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Syptolomy Chapter Two

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A writer who writes through her imagination and inspiration.

I'm Always Inside You

Beware! I might be inside you waiting to come out

Beware! I might be inside you waiting to come out

One Year Later


Nako falls down as the slapping sound accompanies her.

"You will never be successful. I made you. You're made to obey me. Do you get it?"- Nako's mother.

"Yes, Ma'am"- Nako.

"Look at your petiteness. Look at your short hair. You're so cute"- Nako's mother.

"Mom!"- Nako cries.

"I don't like long hair styles. Keep them short"- Nako's mother.

Then she stares at her daughter.

"Get up!"- Nako's mother with a strong emphasized voiced.

Nako has no choice but to obey her mother. She is afterall is just a 19 years old girl.

"Get a job and give me money. That's the reason i raised you. Don't even dream of getting a date or being interested in men. "- Nako's mother.

"Yes, Ma'am"- Nako.

Then she eeriely slightly tilts her head to see her innocent daughter.

"If i ever catches you with men, I won't let you go"- Nako's mother.

That is a real warning from a creature who birthes a human. Nako is frightened everyday but the hope of getting out of her house, out of the control of her mother is the most important part of her life.

She is more than determined. Desperate I shall say, to get out of her mother's control over her.

The next morning, Nako is boarding a station to Vanilla And Chocolate Company.

Choo! Choo!

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Nako is sitting quietly and she is reading a book called 'Do you remember me?' and 'It Was Raining The Other Day'. The longing that she feels from the book warmth her heart. It is clear that the writer is missing someone.

Someone she couldn't remember and she couldn't forget.

She then leaves the train and comes into the office to meet an employer.

"Good morning. My name is Nako Nagako. Pleased to meet you. Please take care of me well"- Nako.

"Good morning, miss Nagako. Sit down"- Genta.

"I'm looking for a job"- Nako.

"Oh it's good to have you here. The company has one task that can't be fulfilled"- Genta.

"What's that?" -Nako.

"It's the Vanilla Villa of the 45th street"- Genta.

"What is it about?"- Nako.

At this time, Genta spots some innocence radiating from Nako's face. He finally willing to exploit it.

"Do you want to have a job?"- Genta.

"Yes, i do"- Nako.

"Okay then. I'll give you some money to go to the villa. Your monthly salary will be deposited to your bank account"- Genta.

"Thank you so much!"- Nako.

Nako is thrilled that she is getting out of her house while Genta is happy that he found a scapegoat to be promoted. He will be promoted for finding someone to go to Vanilla Villa.

Nako goes home and tells her mother that she got a job.

"Hm...give me half of your money"- Nako's mother.

"But mom, i need these money to go there"- Nako.

"You idiot! Did i tell you to talk back to me?"- Nako's mother.


Nako's mother is beating Nako hard. She finally stops when she is satisfied.

"If i say eat, you eat. If i say you stand, you stand"- Nako's mother.

She slowly stoops to her daughter's level because Nako can't stand up because she lost so much energy from the abuse.

She then holds her chin.

"My dear daughter. Now give me your money"- Nako's mother.

Nako gives half of the money to her mother while her eyes constantly stare at the creature who birthed her.

"Good. Now get out of my house"- Nako's mother.

Nako packs her belongings and run as fast as she can. She no longer cares about the creature nor does she cares about the place to stay.

I'll go to Vanilla City! I'll become a famous journalist! I'll become rich! I'll never let anyone control me again. Never!- Nako's thought.

When she boards the train late at night, she sleeps in it. She doesn't care where she goes but certainly not with the creature. The morning comes and she arrives at the destination.

The Villa is odd. It's only been one year but it looks like it's been abandon for decades. When she arrives, there are many famous reporters and journalist from other companies.

When she arrives, her petiteness catches everyone's attention.

"Where are you from, little girl?"- Yuuchi.

"I'm from Vanilla And Chocolate Company"- Nako.

"Interesting! Do you know you're the second one that they've sent?"- Yuuchi.

"Pardon me?"- Nako.

"They've sent one female here but she never came back"- Yuuchi.

Nako just swallows her saliva.

It can't be that hard. It can't be harder than I thought. - Nako's thought.

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