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Syptolomy Chapter Four

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A writer who writes through her imagination and inspiration.

Beware! Hehe! Who knows?

Beware! Hehe! Who knows?

Lifetime Encounter

Nako is opening the door! She is appalled by the smell of a rotten building in here.

The dream! His dreamy eyes, his eyes color, his skin and everything about him. There must be something about the deijin that she dreamt last night that catches her attention.

It feels like a love that built something within her. Something dormant. Something that is sleeping inside her.

She comes down stairs after taking a shower to see if everyone is okay. The way she majestically comes down catches everyone's attention including the deijin.

His loyal companion notices that too. The deijin's eyes are fixed towards her. It feels like he has known her for a very long time.

Then Nako silently watches other people doing their own business.

Uh! Another day. I wish i have some friends. - Nako's thought.

Then she is searching for the man who harrased her yesterday.

Well, maybe they took him home or he is badly injured. The deijin harmed him. - Nako's thought.

"You look beautiful today"- Shotaro.

Nako is surprised to see that the deijin is standing beside her.

"Uhm! Thank you"- Nako.

Uh! Nako! Don't blush! Don't blush- Nako's thought.

"May i know what's your name, miss?"- Shotaro.

"It's Nako. Nako Nagako"- Nako.

"Nako?"- Shotaro.

"Yes"- Nako.

"Do you know that Nako is the ancient empress of the third deijin?"- Shotaro.

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"No. "- Nako.

Eh! The third empress was named Nako? What a coincidence!- Nako's thought.

"Legend said it that the third deijin as well as the emperor loved his empress so much but his empress died so soon so the emperor made a promise to meet with her in the next lifetime"- Shotaro.

"What's the emperor's name?"- Nako.

"No one knows for sure. The emperor's name wasn't recorded in the history but empress Nako was said to be divine being. Holy. Besides that, the emperor loved her for her courage and strength"- Shotaro.

"Is that even possible?"- Nako.

"What?"- Shotaro.

"All deijins that ever existed are cold hearted animals. They can't experience love"- Nako.

"Is that what you think of me?"- Shotaro.

"Yes"- Nako.

"Is this the way you will always see me?"- Shotaro.

"Yes"- Nako.

"Well, miss Nagako, deijins are humans too"- Shotaro.

"No. Deijins are monsters in human's bodies"- Nako.

"That's a rigid view, miss Nagako"- Shotaro.

Then Shotaro is hurt by her statement. He continues to watch his half-emptied wine glass.

"Except!"- Nako.

Then Shotaro tilt his head to hear the statements he wanted to hear the most.

"This one deijin that I've met in my dream. His eyes are dreamy. His voice is at the right masculine tone. I still remember his soft hair. The way he smiles."- Nako.

"Deijin that you've met in your dream? But he isn't real"- Shotaro.

"Unfortunately that deijin isn't real. It exist only in my mind. However, if i could ever had the chance to meet him, I would. I would die for him. He gave me this courage and power that i never knew. It's like something inside me is longing for his presence. "- Nako.

"But that deijin isn't real. You can't never meet him"- Shotaro.

"Of course! But I'll love him to death"- Nako.

Shotaro is hurt by her statement. It's like half of him is alive and the other is already dead.

"Nako!"- Shotaro.

Like a possesed being, he grabs her shoulders.

"Why are you so cold to me?"- Shotaro.

"Do I even know you?"- Nako.

"You're not like this. You are not a monster like this"- Shotaro.

"Well, mister. Everyone is a monster. It's inside them, just waiting to get out"- Nako.

Then, she leaves him. The banquet is still going.

There is an intense pain in Shotaro's heart. It's like having to die for the second time. As Nako is going to her room upstairs, she walks step by step unto the stairs leaving the hall but something in Shotaro is awakened.

Something dormant. Something that was always there yet couldn't leave. There is a pain in his chest! He has to go to his chamber. His servant notices the change.

They take him to his chamber. When Shotaro is in his chamber, he tells everyone to leave him alone.

He spend all day in his chamber. Painful memories start to be rewinded in his mind. Painful yet unforgettable memories are abound.

At first, it starts with a woman in a red dress leaving him.

"Who's that woman? Why do you keep bothering me?"- Shotaro.

Then a voice comes into Shotaro.

"I am he"- deijin.

"Leave me alone"- Shotaro.

"You have no right to command me"- deijin.

Then Shotaro enters into a whole another dimension. Another alternate reality. The voice still can be heard.

"I am the almighty one"- deijin.

Then the pain starts to cease so Shotaro is slowly getting back on his toes.

"I need you to do something for me"- deijin.

The deijin appears in front of him.

"Who are you?"- Shotaro.

Shotaro regards this deijin as a threat.

"I'm the ancient deijin. The beggining and the end and the always yet to come"- deijin.

Huh! I'm the only deijin left in this earth. How could this be? - Shotaro's thought.

"That's enough. You must be an imposter"- Shotaro.

Then Shotaro fights with the ancient deijin. The battle is so intense that the whole realm shakes. It's like it's disturb the balance.

The longer Shotaro fights, it seems like the deijin can imitate his power and turn it into a more scarier and darker version of it. It's more terrifying and more powerful than Shotaro's power.

In the end of the fight, Shotaro realizes that he can't win against this creature. He finally realizes that he was telling the truth!

"Who.......are you?"- Shotaro.

"I'm a part of you. I'm the light. I was the prophesized deijin. My kind was always pure until the deijins fell in love with mortals. Then there isn't any pure deijin anymore. Search me. Seek me. You have find the truth!"- deijin.

Then the deijin slowly disappears as his voice. The realm and the universe slowly adjust to it. Shotaro is back in his own natural realm.

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