise is due, sparking understanding to be achieved.

In his COMPLEX Abdul gave respect and was given respect. Everyone came to know when they wanted to hear something positive or something dealing with the soul of man in general they could talk to him. The women in the complex he once lusted gained and open ear about ALLAH (swt), this showed in the way they became more modest and covered their physical gifts, slowly but surely as time went on they didn't appreciate arousing the lust in men because they yearned for attention from one who truly cared. Feeling love and respect for themselves tapping into their confidence within began expecting more for themselves than just sex or material gain through sex and their gift of sexuality and sexual persuasion. Gradual changes took place in the people around Abdul. This came to pass by Abdul accepting his beliefs in his heart shining through his character showing the joy and the pleasure received through genuine praise and worship on the daily. He became a reflection of the attributes of Allah, this was the beginning of a time where those who wouldn't ordinarily listen began to listen and seeds were planted. ALLAH(swt) took care of the rest. His first job at Wendy's turned into owning his first detailing van leading into owning his to his entire fleet. The mosque he attended was wealthy and his fellow brothers helped him financially through sharing their network of dealerships and numerous companies all across Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

The gifts he was given, speaking well and writing impressively turned into a lucrative contract with Blue Ocean being a world renown greeting card company rivaled by only Hallmark. From greeting cards to his first short film. ALLAH (swt) continued to grant blessings attributed to changing his lustful pursuit of money and women. He stayed in the remembrance of ALLAH(swt) " The Owner of all Things." The blessings were given directly from ALLAHs' bounty, which is never ending and eternal and most fulfilling, compared to any empty promise that men with the most power and wealth can speak of, empty because they all are usually filled with ill and selfish intentions negating any blessing that may have been present. Dul was aware of this and he stayed grateful becoming disciplined he became a vessel that ALLAH(swt) used to open the eyes of others. God loving and God fearing people which resulted in opportunities he never even imagined. He used his gifts to propagate the guidance of his Lord. Doing this payed off. Already receiving greater blessings in this life, all he had to do was maintain and the hereafter would be full of blessings also. He finally deserved to be called a servant of, " The Most Compassionate." Abdul Raheem Ali now was at peace with his faith and now wore his kufi on occasion showing he was proud to be a true believer secure and passionate about his beliefs. El Hamduillah! { All Praises and thanks be to Allah(swt) }

Red became Abduls' wife after getting involved, helping him perform charitable deeds in his community such as speaking at his elementary school about his short film, or feeding the less fortunate or homeless people in his immediate community seeing the smiles and the interest in their eyes to hear the seed they needed to move forward to another day or to the next chapter in their own lives after being close to the edge of giving up on themselves. The children finally had another example to follow. From these young minds and these troubled spirits Abdul now had a following of people that were there to assist him around the complex. Beautifying the grounds making it suitable for prayer on the outside. Eddie helped transform a couple of apartments into a laudry room and a game room/candy and bar-b-que spot. These changes improved the standard of living, a direct result of improving the standards of the people. The people appreciated where they lived it was obvious in the attitudes and the smiles on faces that used to display fear or disgust. The feeling of hopelessness, the feeling of being powerless slowly began to change, the people being empowered sparked the idea of love prevailing over fear. The men who represented the gangster way of life lived amongst the muslims and although they weren't expected to change they still respected the growing ummah. This was cool because Abdul never imposed his beliefs on anyone, only Allah made believers knowing this he performed his duty and taught from the knowledge of ALLAH(swt) the knowledge he was blessed to comprehend. Life was good and Abdul was finally at peace. Police weren't on his tale, his energy wasn't depleted chasing worthless pursuits such as money and woman instead ALLAH (swt) blessed him with good people in his life and abundance was in reach asking for blessings from the source knowing that guarding his intentions was a must. He had a good wife, truly having all his needs met because his focus was sharp, a direct result from constant prayer and the discovery of his inner power of his own thinking, he could manifest so many good things through the power of positive thinking, leading to positive manifestations, projecting his thoughts and sharing his thoughts through poetic sessions daily in this complex that was dominated by negative thought and negative action, through practicing patience, praying for understanding and being disciplined balance in the community was being achieved. These were keys to living that led Abdul out of tumultuous times and into a lifestyle of peace through obedience to his lord.

