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TG Captions: Krazy Kay

Keith Schroeder writes The Wealthy Accountant blog and has 30 years of experience in the tax field.

There is a world of fantasy fiction taking the internet by storm called TG captions. Where other forms of fiction struggle to find an audience online, the top tier TG caption blogs boast millions of page views. TG stands for transgender. And TG fiction is not Fifty Shades of Grey.

TG captions come in a variety of flavors. The captions always involve an element of fantasy. The stories are almost always flash fiction, less than 500 words. If you remember the old mystery magazine contests where a picture is provided one month for everyone to write a story around and the winner is published the next month you understand the TG caption craze. The difference with TG captions versus the old mystery magazine contests is genre. Most stories and picture revolve around transgender issues with heavy emphasis on transgender people after transitioning to their new gender.

The stories are fun to read by anyone, even non-transgender people. The heavy use of fantasy and science fiction themes provide for great entertainment. Aliens, nanobots, vortexes, body swaps, swapping chambers, and other exotic science fiction themes are prominent in the TG caption community.

Many captioners are prolific writers providing one or more stories per day. Some blogs with a long history have in excess of 1000 story captions for the new reader to spend a quiet afternoon catching up on.

Used by permission of author

Used by permission of author

Meet Krazy Kay

It was an accident that exposed me to TG captions. Once I found these wonderful tales I was hooked. I had to meet some of the authors. Unfortunately, the authors don’t frequent conventions or conferences. To my knowledge there are fewer than 100 active authors in the genre. I emailed several captioners and the first to respond was an interesting middle aged woman from the Midwest called Krazy Kay.

Krazy Kay is the nickname she received in high school using her middle name and it stuck for life. In reality she is the furthest thing from crazy. She is really a fun woman to talk with, as much fun as her stories are. Considering her stories of alien worlds and creatures and nanobots, you would think she would be a city girl with a large group of friends. Instead, she lives on a farm in northern Wisconsin with her husband and two daughters.

As interesting as I found Kay, I also discovered how secretive she could be. She guards her privacy tenaciously. It took several emails before she really shared much of the information in this article. Like many writers she struggles to make ends meet. TG captions are not a fast ticket to wealth. She also struggles to write new material every day that is fresh, exciting and entertaining to the readers all within the transgender framework.

Used by permission of the author

Used by permission of the author

Not So Crazy After All

Kay is more “goofy” (her word) than “krazy” (also her word). The reason she writes the blog is because of her daughter who was born intersex. Since intersex children have many of the same medical issues as transgender men transitioning to female, it was natural for Kay to feel comfortable in the transgender community.

Her family is very traditional. Her whole family is not the typical people in the LGBT community. Technically, no one in her family is a part of the community, but Kay has a strong drive to create a world where people accept her daughter as normal. To me this makes Kay the least crazy person in the room.

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Kay shared some of the struggles she faces every day with an intersex daughter. She described the day her daughter entered this world. The delivery room was very quiet once her child was born. Kay confided in me she still cries when she looks at her daughter’s first birth certificate: gender: unknown.

Kay’s daughter (name withheld at request) had several surgeries in the first few months of life. Without the medical attention her child would have died. Today her daughter is 15 and a very well-adjusted girl. Medical problems are a daily issue in Kay’s household, however.

Art Work

Kay’s captioned stories are art work of the most unusual kind. I have included several of her captions with permission. She publishes at least one story on each TG blog per day. When I told Kay I thought her work was art and really good writing she downplayed the compliment. My emails with Kay led me to believe she is an outgoing, vivacious, funny woman with real talent.

Traffic to Kay’s two blogs is around 2.5 million per year. When I asked her if she thought she was a serious writer she said she was not a writer, only a mom trying to figure out how to live life. Every email Kay talked about her children and husband. They are the center of her life.

How does someone with so much pain and so many challenges end up so happy? It is hard to tell. I think Kay finds beauty in everything in life. She loves deeply, I believe. She is a farm girl working two jobs to provide for her family. Once I started communicating with Kay I soon realized I have no problems. I felt ashamed when I started complaining about minor inconveniences in life.

TG captions can be really out there, like Krazy Kay. Her stories are something I look forward to every day now. She said she has another blogger helping her write some of the captions recently and feels guilty for letting down her fans. From what I’m reading the fans should be very happy, indeed. Kay promised me she will keep writing TG captions.

Used by permission of author

Used by permission of author

More TG Bloggers

If other TG bloggers respond to my emails I will write a series of articles documenting the life of additional TG caption bloggers. There is no doubt their stories are fascinating. And all that free reading material is to die for. If you love fantasy or science fiction as much as I do you owe it to yourself to read some of the great stories published by TG bloggers. Kay’s blogs are a great place to start. I included several here with a link to her blogs.

Used by permission of the author

Used by permission of the author


Keith Schroeder (author) from Wisconsin on October 25, 2015:

Jodah, I wrote the hub because I knew most people never heard of TG captions before. When I first saw them I had no idea what it were either. It was certainly a fun hub to write.

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on October 24, 2015:

This was interesting. I have never heard of TG Captions before. My knowledge has expanded, thanks.

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