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The Binding of Fenrir

 Fenrir devouring Odin.

Fenrir devouring Odin.

A Tale from Norse Myth

There once was a prophecy... That a great hound would be born to strike down the father of the gods, Odin.

When the gods went to the trickster god Loki, they found his son, Fenrir, and thought him to be easily controlled.

But as Fenrir grew... So did the gods’ worries. So the gods forged several mighty chains to subdue the great wolf.

And after several failed attempts, which amused Fenrir greatly, they made a pact with the dwarves to make a magical chain forged from 6 things which do not exist.

A cat's footfall, a woman's beard, a mountain's roots, a fish’s breath, a bear’s sinew, and a bird's spittle.

Fenrir smelled something amiss about the seemingly harmless ribbon and demanded a pledge that the gods would release him from the fetter if he could not break it.

Týr, the Norse god of war, law, and justice, bravely stepped up to place his right hand into the beast’s mouth.
The ribbon was round about the wolf’s paws and it hardened into iron as the beast struggled against it.

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All the gods laughed, except Týr as Fenrir then bit down and tore off his hand. A sword was stuck in his maw so that the wolf's mouth would always gape open.

When the children of Fenrir, Hati, and Sköll attempted to free their father, óðinn cursed them to chase the sun, sól and the moon, máni.

And thus... The children of Loki await the day of Ragnarök... The gods final hour.

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