The events that sparked all these blessings were unreal, but through them Abdul learned and heeded valuable lessons and ALLAH(swt) worked with him, cementing his faith in his heart. The story goes...

We Plant Seeds To Spark and Inspire Change

We Plant Seeds To Spark and Inspire Change

Chapter VI

Bandit and Dre both well respected " g's " from opposite sides. Both Wanted to keep the peace in the Complex. Dre was an old school friend and Bandit felt he owed Dùl a favor, these were pieces to the puzzle Abdul never imagined he would need. What he did know was Allah(swt) placed people in his immediate path for a reason. The purpose of Bandit and Dre being placed in his path was becoming clear now.

The mole Barry set was a known snake. His real name was Darrel, they called him "Dee" for short. He was disliked by both sides, reason being, he was labeled as a "nut-rider," He always wanted to be down with the crips, everyone knew his heart pumped kool-aid and he wasn't willing to kill or watch nothing die, plus he was a certified hater. He despised Bandit, because he had a women fallin' at his feet, his baby mama included. This was Dees' motivation to spend his days pursuing to get under Bandits' skin. Bandit would never fight over a female so a physical match up was out of the question. Barry figured out he could use this misguided emotion of hatred and jealousy to manipulate Dee. Barry flossed a little cash and spoke of Red and Eddie being Bandits' family and it was a done deal. Dee went on a straight mission. when Barry admitted all this during Bandits questioning Dee knew he was in trouble. Out of pure desperation he snatched Red up in a parking lot of the Complex. Abdul heard about Red being abducted and was in a state of shock filled with disbelief. He talked to Bandit first instant possible seeking help in the matter. Abdul didn't realize Red was bandits' first cousin.

" Bandit you heard about Red?" Dul asked.

" Man, hell yeah!, i heard She's my lil relative." Bandit replied.

" What can I do to help? " Dul said sincerely, but knowing all this wasn't his fight. " Don't sweat it dog, I'll still owe you. Something being done about that lil buster Dee as we speak, I got people trying to figure out where he's keeping her. The streets stay talkin'. " Bandit spoke these words calmly and compassionately knowing that Abdul wanted to help, but it wasn't in him to do it how he wanted to get it done. Abdul was calm and filled with with relief, understanding that he could help in an indirect way. He thought of Dre and knew he could help, if with nothing else he could help with obtaining the inside track. Dul thought " first things first, it's time for ASR prayer, I'll talk to Dre first thing after prayer I trust ALLAH (swt) to watch over Red in the meantime." At the conclusion of his afternoon prayer it was revealed to distance himself from all involved. Dul still felt it necessary to talk to Dre, because he knew Dee. He always ran his mouth like a gossip column trying to impress any and all who would listen especially Dre. Talking about what he had, what he was doing, always attempting to be a gangsta, trying to get a taste of the respect Dre and Bandit received. He couldn't get it, because he was unable to dedicate to either cause, he kept his mouth full of lies. Dre said, " I heard about that dude, he told me the other day that he had the perfect get away spot at his big homie house in Pomona, as a matter of fact I took a breezy over there the other day."

" Yo! Dul. " Dre said, like a light went off inside his head. " I know exactly where it is. " Dul with filled with a rush of adrenaline said," Man! you need to hook up with Bandit. Dee Kidnapped his relative, I know he would get at you if your family was caught up. " Dre welcomed the thought.


