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Syptolomy Chapter One

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A writer who writes through her imagination and inspiration.

I'm Always Inside You

Beware! I'm behind you

Beware! I'm behind you

The Experiment

“We have found very rare species of spiders. We can fuse them with the humans genetic on a molecular and DNA level. I call this experiment, Syptolomy!”-Okayama Furuta.

Everybody is clapping their hands at the grand opening ceremony. A very grandiose opening for this project. This project is estimated to cost 300 billion dollars alone but that was a few years ago –flashback.

“Doctor! Doctor are you conscious?” - Mina.

“Maybe he didn’t hear anything? Maybe he needs more time.”-Miu.

Then the doctor has moved slightly but something seems wrong. Something seems fishy.

The doctor slowly gets on his feet. Everybody calls his name but no answer seems to come out of his mouth.

“Doctor are you okay? Please answer me!”-Miu.

In the deep darkness of the laboratory room, there seems to be something. A creature has been created.

The doctor’s hands seem to be emerging from all over his body resembling a real spider.

The doctor moves into the corner and manages to lift a very heavy wooden box and shattered it with his bare hands or shall I say tentacles.

Then the tentacles go back into his body like it never existed before.

Such a magnificent creature! He looks just like he used to be before the experiment.

“It worked! The experiment is a success. We manage to combine the rare species of spiders ' DNA into the doctor’s DNA”-Mina.

Soon, the doctor begins to speak.

He seems to be returning to his normal state and consciousness. They take the doctor to the dining room because he hasn’t eaten all day.

“To success! This toast is dedicated to the doctor for volunteering in this magical combination of human DNA and the animal DNA, cheers!”-Ken


“I would like to say thank you to anyone who has participated in this project. With the successful attempts at recreating the human species with a superhuman strength, we can sell this project for a 10 000 billion dollars.”-Furuta.

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But something is wrong. Furuta is looking at the food with no appetite.

Then his eyes are wandering the corner of the dining hall with the rest of the biologists there.

He looks at his hands and his body like there is something missing. Something is not right!

“Doctor, are you alright?”-Mina

“I’m fine. Maybe it’s because of the experiment. “-Furuta.

Furuta tries to take a bite of the lovely salad on his plate but when he did, he immediately spits it out of his mouth.

“What a garbage! It tastes exactly like a garbage!”-Furuta.

Other people become wary of the food so they take a bite but nothing seems amiss.

“Doctor, it’s fine. It’s a fresh salad. Is everything is fine, doctor?”-Miu.

Suddenly the table begins to shake. Furuta couldn’t take his own hands off the table.

He couldn’t eat nor he could talk normally. He tries to speak to his co-workers for help but it seems that no words can come out of his mouth anymore. He tries to speak one word. Miu and Mina seem to notice.

“I think something is wrong! Take the doctor to his room!”-Mina.

Bang! The sound of the table being thrown away in the air shocked everyone.

It seems that the tentacles have emerged from the doctor’s body.

The doctor tries to control by sending the tentacles back in his body but it seems to have the mind of its own.

What has happened? The doctor’s mouth slowly widened into a grotesquely looking mouth resembling to a monster.

The doctor’s consciousness is slowly being replaced as he is no longer in control of his own body. Now it’s somebody else body.

“What is happening? This can’t be!”-Miu.

“The DNA of the spiders are combined in him. When we gave him the strength of the spiders, we also gave him the appetite and the instinct of a spider. This is no longer the doctor that we know. This is a Syptolomies!”-Mina

The doctor starts to gobble up everyone one by one! Mina and Miu go straight away to the basement of the laboratory where they keep the weapons that kill Syptolomies just in case an experiment goes wrong.

It also stores the emergency button to notify the outside world that a threat has emerged.

It will issue an immediate evacuation from the underground laboratory.

A seal will be made from the above ground to avoid any entrance of the threat to the outside world.

“Mina quick, go to the laboratory main room. Press the emergency button and then call the high officers. Tell them, a real threat has emerged. Issue an immediate evacuation and a backup reinforcement! I will find the weapons. Now go!”-Miu.

Mina goes to the laboratory main room but everything is dim.

She senses that a Syptolomies is there. Lurking in the dark, waiting to gobble her up.


The sound of the Syptolomies calling her name is even more terrifying than ever.

She knows that she has to go to the control room as instructed.

Will I be able to go there? -Mina’s thought.

“I know where you are Mina. You smell like humans with your lavender essence”-Furuta.

She runs to the control room as fast as she could then she closes the door. In panic, she finds the emergency button and presses it.

She also finds the messengers but wait! There is someone outside the door!

“Found you”-Furuta with a grotesque smile.

In a flash of lightning, she grabs the messenger and calls for evacuation for a real threat.

“Hello, I’m from the Vanilla Villa of the 45th street of the Villa Vanilla City. There is a real threat here. I request for an immediate backup and a reinforcement. Seal the compound!”-Mina.

“We got you Miss. Miss, tell us what is going on in there?’-the operator.

But Furuta is gone! He is no longer by the outside door! She senses some real danger ahead. Where is he?

“Miss? Are you still there?”-the operator.

She is heavily breathing. Goosebumps all over her skin.

Where is he? Where is he? - Mina’s thought.

“Behind you”-Furuta with a sarcastic tone.

The tentacles penetrated the wall behind her back and manage to grab her.

The tall gross figure slowly emerges from the dark with dilated pupils.

His transformation to become Syptolomies is almost complete. He opens his mouth widely and gobbled her.

All the operator manages to hear is the shrieking voice of the woman whose bones are being crushed to death in the mouth of the Syptolomies.

Meanwhile in the search of a weapon, Miu manages to find the T-1000 Rex.

It could kill the monster because it disrupts the combination of the DNA.

Once the two DNA are being separated, then the doctor will return to its normal form. Then she senses a move behind her. It’s here!

“I know you from deep down inside you”-Furuta.

“What do you want from me? Stop it! You already gobbled up so many people!” –Miu.

“You, hid something from me. A child of mine. You never told me you were pregnant”-Furuta.

Miu is crying. She has given the child for an adoption many years ago.

“I didn’t mean to keep it from you. I was afraid that you might not like the child”-Miu.

“You took that child from me. I want to be a father this whole time”-Furuta.

“You can’t! You have no right to be a father, you are a murderer. She would be so ashamed to know that you’re her father”-Miu.

“Ah! It’s a she! You have no right to take away my child from me but it’s okay. I’ll give you another child!”-Furuta.

The light turns on revealing Furuta in his complete form of a Syptolomies.

His tentacles immediately grab Miu but Miu manages to aim the T-1000 at him.

It disrups the DNA combination making Furuta back and forth in his human consciousness and the spiders.

Each wants to take control of the body. The spiders win and manage to take control.

He swipes the T-1000 from her hands and grabs her.

Now, with the spiders truly in control of his body, he has a plan for this girl.

Make more Syptolomies! As multiplying is the number one mission for every animal on the planet.

“You shall be pregnant with my kids. You will give birth to many Syptolomies, you coward!”-Furuta.

“No! No!”-Miu.

He then puts her on the bed, he inserts a thin tube to extract her egg and combines it with his seed. Similar to a test tube baby.

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