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Syptolomy Chapter Three.

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A writer who writes through her imagination and inspiration.

I'm Always Inside You

Beware! I might be inside you, waiting to come out

Beware! I might be inside you, waiting to come out

The Vanilla Villa On The 45TH Street.

"You look so small for a woman"- Yuuchi.

Other men are laughing. Their eyes are going wild.Nako is beginning to feel uncomfortable.

Another man touches her shoulder.

"You guys! Stop it"- Nako.

"Relax! I'm just touching your shoulders"- stranger.

Then another man grabs her feet. Then he grabs her thigh.

"Stop it!"- Nako.

She then slaps the man who touches her thigh. She thought they are going to stop but it seems that they are being more and more aggravated and challenged.

"Ooh! This girl got some balls!"- men.

They are murmuring and chattering everywhere. Majority of the men are challenged by her decisiveness. The other women are just minding their own business. They don't want to get their hands dirty.

They want to be safe on their own. The stranger whom Nako slaps is the most embarrassed person in the hall so he decides that he has to have Nako.

"Well then. I'll have her for tonight!"- stranger.

The sound of the cheering claps from men only boosts his ego more. Nako knows what is going to happen to her so she tries to run outside but the crowd is full of men, they prevented her.

They want to see her suffer. Her petiteness is quite alluring. Her short hair is quite attractive. Not to mention, she is also quite pretty as well.

Then the men grabs Nako. The stranger comes toward her slowly.

"Feisty! I like that"- stranger.

Nako then spits out of her mouth to show her contempt and disgust.

"I must have you tonight for myself"- stranger.

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Then he begins to tore down her clothes. Nako struggles and screams as hard as she could but the men are holding her. She is just a weak woman.

Then someone up on the stairs screamed "stop!". Everyone including the women are scared so they respectfully bend their bodies as a form of greeting.

"Who are you, mister?"- stranger.

Everybody bends their bodies as a form of greeting. It seems that this person holds an important position.

"Let this young lady go. " - Shotaro.

"If i don't?"- stranger.

"Then I won't let you go unpunished"- Shotaro.

"Huh! This brat!"- stranger.

He then tries to punch him but when he punches him, it feels like a rock. Like a steel that doesn't bend or stiff on wind. Like a mountain that never bows to anyone. Like a monster! Like a deity!

Shotaro then slowly holds his hand and move it away from his chest. The stranger tries to fight back by punching him using his other hand but Shotaro blocks his using his other hand.

Again, his hand is like a mountain that never bows to anyone. Then the stranger tries to push his hand on his but nothing.

Shotaro maintains a stern face throughout the whole time. Then by a slight gesture, he pushes this man until he flies 10 000 feets away. The sound of his body clashing against the wall is almost deafeaning.

He was injured but luckily he survived the clash. He is taken to the hospital but he is likely to be paralized his entire life.

"Don't...."- Shotaro.

He then stares at everyone in the room.

"dare to disobey me"- Shotaro.

He then majestically left the chamber and returns upstair.

That was the first time....the first time, Nako felt protected. That was the first time, she felt wanted in her whole life. That was the first time, she feels being her. The ethereal visual, the confidence, the majestic entrance, the countenance and everything about him.

She is left in awe of this side of her that she never knew.

"Who is him?"- stranger one.

"You truly don't know?"- stranger two.

"is he?"- stranger one.

"Yes, he is a deijin. A man whose blood is so precious. His blood is untamed. His blood is so pure. His blood is so magnificent. He has the royal blood within him. Nobody can touch him. After his father died, the throne was left to him. In fact, the successors were automatically chosen the moment they were born. Thus, the royal blood continues"- stranger two.

Nako listens to their conversation. She never heard of the word 'royalty' or 'deijin' in her entire life.

So....he is.. a deijin...- Nako's thought.

Then his facial expressions and his scent are replaying itself in her head. That night, she goes to her room. Her room is the number 602. It's an isolated room. That night she has a dream.

About a deijin! He is similar to the first deijin that she met. She is walking alongside the waterfall when she meet another deijin. This deijin is powerful. So powerful that it is even more powerful than his predecessor.

The deijin looks so loving towards her.

"Good evening, Nako Nagako"- deijin.

"Huh! Who are you?"- Nako.

"Don't worry. Do not be afraid for I am he"- deijin

"are you here to kill me?"- Nako.

"Hahah, no. I'm not. I'm here in fact to protect you"- deijin.

"To protect me from what?" - Nako.

"To protect you from Syptolomy"- deijin.

"Syptolomy?"- Nako.

The deijin amicably comes closer and he grabs Nako's shoulder. His eyes are so mesmerizing. He is handsome.

"Nako, you are braver than you thought. You are majestic in your way. You are the reason why I'm still alive"- deijin.

"but you're royalties. Your blood is so pure while my blood is of ordinary"- Nako.

"Nako, have trust in yourself. You don't know what kind of power you have in your hand"- deijin while smilling sweetly.

Huh! His smile is so mesmerizing. Why are deijinaku are so mesmerizing, cute, alluring and handsome at the same time? - Nako's thought.

Nako is mesmerized by his deep eyes. So melancholic. So deep. Probably as deep as the ocean.

"Take my hand and trust me. I'll guide you into the future. You are the chosen one. You are a royal. You are the only one who can give life to me. Trust in me as in yourself. Trust my guidance for you are strong. So strong like a mountain that never bows to wind!"- deijin.

"deijin!"- Nako is melting.

"You're more powerful than the beast inside you. You are more powerful than the beast inside someone else. You are more powerful than the beast itself"- deijin.

"I don't have the courage to do this"- Nako.

"I have to go now. I'll talk to you later"- deijin.

Nako opens her eyes. The dream! It feels so real!

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