" Fa Sho, I'll get up wit him asap. I know he's good people. We were locked up together. Caught up in a sweep, in processing we spent a couple of hours politickin' about how to make the Complex a better headquarters for everyone. " Abdul stepped back and watched all the events transpire naturally. He felt he did all he could do. Bandit and Dre took care of their part. Allah(swt) took care of the rest, using Dul to to be the liaison for the opposing sides. From this one interaction of two " gs' " , so many good things developed. It could only be accredited to the Divine Power because all the colors no longer mattered. For once! It was not because of an Eddies cookout. It was because two men with a considerable amount of power or at least influence put their flags down and united for a common goal. So much more can be accomplished when when we pull our resources together. T o capitalize on the feelings of unity prevailing in the air Dul asked Eddie to celebrate with one of his big cookouts. " I think that's a damn good idea, too bad you didn't think of it first. I just sent a couple of friends to get forty slabs of ribs and all the dressings to pull it off. Bandit and Dre gettin' all the homies together to chip in on another 2 to 3 hundred slabs of ribs, beef and chicken so we can celebrate my daughters safe return. I was told you were instrumental in Bandit and Dre hooking up to get my daughter back. I got you a special plate, I know a little about islam you don't live to be 63 years young and not gain some knowledge about Allah(swt), I took what I felt was the truth and left the rest. I love pork a lil too much. Shit that is how I make my living, but I got you an all beef plate, plus some lamb and chicken. I even got your meat from the halal meat market on the corner of Wilshire and Third. they raise thier own animals and slaughter them in the name of Allah(swt). Check 'em out once in a while, it's perfect for a man striving. The cookout is jumping off at 7pm. " Dul was surprised at how much Eddie knew about islam and at how much trouble he went through, all he could say was " Man! All Praises are Due to Allah(swt). Thank You Eddie you're looking out big for everyone today, I'm glad i could show my thanks to the man with the plan. I can tell, your daughter is your true diamond, and you missed her dearly. She seems to have that affect on people, because I stayed missing her while I was gone. I figured it was over when she got married, but fate is fate. I don't expect to hook up with her, but I would like to sit and talk with her before the cookout begins. "

Suddenly a female voice interrupts them, " I can't tell! You spending all this time with my dad I'm getting a lil jealous." Dul amazed at seeing her up close for the first time in over thirteen years, " Oh My God! How long have you been standing there?"

" Long enough! So what you gonna do?" You aint changed one bit lets walk." Dul and Red reunited after all these years, walking and talking around the complex. Dul let Red know his vision of making the Complex into a better place to live. Abdul knew Eddie could buy the property if he wanted to, so he asked Red, " why Eddie aint bid for this property yet? I know he got it. " In reply Red said with a look of exasperation, " Barry aint came up off it yet, I don't care how much of a slum lord he tried to be, my dad would bail him out, by catering to the tenants. Dad feels he owes it to them, because they keep his business jumpin'. "

" That sounds good and I truly understand, but if the tenants respect Eddie, they'll respect the property, if he was thee owner. I know who I need to talk to, we'll get Barry to sell now that he crossed the line with that stunt he pulled. Look at you, girl. Do you realize you could be gone right now. That dude Dee is a nut case. I remember him from jr. high school he actually thought he was Hulk Hogan. He aint quite right. "

Red laughed saying, " God blessed me with calmness the entire time. Dee couldn't hurt me anyway he's been liking me since jr. high school. He plays like he's so hardcore and everyone knows that he was just desperate, he knows my cousin is a straight lunatic when it comes to me. He was actually terrified the entire time he had me hidden away and has always been terrified of my folks. I promised him I'd talk to bandit so he wouldn't hurt him so now he needs me. Bandit said he wouldn't hurt him, but you know he aint going to get his hands dirty no way. His luv extends all the way from Cali to N.Y., He got soldiers for real." Smiling, Dul said, " Damn! I didn't know it was like that. Your cousin is like a L.A. Al-Capone. " " Bandit spoke good of you Abdul, he told me I should holla at you. "

" Now Red: He don't know we got history? "

" Yeah he remembers you from back in the day, he kept an eye on you from a distance, but you never gave him a reason. " Dul sighed, " I'm in thankful for that. I'm all grown up now and my mind is right. I know the path I got to stay on. I have alot of things to do around here before the cookout. The time is here for my evening studies anyway. Can I depend on you for assistance in my plans for the " Complex" and other activities for the kids to get involved in? "

" Yes you can. I'll be there for you just like back in the day. I'm glad you turned out to be the person I knew you could be and beyond. "

" It took years Red, and alot of admonishment from Allah(swt) but, I pray I got it right this time. I'll see you in about an hour. I know you are still the woman I've always adored. As-Salam Wa Laikum."

