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Suspense Thriller Story – Investigation


An Investigation!

(This is a fictional story. It has nothing to do with any place or person.)

The story is dated February 30, 1989. The biggest news in the morning news was that Mrs. Salvi's body was found in Rohan Complex. A preliminary police investigation proved that it was a heinous murder. This was the third murder in the area. This was the third murder in the last fortnight which had spread fear among the citizens. According to police, the killer of the previous two murders was the same and they had caught him… but now it seems that the killers are still at large.Even after a lot of investigation, nothing is in the hands of the police. It takes two months to see….

The clock strikes ten o'clock in the morning. A woman in her forties works in the kitchen. As usual, she speeds up her work by listening to the beat of ten, because her 11-year-old son comes home from school at 11.30 am. She had to go to the nearest house every day to pick up her child.Her work would start at 7 o'clock in the morning. As her husband is an inspector, she had to make her lunch box by 9 o'clock, otherwise who will bear her anger ?? Inspector Ashok Jamdade and his wife Jaya had a great start.

Inspector Ashok Jamdade was known as an efficient and loyal policeman. During his 14 years of service, he had sent many criminals to prison. Today, however, the inspector looked a little tense. He was sitting there with his chin resting on his fist and looking at the door of the police station.The rest of the police were busy with their work, but Constable Tupe was paying attention to police inspector. Just then a boy comes to the police station with tea. Leaving a glass of tea in front of police inspector, he goes ahead to give tea to the rest of the police. Inspectors are so obsessed that they don't even understand when the tea comes. Finally, Constable Tupe calls police inspector.

Tupe: Sir… O Sir Hearing the sound, Sir comes out of his thoughts and the constable looks at Tupen.

Tupe: Sir, I called to make the tea cold.

Sir comes out of a little thought, picks up a cup of tea and starts thinking again after drinking tea. In the meantime, Tupe asks with a little courage… Sir, what happened, you seem to be thinking a lot today? Saheb looks at you Inspector

Jamdade: Tupe Don't you think it's weird ??

Tupe: Me? Hey but what about ??

Jamdade: Oh, Mrs. Salvi was murdered in the Rohan complex, but why did it happen, who did it, there is no evidence .. We had to meet some links .. It's been almost two months now .. We don't have any more evidence. . I have never seen such a case in my entire service.

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Tupe: You will find something, sir. What is hidden from the police in the end? Something will definitely meet today or tomorrow.

Jamdade: Something is wrong with you. So look, Mrs. Salvi was murdered on November 11 at 8 pm. We have a list of all the people who came in and out of the complex that day, but no one seems to care. According to Watchman, no one entered the complex between 7pm and 9pm. Mr. and Mrs. Salvi were recently married.Mr. Salvi came home from the office at 9 pm that day. There was no burglary in the house, so why the murder? If no one came in the complex then who committed the murder ???

Tupe: What if there is another way to get to the building? Or if someone killed the man in the building ???

Jamdade smiles a little..

Jamdade: I may not have thought about what you think. There is only one gate to enter the complex. There is a 15 feet high wall around the complex and a star fence on it. It is not possible to go from there and if someone had tried to do so, someone would have seen it for sure because the road has gone on all four sides of the complex.

It is a bustling area. Besides, there are so many small hotels with tea stalls on the side of the road, it is not possible to go there without seeing anyone. The only thing left is that someone in the building was murdered, but no such person was found. One thing is for sure, this murder was not for theft. But then why did it happen ???

(Two years after the murder)

No such murder has taken place since Mrs. Salvi's murder, so the whole area was now quiet. After two years of investigation into the murder, the murder file is closed as the accused cannot be found.

Next part of story will coming soon......

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