Abdul studied in the comfort of his mothers living room in peace and quiet. He thought about the time of day it was and realized a change in himself, because usually he would be sitting in front of the big screen hypnotized by rap city. Now he's entrenched in his Quran studying the signs within asking for guidance on his vision of beautifying the Complex assisting Eddie or urging Eddie to buy the property. " Oh! Allah(swt) The Most Merciful please show me the way dealing with this Complex. I ask that you put the desire to own these apartments into Eddies heart. You are "Knower of All Things" so if it is in your will for the ownership of this land to change hands then you will say be and it is and it will be. Barry is a slumlord, I believe it is time for Eddie to own this property and not just be the acting manager. I feel I should talk to Bandit, I know his methods may not be approved by you so i will only plant the seed in Eddies mind so I will not be involved in any acts that are not consistent with my beliefs. I leave it in your hands to use me as you will to assist in any way possible. The proper path concerning making this into an ideal place for muslims, all god fearing people no matter their faith to live. Allahu Akhbar!!! " This would conclude the evening prayer. Abdul had to offer one more prayer to complete his five obligatory prayers for this day, but he would do that before 12am, in the meantime he had to go see Red to help pass the word, about the food and activities. Eddie put a sign in the window of his parlor, it read " COOKOUT IN PROGRESS " and everyone knew exactly where to go. It was a sight to see 700 hundred plus filled the open area between the two buildings. Bloods and Crips standing together just like the truce in "92" or whatever year Rodney King got his ass beat by the L.A.P.D. .

There was a DJ there too, a tenant of many years who was close to Eddie owned professional D.J. gear kept the music pumpin' to set the mood for the massive crowd. All of sudden Bandit appeared on the scene with Barry on his side, looking a little roughed up, but no blood no foul. Bandit took the mic and cut the music instantly grabbing the crowds attention. Standing tall he spoke assertively, " everyone listen up, I've been around here for a long time and you all know me. I want to declare a truce with the crips living in this Complex from this day forth. Are all my dogs with me? " All you heard was Whoop! Whoop! from the sea of bloods waving their red flags. " I believe we live too close to one another to be at each-others' throats. The past is the past no violations against one another from this day forward and there will be no conflict.

I spoke with the Crips OG Dre a true shot calla, i asked him to announce his sides agreement or disagreement. Dre grabs the mic, " Where my Locs' at? If you down with what Bandit has just proposed let me hear you say CRIP. " All you could hear was 300 men say CRIIIIIIIIIIIIP. in perfect unison, all you could see was a sea of blue rags waving in the air. " It's official then, no more division between us. We can roam this complex freely and before any harm is done to any soldiers on opposing sides it has to be brought to the counsel of " G's " specially chosen for this purpose of keeping the peace. " The counsel of G's was announced so everyone would know who to talk to. Bandit took the mic one last time. " One more piece of business. I know it's time for this Complex to change ownership. Barry has has proven to be unworthy of governing this property with his involvement in endangering and causing harm to my relatives one of which has been a respected tenant for my whole life all because he wanted us out. He expected to divide and conquer us, but instead he united us proving that when we work together good things happen. To avoid being harmed himself or being turned over to the police Barry agreed to sign over the deed to Eddie. A person he harmed for petty change is given the property, he has always treated as his own, as a sign of goodwill from the current owner. His ownership, Barry's ownership, expires on the first of the year officially, " " Is this the proper understanding I've come to comprehend Barry? "

" Yes sir Bandit ! "

" Alright then! The paperwork has already been signed so there will be no sudden change in the agreement. I witnessed this myself. "

" Aint that right? Eddie! "

Eddie was at the grill he replied with a wave of agreement.

Bandit gave a knod of agreement and said two words,

" Let's Eat! "

All that was said was amazing, Allah (swt) took care of everything.

" MAN! "